How to make your girlfriend Feel Appreciated

How to make your girlfriend Feel Appreciated

I know of this and also from my own personal experience, lots of guys don’t know why it is necessary to appreciate their girlfriends every now and then. Some even think it is too much to do that because some girlfriends took it for granted and expect their boyfriends to appreciate them all the time.

How to make your girlfriend Feel AppreciatedThe truth is that, you will not get the best of your girlfriend if you don’t show her how appreciative you are in all her doing. Of course there may be some girls who get offended when their men fail to appreciate them for some certain good gesture or something of minimal impact in their relationship. The annoyance these girls felt do not mean taking their guys for granted, it’s just that, they value appreciation in every little thing they do to their boyfriends but as they do not get it, they felt cheated somehow.

Let me ask you this simple question, as a guy, how will you feel, if your woman continues to appreciate you for every little thing you do for the growth of your relationship and suddenly stop doing that when you even do some obvious things worth much appreciation?

Definitely you will feel not too good about that, some guys may even feel offended just as women do when they are not really appreciated on a regular basis as it used to be.

So, what this mean is that, everyone love to be appreciated.

In this article, I will be letting you know how to make your girlfriend feel appreciation at all time.

1. Acknowledge her success:

It is easier to notice when your girl does something wrong than when she did something great. Every little effort she made and do well should worth mentioning to her hears and not just mentioning it, say it loud and let her really feel your acknowledgement of her success. Doing this for your girlfriend will make her always feel appreciated in your presence in her life.

2. Respect her words when communicating through active listening:

To everybody that listens to us, we always love to continue talking knowing that they are good listener. The same thing happen here, when she talks, listen to her actively, decipher the meaning of what she’s talking about, I can bet you will this, she will feel more appreciated than even giving her gift in most cases. This does not mean you shouldn’t give your girlfriend gift, gift also has its own role  it plays in your relationship. When you give her good listening, she will felt connected with you and ready to pour her heart out because she know you appreciate her.

3. Sing her praise:

Honestly, the more important someone is to us, the more important their praise too to us. If your ordinary friends praise you for something, you won’t feel much appreciation when compare to when your lover praise you for that same thing. Ensure you praise your girlfriend and tell her that you’re proud of her always, she will feel appreciated when you do that.

4. Don’t fill up her personal space:

One of the best way to make your girlfriend feel appreciated is to give her freedom, don’t poke nose into her personal space. When you go out in public places, don’t just wanting to be with her at all time. Let her be free to talk to other people, let her mingle with friends and enjoy herself without fearing your presence within the premises. She will feel much appreciation for letting her be even in public places. It shows that you’re confident of her even if she goes out without your company, she will always be the woman you trust.

5. Brag about her in front of your family and friends:

Don’t be afraid to brag about your girlfriend to your family and friends in her absent and when she hears about it, she will feel appreciated. One of the ways to really boost someone self-confident and make them feel cherished is to hear people bragging about them to others.

6. Always respect her decision:

Whatever it is her decision, you should always respect her for it. Don’t even blame her if things goes wrong, it is her decision, what you need do in this circumstances is just to support her. Respecting her decision shows you also have respect for her and that will boost her confident and she will be more appreciative in her relationship with you.

These few tips will help any man who is in a serious or intimate relationship to make his girlfriend feel appreciated. I know there are some other things you can do honour your girl and that is what I want to hear from you too right now.

Please make us of the comment box below to let me hear your thought about all of these and don’t forget to share this post using any of the  social network icons below. God bless you as you help sharing of this article.

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