What It Takes To Be A Good Boyfriend

What It Takes To Be A Good Boyfriend

Boyfriend can be define in two ways according to how it sound when you combine boy + plus friend together and being a lover who’s dating the opposite sex.

So, what does it take to be a good boyfriend? I will want to dwell much on the later than the former because this post is meant for the latter being in love in a female and yet to get married.

What It Takes To Be A Good BoyfriendIt is easy for every guy to wanting to get into relationship to befriend a lady but where the hard work is how to be a good boyfriend and keeping that relationship.

All men should understand that when they want to befriend any women, their time and space will be occupied by the women coming into their life, even though it is not marriage but the little time the boyfriend – girlfriend parrole will still be on, the space and time will be shared.

If you’re not ready, you’re not ready, don’t just think you can just hang in there and be wasting some else time while you’re preparing and getting mature.

A lady ask me to help her out because she’s tire of her boyfriend and she want to know the next step she should take to free herself and probably move on if the guy continue in the way he’s behaving especially to her.

Here is the part of her question that I really want to talk about here;

What do you do to a boyfriend that seems like no boyfriend at all? Who always wants space and be alone?

The fact remain, to be a good boyfriend, isn’t an easy task but many guys take it as ordinary thing. If one do not work out, another one will work out which is true. But my concern here is that, guys should first put their house in order.

A boyfriend that seems like no boyfriend at all is not a good boyfriend – End of story!

It is better for such guy to take his time and reflect about his ability to handle woman who will come into his life with her own challenges; everyone too has their own challenges.

It is not possible for you to be a boyfriend, befriending a lady and wanting to be alone and want space ALWAYS. It will never work out for both of you. The earlier such guy and the lady go separate ways the better for both of their relationship future.

If a guy wants space and be alone, that’s acceptable but not ALWAYS. What is the important of having a girlfriend if he still want to be alone always and don’t want any woman to occupy his space?

Two things also can happen in situation like this;

  1. It is possible the guy has another woman in his life
  2. It is also possible that the guy is considering getting rid of her; he does not want her anymore in the relationship. Maybe just maybe the girl has done something that he finds it difficult to forgive her.

Whatever the situation may be, to that girl, he’s not a good boyfriend and the best way for her considering the two possible situations above is to leave him and look elsewhere for another boyfriend.

And for the guy, if the situation one above is not true, then he needs to open up and tell her, he doesn’t want to continue with the relationship. Heaven will not fall because of a broken relationship. It is just to save his time and her time as well instead of hanging in there which will continue to amass resentment, the resentment will result in anger and fight which may lead to where they don’t expect.

Now what does it take to be a good boyfriend?

Here are 5 characteristics every good boyfriend should posses.

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  1. For me, of course Respect and loyalty is the main ingredient for a good boyfriend, without it he might utter disrespectful words and might come to hurting each other physically.

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