5 Characteristics Of Good Boyfriend Every Guy Should Possess

5 Characteristics Of Good Boyfriend Every Guy Should Possess

In continuation of my last post (read it here if you haven’t done that before), you’re about to read the 5 characteristic of a good boyfriend that every girlfriend desire to see in their boyfriend.

Understanding each other with proper communication is the bedrock of every good relationship, without it, no relationship will be able to stand the test of time.

5 Characteristics Of Good Boyfriend Every Guy Should PossessFirst off, you have to understand that no one is perfect but we can try to behave near that perfection we all strive for.

And so you should not expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to be perfect but the kind of effort seen in them will ginger you to believe in him or her.

The 5 characteristics of a good boyfriend every guy should possess are as follows;

1. A good boyfriend must be a good communicator:

He must be able to communicate with his girlfriend clearly about what he wants, his desire for the relationship and whatever might be his fear, he’ll let his girlfriend knows about it because he loves talking with her every now and then and most of his talks are always interesting.

2. A great boyfriend respects your personal space:

He’s not the kind of guy that want to monitor every of your move because he trust you except if a girlfriend gave him reason to monitor her. A good boyfriend will always give you that freedom to express yourself

3. He’s never controlling:

Truly, a good boyfriend is never an obstacle to your progress, he never force you to do what you don’t want to do, he can try to convince you to do something he believes is worth doing for the success of the relationship but he will never make it compulsory for you, which mean you still have the choice to do otherwise, especially what you think in your own opinion will also help the relationship to grow.

4. A good boyfriend will not ALWAYS want space and be alone:

Why would he does that, there is no benefit in the first place having a girlfriend and still need to be always alone and want space until when he feels like seeing his girlfriend before he can allow her to come into his space.

5.  A good boyfriend is a guy of principle and never gives reason not to trust him:

He will establish trust with you and never give you reason to doubt his commitment to the relationship. He lives by his word and doesn’t keep any secret that may come back to hunt the relationship.

If any boyfriend is found wanting in any of these 5 characteristic of a good boyfriend, it is the responsibility of the girlfriend to point it out to him because, at times, it might be ignorant. He’s trying to do what he understands to be the best any guy can give his girlfriend but somehow skip one of the listed characteristics of a great boyfriend list above.

Do you feel like there is another characteristic that you found very important that is omitted in this post, please feel free to make your contribution through the comment box below and don’t forget to help us click the Facebook Like icons to help share this message so that all other guys will be able to learn something from it. Thanks

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4 thoughts on “5 Characteristics Of Good Boyfriend Every Guy Should Possess”

  1. i dont av a comment but a question. i have a boyfriend that i love so much and he also loves me too but am seriously doubting his love,he act as if he does not care sometimes but something is wrong with he rushes down there and he does not deny me and everybody knows that we are dating but i know he has changed and whenever we have a fight the next thing he says is l should break up with him.what should i do because i love him so much and i dont want to love me or is breaking up with him the best solution.am confused.

    1. If breaking up is what will give you some rest of mind, please let him go. If he’s not meeting up with your desire for him and he’s always asking for a break up whenever you have a fight. Please break up and save yourself from heartache.
      Remember that a broken relationship is far more better than a broken marriage.
      But at the same time, take a good look at yourself, what’s the things you might be doing wrong and he’s not comfortable with.
      The truth is, you can’t find someone who will meet all your requirement 100%, you will learn to tolerate people and see which one share the common goal you desire in a relationship.
      So, take your decision and read to stand by it.

  2. I am in SS3, nd i met an hansome nd cute guy recently nd he says he loves me nd d lastime i went to his house he was asking for sex as an SS3 student wat should i do should i continue d relationship coz i love him so much

    1. I guess both of you don’t know what you want to get into, please if you still love yourself, leave him if he’s demanding sex from you.

      If you get pregnant, let say by mistake, can you live with it and the shame that will follow you around if the boy deny the pregnancy.

      I beg you, stay off sex at least for now and tell him if he cannot wait until you’re done with your academic career, let him go, it’s about your future.

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