Sweet Relationship text Messages For Your Partner

Have you ever wondered about the impact of sweet relationship text messages can have on you and your partner? I’m sure you will have experienced some fun receiving some sweet relationship text messages from term paper writer too and from your boyfriend or girlfriend and even if you have married, there is no law forbidding you from sending the love of your life sweet relationship text messages

sweet relationship text messages

Building great romantic relationships takes time and work. It is by no means an easy thing to do, considering the numbers of things that consume our time.

College is one of such things with all of the writing assignments it brings. Oftentimes, homework can interfere with your personal life.

If your relationship is a priority to you then let experts from EssayPro write your essay while you spend a romantic evening with your partner… or at least compose a sweet message for them.

I love receiving sweet love text messages from my partner and I strongly believe that not only me really enjoy sweet love text messages, others too want it, catch fun with it and some will make you laugh and laugh because it create some romantic atmosphere within you.

sweet relationship text messages

1. As you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you’re one of them! Wonderful inside and out. You are blessed! You’re special! You’re loved! Good morning!

2. Do you know what makes me happy when you send me sweet relationship text messages? Not your message, but your name that appears when it beeps. Because I miss the sender behind it. 

3. I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

4. If you are trapped between your feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes you happy. Unless you want everybody to be happy for you except you being happy for yourself.

5. If you find yourself in love with someone else who does not love you, be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. Love just did not choose to rest in the other person’s heart. Let it go.

There’s a reason and a meaning. You will know in time. Be patient when God does not give you what you want. He knows the best time for you to have it. Just remember that you can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.

6. If you really love someone, you wouldn’t have the heart to hurt that person no matter what it takes. You will always find a way to make her happy, because that is what constitutes love among people.

You are overjoyed when you see her happy. That’s true love. Seeing happiness in her eyes is enough to prove what love is.

7. Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you. [I hope you’re enjoying all these sweet relationship messages]

8. It is better to have nobody than somebody who is half yours, half there or doesn’t want to be there, or is there and then suddenly disappears.

9. Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

10. Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.

11. Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love become as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

12. Never let go of anyone that you couldn’t go a day without thinking about. There just might be a very good reason why they’re always on your mind. Sometimes, it’s the brain that knows too well what the heart tries so hard to deny.

13. People have different outlooks in love. But whatever are those, there’s a single truth behind everyone’s heartache. “Love hurts when God knows we deserve someone else.”

14. Police arrests a pr0stitute who protests: I am not selling s*x! Cop: Then, what are you doing? Pr0stitute: I’m a saleswoman selling c0nd0ms and offering free demo!

15. A cardiologist died and was put in a heart shaped coffin. Another doctor laughed when he saw it, he was asked why and he said, “I’m just thinking about me, I’m a gynecologist.”

16. A good husband was asked. Do you sleep with other women? He replied: I sleep only with my wife. With other women, I stay awake all the time!

17. A sad story: There was a guy who was tired of reading his girlfriend’s messages. They were always “I miss you,” “I love you”. One night while lying in a bed, he received a text message from her.

He didn’t read it, instead, he went to sleep. The next morning, he was awakened by a call from his girlfriend’s mom.

She was crying while telling him that his girlfriend was raped and killed just last night.

He remembered he got a message from her and so he read it. “Honey, please come and help me, somebody’s following me.”

18. Sometimes in life, we ask and seek for someone we can have and keep, but there’s nothing much you can really do but to wait for the right person whose quest in life is nothing else but to find you too!

I just hope you find them romantic enough to send to your man or woman and make her happy receiving any of the sweet relationship text messages. Don’t forget to give Facebook Like Below.

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  1. Hello Anthony am 22years old had a relationship. With this guy who loved me so much but I was very childish to see that we broke a year ago my relationships now are horrible the guys don’t treat me right then I realise I lost someone special I love him so much because he respected me but doesn’t want to see me anymore he is in a relationship but the girl is cheating on him and it hurts me so badly

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      Hi Kelly, it’s like that at times, we come to recognize the important of things when we’ve lost them. But don’t worry too much about it, since he doesn’t want to see you anymore. I could have advice you to approach him and apologize to him for what gone wrong between both of you, but that won’t be necessary now since he do no even want to see you. Do you still have his contact? If you do, try and send him messages that show that you’re sorry for whatever had gone wrong in the lost relationship.
      One thing I will advice you not to do, is that, don’t talk about his girlfriend cheating on him, he will think you’re trying to blackmail her so that you can have you way back.
      Just wish him well and try to be his friend if possible. Look forward to another relationship if you can’t get him and the lesson you’ve learnt now will be the experience that will guide you in your new relationship.
      I pray you find another guys that will shows more love and care you most wanted.

  2. Hello Tony pls thére is this girl i like or let me say luv,i ve tried my best but all in vain.pls advice me.I really love her.

  3. Hello.. I need help and I wish u would b able to do so.. There is a girl I love sooo much.. I knew her right from Sss 1 in secondary school .. I had a deep crush on her but couldn’t show it.. We came on the same day i.e on our first day in sec. Sch.. I was shy.. It got over me that I usually help her with her tests which some of my friends noticed… They didnt know I had a crush on her but they were suspicious.. I had to stay away from her.. We (me and her) argued sometimes which made me feel kinda angry not because I do not love her but I was frustrated.. I saw it as an opportunity to leave.. We were sharing the same seat but I changed seats with one of my friends.. While she sat with her friend.. But we were still casual friends.. And I just occupied myself with my school work..but I still had her in mind.. All this while, she never knew I loved her.. Time flied.. Although I saw other girls but d crush was just merely infatuations.. 2 yrs after our graduation from high school.. I met her on a social network cause I did not get in touch in wit her since them..and I was kinda feeling like it again.. I told her that she was my first crush and how I did love her.. and she was surprised.. But she said she was in a relationship.. I was not myself.. After a few months.. I just sent her a text stating I missed her .. And she was like am I serious!.. I said ..yea.. I asked if she was in a relationship, she said partially ,coz it was boring and she was tired.. I then told her how much she meant to me.. She was just saying ‘ pls, just 4gt it’ which I said I couldn’t.. After a couple of sms and flirty chats.. She was getting d picture.. We havent met since when we finished high school coz we attend different universities..just via social messaging and phone calls.. I never fail to tell her how much she means to me..And am not sure if she loves me too.. How will I know if she loves me too ‘coz am not sure when to ask her if she loves me.. Coz I really did love dis girl for a very long time.. and am like getting bored.. I need urgent help..

    1. Hi Praiz,
      I think the memory of your secondary schooling days still make her seems to still love you, but she’s not too sure herself. You will need to engage her with more talk and her response will show you if she loves you or not but for now, what I can say is that, she’s not sure of your love for her, you need to convince her enough on it. You may not need to directly ask her if she loves you but from the way she will talking and her responses to your request will determine if truly she loves you. You need to try more.

  4. Hi, I need help.. This my girlfriend loves me but she doesnt know I am a year younger than her.. She thinks am a year older than her.. How will I do it coz I want to honest wid her.. And we have known each other for about five years now.. Its an hilarious situation.. Laughable.. Right?.. Pls reply..

    1. Hi Jo, were you the one that told her before that you’re one year older than her? If your answer is yes, then tell her you have a confession to make and ask her whether she will forgive you, you should ensure to compliment her enough to tell you that whatever it is, she will forgive you and made it know to her that is not a issue of cheating but of a lie you’ve told her.
      You can now go ahead if she’s in the right frame of mind to hear whatever you want to confess, tell her the truth about it. It is not a big deal really.

  5. Hello Anthony,
    First of all i wanna appreciate for your great post.Am in relationship for past 7years,due to some misunderstanding,we had a breakup.But, i couldnt forget his memories,unfortunately he had a relationship with some other girl.What i do now?? I want him to comeback in my life..

  6. Hi! My name is Favour. I fall in love with a Girl who have a lot of boys around her and she love so many of them. She is not sincere with me but the problem is that i love her so much and she always hurt me with those Guys around her. When i try to let her go i could not because i live a lone and she is the one cooking for me. Although she live with her father but she always live her father house to cook for me and we always ate together. I’m the type who can’t go to market my self… I really want to let her go but because of the love and some things she do for me i could not. But this is not what i want, all i need is true love. I need a girl who will love me with all her heart and be sincere and faithful to me. I don’t cheat on my girl friend because i dislike that and i want to live a responsible life. Please Somebody advice me or if you knew any sincere and faithful girl please connect me to her. Am sorry if what am saying is nonsense but that is what i want.

  7. Gaadi Benjamin

    i have a girlfriend i really love her and she love me too but she donst give me her time and i dont want to live her,so i wish some one to help me how i can convince her to have her time

  8. helo sir,i realy need help frm u,their is dis girl i lov lik mad,and anytym i tel her i jus tak it as play,bt she somtym tel her frnd dat she lov me 2,bt am shy 2 jist her and tak it serious wat am i goin 2 do???

    1. Hello Omasy, you need to face your fear, if you don’t face it now, it will make you lose many girls that are interested in you and that mean you won’t be able to date any girl if you continue to shy away from approaching them. Just tell yourself the worst that can happen is she won’t accept dating you and you’ll be able to look for another girl.

      If you want the right approach system that’ll guarantee you no rejection from her, then you need to get my report on how to achieve that effortlessly.
      Get it here; No Rejection Approach System

  9. Ikechukwu Agoha

    Life without true love is lifeless. The more you cultivate hatred in your heart, the worst life you live. My admonition to all and sundry is to embrace Love, because with it, multitude of sins will be covered.

  10. hi sir I need ur help pls..their is this girl that I love so much and I know dat she love me too.. but sometimes she use to feel dat am cheating on her and I have tried everything possible to convince her dat am not cheating her with any other girl but yet she still can’t believe me..pls I want u to help me on what to do..

  11. Tony p/s there is this girl I meet in 2013, ever since we are lovers but last year she stop calling if call her will look for one excuses, and If I ask her what problem is she will say noting. Now what do u think that is happening? P/s advice on what 2 do, I love her so much. Thanks

    1. There must have been something wrong, it is very possible she has seen another guy that is taking her interest away from you. Invite her to hear her story about. Or you might have wrong her, think about what you’ve done that hurt her in the past, she may not want to tell you for now and maybe until she’s gotten another guys.
      But one thing is sure, the love and interest is no longer there as it use to be. If you can get her talking, you can find out what went wrong.

  12. Hi Tony, I av a girl i luv so mch, whom i’av dated 4 d past 3yrs nw, bt her childishness is making inpatient abt d luv. Once she is angry she doesn’t pick ma cal. Pls advice me on ds rlatnshp

    1. If she behaving childishly, then you need to act maturely with her and let understand that, childish behaviour is never going to help me. Give her enough reasons to act and behave like real adult. She can get angry but she need to learn how to put it under control.

  13. Hi Anthony.. I wnt u to advice me.. I av been dating a girl right from our JSS3 we went to the same polytechnic but unfortunately her parent said we r family that we can’t marry each other and I love dis girl which I knw the girl also loves me but unfortunately this girl am talking about is have now started cheating on me and the keep on telling me that she loves me… What should I do cause am convince

    1. Just let her go, her family has already told you that you’re related, just leave her and look for another girl.

      1. Hello anthony , I m deepak 22 yrs old. I am in a relationship since last 2 years..till now I haven’t dated my gf coz she belongs to traditional indian family same as I.bt the problem is that she wanted to marry me bt only with the agreement from her parents she dont want to go against them. As mee too wanted her to be my wofe as I love her deep in my heart I don’t want to loose her..several times I used to ask her for marriage bt she refused till her parents acceptance for me.I kne they wilk not agree coz every indian parents are againts for intercaste marriage.so wats the sloution I realy wanna be with her I don’t want to loose her at any cost.

        1. You already to why she will not want to marry you, so, don’t waste your energy on her any more.
          I understand it’s not going to be easy on you but, you’d be better off later on.

          When you find another person, you will realise your love for her will go away naturally.

  14. Hi Sir, Pls I want u to advice me on dis issue. Hv been dating dis girl for over 3yrs nw but d problem is dat she dnt always like 2 listen 2 correction or advice but she want me 2 always listen 2 watever she says.

    1. Micheal, now that you know her, are you ready to continue the relationship with her?
      3 years is not a joke and since she doesn’t like to be corrected but like you to listen to her, it then mean, both of you are not on the same page.

      The question again is; Are you ready to live with this kind of person or not.

      Please take your decision, I won’t do that for you.


  15. @Dannana_Online

    Hi! Anthony, first of all I would like to thank u for all your help & contributions regarding life & relationships. Secondly, I would also like u to shade light on how one can maintain a relationship without sex, coz’ some people do believe that sex ruins relationships. Tell us what are the implications?? By the way, I love MY BOO 🙂

    1. Relationship without sex is very possible. The major thing here is between the two people involve.
      If you have been having sex in the relationship, it will be very difficult to put a stop to it, it has to be discussed by both partner.

      IT is easier to determine it before the relationship start properly.

      Spiritually, having sex in relationship will not allow the two people involve to grow spiritually, it’s going to be a kind of barrier between them and their God.

      If you don’t want sex in your relationship, ensure you have discussed it with your partner before the relationship started properly.

  16. Good day. Mr. Tonny. Pls, i have this girl i do love so much, but the problem am having with her is that she never understand me. I do not if I can still confuse her with message or any. Pls i need your advice. Thank u sir.

  17. Hello Sir, I need your help. I met girl in the university I attend and now both us are friend and now I am in love with her but I don know how tell that I love her, please tell what do.

    1. Since you’re already friend, you can just bring it in as if you’re joking and that put the pressure away from you. Then you can let her know that, you’re serious about it.

  18. Hi Anthony!
    I’ve for long been seeking for some1 to talk to about my relationship. I’ve talk to many of my friends about it but still not sure of wat to do about it. My girlfriend is a relative of mine. Yes, it’s normal in my tribe to marry a relative even if you’ r cousins. For almost a year now we have been dating and its great cos she’s a nice person. i
    It is unfortunate, wen my family knew about it they were kind of unsupportive. I’m kind of guy who strictly adhere to his family likes, but i do love her and I donno whatto do. I need advise

    1. Since your family does not support it, you got to look elsewhere for another woman.
      It is very important to have your family support in issue of relationship like this.
      Let her understand your situation and the reason why you need to put an end to the relationship.
      It is for the good of both of you at the long run.

  19. hi Bros, am stepo by name. dia is dis girl I found d day I went to ryt my jamb in 2014 nd I become a friend with her nd since den I hav been telling her dat I luv her but she always say serious nd I don’t no wot to do now,d last time I told her dis she ask me to giv her some time nd I did,since den hv not hear from her, plz tell me wot to do, plz Bros anthony.

  20. Hello world I am happy today my name is COLLINS I am from nigeria I am looking for a girl that will love me just the way I am that is willing to stal with my make up life with me tody and marry me I am interested in any woman in any where in the world any girl that is interested in me contact me on my Email [ [email protected]] or on my facebook pag collins [email protected] or my contact number +2349034985551

  21. Greetings
    I have this girl of mine whom i love so much.
    But something always tell me that she is not mine.,how can i do to be confident that she is mine forever. thesa

    1. Since something in you is already telling you she not going to be yours, you can just let her be or you let the something tells you that she belongs to you, then the work will be easier for you to convince her.

  22. am in a relationship after my first and second boyfriend broke up with me because i refuse to have sex with them,how do i know if am in love with my new boyfriend and do you think is going to stay with me without sex?he claims to love me.please am still in love with my first boyfriend,how do i get him off my heart?please i need help.

    1. The mistake most people when getting into relationship without sex is not talking about it at the onset of that relationship. If you want relationship without sex, which is very ok, let your new boyfriend understand it. If he can cope with it, he will stay. If not, let him just leave now.

      As for your first guy, you can get him off your heart when you have someone else that replace him and will be able to care for you more he has done.
      Apart from that, you can also let him off your heart by focusing on Christ and ask God in prayer to send you someone who will love you and who can cope with relationship without sex.

      I wish you well Josephine.

  23. Pls i need help ..where can i get a perfect love text message website to copy and paste text message for my girl friends . Thanks God bless u

  24. Hum so where do i start from. Really its disturbing to come into this site to see how much people appreciate love but yet we have to go extra mile to get this straight status, Forgive my manners my name is Adewunmi,,to be sincere i’v once be a womanizer my whole life bfor,but now i have come to realize that we are nothing without a partner,,a serious one I mean.there is dis girl dat I met nt too long ago and I’v neva bin like d way I use 2feel wen i’m wit her,i’v neva bin like dat 2 any lady all my womanizing life,,so dat alone prove 2me dat I love her,every tin i’m alwys tinkin of wen we’r 2geda is “marriage” I want to marry her,,i wnt her 2 be the one that has the right to be womanly irritating to me,,,
    but the problem i’m havin wit her is that,,she has a serious relationship bfor I met her and she told me abt it which I promise her dat I would comply and I wunt bother her abt it,they Sims to love each other but the guy doesn’t really hve her time due 2 his job buh he loves her,i fink I even have the opportunity 2 get her due to the attention I gave 2her,,
    hummn,,i knw dis girl loves me with the whole of her heart,,bcos she can do anytin for,,”ANYTIN” I mean,,,wic I can also do anytin for her,,bcos of her I dnt look @ ladies twice no matter how beautiful there were,,,but the problem now is that the guy she’s datin bfr me want dem 2go in court marriage bcos he nids the certificate @ work,,aldo she has bin Givin him excuse nt to comply wit him,,buh now d pressure is much,,nd she told,i dnt knw wat to do i’m confused,,,thou there relationship is long,,probably 4 or 5yrs,,,and also the girl is an orphan,,one way or d other the guy is helpin her financially both in skool and home,,and me wat can I give 2her Dan love,,we’r still both student in d university,,,she cry almst evrytime,,which I also does silently alone,,,she sent me a message dis 9te “”I knw nottin last 4eva and mayb we wunt alwys stay 2geda,but evry smiles and laughter we share convince me that the memory of our friendship wil last 4d rest of my life””
    that is wat she sent 2me dis 9te,,i knw she’s in a difficulties situation now,bcos she Loves 2people @ a time,,i knw she might have let go of the other guy and choose me,,buh I tink she doesn’t want to be an ingrate towards him and she doesn’t want to hurt me either,,pls and plss i’m so confuse here,,if der is any beta advice u can give,i will realli appreciate

    1. Since she has been in a relationship before you met, you shouldn’t have gotten emotionally involved with her.
      What you should do now is to play the role of a very good friend and not to mingle in between her relationship with the other person for over 4 to 5 years.

      She’s emotionally attached to you now and she can’t think more of the other person than you. This is not good enough, considering what the other person have done in her life.
      If she want to break up with the other person, let it not be because of you.

      Whatever issues she has with the other person, let them sit together and discussed it out. Try and make yourself emotionally unavailable for her, so that she can think more of the other person.

      Play safe and be saved so that she will not become victim of circumstances.

  25. My sister arranged a girl for me and I have not seen her, so what are the roles for me to play and the messages for me to send to her , so that she will love me when we see each other

  26. there’s dis guy I met in skul.he was in his finals and I was in my first year wen we met.I was initially irritated BT his arrogance BT the day he wrote he final paper we saw and we started talking.before we vacated we were already very close and I started liking him.he already graduated and has just few months to do his clearance in skul.wen we resumed he came bk for his clearance BT den I discovered I CNT get my mind off him.and the tot that he would even b staying more than a month here in skul kills me like mad.I knw the guy loves me or maybe am not so sure of DAT.BT I love him,I reali do.I don’t knw wat to do.dis is a guy DAT I may or may not see again wen he graduates.pls advice me cos my heart is in serious pain of the thought of not see him again.

  27. Hi pls hlp me out. there ix a girl i love but she take me as a dearest friend and am shy to tell her i had a crush on her and we have known each other about 5 year now but last week i got preasured by friends to go and tel her my mind den i called and told her i wnt c her i av sumtin important to tell her she was so disturb i should tel her but i insist til we meet den fortunately d day came nd she was askin me wat i wanted to tel but i was to shy,but leta on told her i luv her den she laughed nd i ask her y was she laughing is wat i said funny she said yes dn i tld her everytin and she was lyk askin me seens wen d i had crush on i told her seens wen she had knw me den she said we beta of friends dan reletionship dat she cherish her friends dan who she ix dating nd she even tld me dat she doesnt wan anytin to spoil our frienship i tried convincen but she hasnt reply nd i luv dis girl badly wat should i do please help me out coz i realy luv her and av never loved a girl lyk dat

  28. hi tony, am 18yrs in lasu my frnd n her boyfriend break up last week. d guy later ask me out n I tell my frnd we plan 2 decieve n collect money from him in d first place but now am in love with d guy. bcoz he is d guy of my dream. I don’t know wot to do pls help me I don’t want 2 loss my frndship n I love dis guy. he has proposed 2 me n am thinking maybe I should accept or not

    1. Accept him and lose your friend or keep your friend and let him go.
      It is not proper for him to dump your friend and go after, knowing that both of you are friend.

  29. pls sir.derz dis girl i luv nd even bought phone for her only for her to tel me dat we shud be frends.dat a guy broke her hrt before and that she dont trust guys anymore .pls addvice me coz i cant afford to loose her.

    1. Godgift, you’ve got to show more care and prove to her that, all guys are not the same. Be her friend and ensure you don’t fall into friendship zone, that might be dangerous.
      Give her some times and help her to easily forget about her past relationship that’s still hurting her mind.

  30. Hlo,d guy dat i tld u earlier dat his 7yrs older dan me has gone for youth service nw nd m still a jambite waitin for admission….Is it still possible we get marry wen itz time?

    1. You can be sure of this only if you’ve done engagement or you’ve already fix the date for the wedding. Anything outside that, you can’t be sure, he will not find another person in NYSC and even you, when you gain admission, you’ll begin to see handsome and wonderful guys who will be coming to you and hard to resist with their sumptuous offers.

      My dear, just try and get your admission first and see how things will go. He has gone far ahead of you.
      I’m not saying it’s not possible, it’s very possible but the chances are slim. Maybe 70:30.

  31. my galfrnd hav anoda guy nd i love her so much,i asked her to leav d guy or me nd she said if i want,nd i brokup with her,nw am feeling her,hw can i get her back??

  32. Gud dy Mr Anthony am Nicky from Abuja. Dere is dis little girl of 16yrs old i met on facebook. She loves me so much which i no and i also do. But she is too little for me, she still av a long way to go, bt i keep thinkn about her, and she keeps thinkn am d man for her in future. Wot can I do.

    1. Well, I don’t know the age gap between both of you, but she’s still under age.

      So, don’t think of loving her now, you may be friend, but extending it further than this, is an abuse.
      She still has so many thing to think about now, you guys can just be friend at most.


  33. hello Tony, I have this girl that I love And we both have a relationship for about a year but now she didn’t pick my calls and I really love her recently she told me that she went to her pastor to pray but her pastor said we are not compatible, what should I do??? I really love her

    1. Well, she believe in her pastor more than anything you can do as of now.
      If she really loves, she would have tried to tell the pastor to tell her why you’re not compatible and what can both of you do, that will make you compatible.

      I have seen a case, where pastor is interested in a girl and the pastor do all things possible to convince her that, the guy he’s going out is never going to work fine for her.

      So, if she has made up her mind to end the relationship with you, you better start forgetting about her now.

  34. Hi Tony
    i have this girl that i dated for two years but complained of not having sex with her.she later turn me on while i reject the offer.After some weeks,i ask for sex which she denied of giving me some lame excuses.i shrugged it off.No sooner,we had a quarrel which eventually stop me from calling her.Later,some month…..i call her number which she refuse to pick.Then later pick my call….it ended and i didn’t call her again neither she called.A year later she pick my but telling me that she can’t come back to me that its late thou,that she’s gotten another boyfriend that we can only be friend but no more having affair.pls what can i say or do to convince this girls cos i love her so much? when i call she keeps ignoring my calls and atimes even picked but telling me no way.Is she pretending or not?

  35. I have a girl that I really love so much,and I’ve poured out my feelings to her.She didn’t say yes or no to my proposal,but she uses to visit me and spend almost a day with me whenever she visits me.She told me that she doesn’t love me but like me.Mr Tony,should I keep on or back off because I’m unable to ratiocinate maybe she has accepted me or playing me

  36. I have a girl that I really love so much,and I’ve poured out my feelings to her.She didn’t say yes or no to my proposal,but she uses to visit me and spend almost a day with me whenever she visits me.She told me that she doesn’t love me but like me.Mr Tony,should I keep on or back off because I’m unable to ratiocinate maybe she has accepted me or playing me

  37. Gud evening sir.sir there’s this guy i luv so much and he loves me too…but he never have time for me.What do u think i should do?

  38. Hi,
    There is this lady I fall in love with recently. We do talk and chat to lengths. During one of our discussion, she told me about her previous relationship with her Ex and how it went wrong. Though she is giving me attention but not real convinced about engaging with me fully. Yes, I can understand she has reasons for that, maybe out of fear of uncertainty but I have tried to let her know that I will be a different man from her Ex. She tried to be careful not to go into any serious relationship with any man again because she feel hurted. Moreover, she also thinks men come to her for what they will gain. Anyway, I never knew her as a banker. It really affects me that her ordeal with other man could become impediment to our progress and future. I had wanted her to know I don’t go to her for what I will gain from her rather I need her because I love her. What will i do to gain her total confidence and conviction about my love

    1. Just be good and keep it cool with her.
      Her experience in the past is the major hindrance now, so, you’ve got to stay calm with her to allay her fears.

      As at now, don’t try to think about what she can do for you, but rather what you can do for her.

      This doesn’t mean, if there’s issue to be addressed, you should not address it, but do all of that with love and don’t even ask for any financial assistance for anything. Doing that will surely makes her thinks, you’re just one of the men, who’s after what they gonna get from her.

      Over time, she will come to realize you mean business and she let down her guard.

    1. In other to overcome your fear, start practicing conversion with more ladies you have no feelings for.
      Sales people are very good in helping you to sharpen your conversation with ladies. Ask questions and be ready to answer questions too.
      Do this consistently for a period of time, you’ll realize the phobia of talking to ladies will just go naturally.

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