5 Stunning Accessories Bride Can’t Say No

5 Stunning Accessories Bride Can’t Say No

Your lehnga has been tried, altered and delivered to you for the final wear. It looks just perfect on you and your grandmother’s newly polished jewelry is making you look prettier. You are ready to be the dress like a bride. What else is required?

Well, you can enhance your look by choosing the right accessories for the day. If you are ready to experiment to go a bit bold, there are some traditional and non-traditional bridal accessories and jewelries, to be worn from your head to the toe, waiting exclusively for you to be explored.

We all know that a big fat Indian wedding needs lots of preparations. With so much to do – venue, guest list, catering and dress trials, it is easy to forget about some of the important accessories that would add to the bling of your outfit.

Stunning Accessories Bride Can’t Say NoWe have compiled a list of accessories for you that would help you to bring your bridal dress to life.

1. Hair Accessories

After countless trials and sessions with your beautician you must have finalized your hair style, but what about the hair accessories? They would make your hair look lovelier and who doesn’t like to have a good hair day (that too on the special day of your life). You can either adorn with jewelry, go natural by using flowers, or use a combination of both. And if you are planning to tie your hair in a bun or bouffant then a tiara would also look a really sparkling and wonderful accessory.

2. Crystal Bindis

A bride’s forehead will remain incomplete unless there is a bindi adorning it. Instead of going for the colorful round stick-ons, we would recommend you to go for crystal bindis as they look sparkling good and would add some freshness to your look. You can either wear a crystal bindi alone or team it up with a maand tikka. Explore the different designs that are available in the market and you can choose the ones which would match your ensemble.

3. Armlets

Though a traditional accessory which the brides have been adorning since decades, the armlets are now available in the market with modern twists. Usually they are preferred to be in gold. However, there are options in platinum and silver also in case you don’t like jewelry in gold. There are some designs with multicolored precious and semi-precious stones being encrusted in the bajuband which would ensure that they would match your bridal dress perfectly.

4. Clutch Bags

You are definitely not going to need your wallet or keys while attending your own wedding ceremonies (unless you have plans to sneak out), but you will require a clutch purse in order to keep all your bridal essentials like lipstick, facial tissues and a compact with you for the makeup touch-ups. You will need 3 different clutches and to have yourself covered for every occasion – black (for cocktail parties), silver and gold (for traditional outfits).

5. Anklets

A delicate payal around your ankle would look beautiful with the bridal mehendi and the elegant footwear. However, you don’t have to necessarily go for the traditional gold or silver ones with bells if that does not go with your entire look. You will find many modernized options in anklets in the market. The use of crystals, colored beads and other designs make will make them look really stylish yet traditional when you will wear those.

Hold on! Before you go for shopping, take your wedding planner along. She would know all the stores where you can get the most appealing accessories at good deals.

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