Tie Width Guide: Should You Go Slim or Wide

Tie Width Guide: Should You Go Slim or Wide

Ties are considered to be an important accessory to go with your suit. The charm of the entire formal look can change drastically if the appropriate tie is worn. This includes the color of the tie, the pattern and the width of the tie. However, most men are not aware of the proper way to carry a tie. Color of the tie is an important factor but it is not the only one.

If you wish for your formal look to be appealing from all aspects then a complete balance has to be maintained. A tie just cannot be worn for the sake of wearing one. Ask this to any tie aficionado and you will get the same reply.

Tie Width Guide

There are so many different varieties of ties available in the market. The color combinations and patterns are endless. Despite myriad choices, people still go wrong in selecting the appropriate tie. One thing is for sure that it is not always about the color. The overall tailoring of the suit and the make of the tie should be balanced. That way your appearance will look more appealing.

The suit should be perfect on your shoulders and your chest. The lapel width too should be appropriate. Wider lapels make the suit look ugly while thinner ones tend to give an incomplete appearance. The shirt collar is another factor to be considered along with the lapel width. Ideally, the widest point of the tie should match the lapel at its widest point. This is one simple method to decide whether to go for a slim tie or a wider one.

The measurements do not have to be precise and can also be of close measurements with each other. This simple technique can work wonders to personify your formal looks and when people see you wearing that perfect suit, they’ll know you mean business!

tie width guide

Slim ties and wide ties, both have their own specific charm when it comes to carrying the accessory with your overall attire. If you are confused about when to go slim and when to go wide, then keeping the following points in mind will help you to make the decision.

  • Your Suit: If your suit is a slim cut one then you should opt for the slim tie. They look best with one or two button suits. The fitting definition of the suit and the slim tie will compliment your entire attire. If you are wearing a non-slim fitting suit then you could go for the wide tie.
  • Your Built: Slim ties look the best on men who are tall and thin whereas wider ties are more for men who are slightly short and solid.
  • Tie Pattern: Traditional patterns such as strips, paisleys and polka dots suit wider ties. If you wish to sport a slim tie then it is better to opt for a simple color.
  • Collar: When wearing slim ties, make sure that the shirt color is not too wide. Slim ties suit medium or narrow collars whereas wide ties can be worn with shirts which have a wide color. Slim ties can also be worn for a more causal appearance where you can keep the collar unbuttoned. This does not suit well for wide ties.
  • In Fashion: Slim ties are a trend today. It is your personal choice whether to follow the trend or stick to the conventional style of wide ties.

Following this simple guide will surely help you answer the question of slim or wide patterned skinny ties. Select accordingly and let your attire do the talking!

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