How to Stop Thinking About An Ex

We can’t live without emotions: then we will look like robots that have neither a heart nor a soul. We are social beings, we communicate with people, show attention and interest to them, we like some and don’t like others, we fall in love, make friends, and become attached to another person.

But life is not always stable, and when something goes wrong, we break up, and there is a thought of how to forget about someone you once loved.

How to Stop Thinking About An Ex

1. Stop meeting them

This is what should be done first. When we meet, we involuntarily start thinking about our exes more often. No wonder there is a saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Therefore, try to nullify all possible intersections.

2. Get rid of their things

Joint photographs, gifts, clothes – all this will catch the eye, making you think about a person. Therefore, throw away everything unnecessary. Yes, it can be difficult for us to get rid of the things and gifts of exes, but we must do this. In an extreme case, take everything to another place, so that this doesn’t catch your eyes at least for the first time. Then, when the feelings pass, you will react differently to the things.

3. Analyze the situation

If a person has left you, and there is nothing to turn back, then you realize that there is no need to stay in this situation. Ask yourself questions, “Do I still love her?” “What will happen in my life if she comes back?” “What will I do?” “What are my plans for the near future?” “Maybe it is better to meet european women?”

4. Manage your thoughts 

The best cure for old love is a new feeling. The best cure for evil thoughts is work. The best pastime is a hobby. In order not to reach for sorrowful memories, how good it was for you two, you need to spend every minute productively, so that there is no time for thoughts and memory. You should plunge into work, study, engage in active leisure and sports, pay attention to appearance, and spend more time in the circle of people of the opposite sex. Moreover, the less you talk about your grievances, the faster they will pass.

5. Find flaws in them

It will be difficult because we forgive our loved ones. And involuntarily, we turn all their disadvantages into advantages, sometimes finding the most delusional excuses. It’s time to mentally exclude them from your life, so that thoughts of exes no longer arise in the head. Remember all their disgusting habits or examples of boorish behavior. After all, they broke up with you. So, they no longer have a place either in your life or in your head.

6. Grow 

This is the question of omissions and resentment. While they are in your soul, thoughts about this person will constantly arise and gnaw from the inside. Write a letter and express your feelings in it. It is not necessary to give a message to the addressee: when you pour out your soul on paper, it will become much easier, you can understand yourself.

So, just burn the letter, thinking that you burn grudges with it. If you understand that you are eager for revenge, don’t rush to do it right now. It’s better to wait for the moment when the emotions cool down a bit. Don’t forget that revenge is a dish that is served cold.

7. Don’t blame yourself

Accept what happened as a given. To feel happy, you don’t need to include your rationality: let everything float along the river under the name “Life.” Everything that happens in life is not accidental. It is likely that the fateful meeting is waiting for you as the most incredible gift.

But only fate knows at what turn it will be more correct to present it to you. The main thing is to be ready to accept a gift as a given, which you not only expect but also deserve.

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