6 Sure Signs Your Relationship Is Going To The Next Level

Dating is fun, especially during the early stages. At the start, it’s all about doing exciting things together, trying out new adventures you both may have never experienced before, and grabbing every opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

But when you slowly transition to a long-term, committed relationship, it’s more about feeling comfortable and secure. If you think about it, it’s amazing how a casual date can turn into a more serious and steady romantic relationship.

Sure Signs Your Relationship Is Going To The Next Level

But the question now is: how would you know if that’s what’s really happening? You see, not everyone’s vocal about their feelings, especially when it’s about taking the relationship to the next level. They may want to keep the relationship long term, but they may not directly tell you yet unless they’re sure you’re both on the same page.

Thankfully, there are signs that may point out that you’re both taking the relationship more seriously, and they don’t always involve expressing that sentiment outright.

Here are six of the sure signs that your relationship’s going to the next level:

  1. You Are Planning The Future Together

One of the obvious indications that your relationship’s getting more serious is when the two of you start talking about how your future together would be like. You see, not all couples plan for what’s to come, especially when they know they’re just casually dating.

Future planning isn’t just about deciding what to do on your next date or figuring out which films to watch on your next movie night. It means discussing the more important things for the two of you, such as engagement, marriage, buying a house, or even starting your own family. When such matters are raised from time to time, you can tell that the both of you are ready for genuine, lasting commitment and stable enough to picture yourselves in each other’s future.

  1. You Love The Intimacy

When you’re in the bedroom, do you only enjoy the physical pleasure, or do you and your partner feel a sense of intimacy and emotional closeness while doing it? If the both of you consider sex more than just physical pleasure, that’s a great sign of a relationship moving toward the next stage. When sex has turned into making love, the experience becomes more meaningful, romantic, and intimate for the two of you.

Sure Signs Your Relationship Is Going To The Next Level

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can no longer spice things up in bed. If you’ve gained each other’s trust, it should be easier for you to explore your desires together. You can check out an online sex toy website and choose the items you want to use for bedroom play. Remember: if you’re not happy with the sex and intimacy level you have now, you still won’t be in the future, especially if you do nothing to try addressing the issue.

  1. You Are Comfortable With Money Talks

A lot of people, especially those who date casually, don’t like discussing money affairs with their partners. The subject of money is often considered a sensitive matter, and it shouldn’t be brought up unless you’re comfortable with the other person. However, if the both of you can discuss money without a problem, it’s an early sign that the relationship’s taking a serious turn.

Whether it’s about spending money on dates or opening a joint account, money talks are a sign of security and trust in the relationship. What’s more, if you both have a similar attitude toward saving and spending money, you’re a wonderful match.

  1. You Are Leaving Marks In Each Other’s Home

This is one of those milestones some couples wait for. When you’re casually dating someone, sharing living spaces isn’t part of the deal. However, if things are starting to escalate to a more serious level, the two of you may start leaving marks in each other’s home.

A good example would be leaving your toothbrush, body care products, and a few clothes in their drawer. But it’s not about placing your things around the house without their knowledge. Instead, it has to do with the both of you being comfortable leaving some of your stuff knowing you’ll be back to stay more regularly.

  1. You Are Meeting Each Other’s Parents

Another huge sign of a relationship getting a lot serious is when you want to meet each other’s parents. Most people consider this a huge deal, unlike meeting each other’s friends, which is quite common these days.

But if you’re willing to meet the parents, it’s proof that you’re interested in getting to know the people who mean so much to either of you. It can also mean that your partner considers you ‘the one’ they want to marry someday.

  1. You Give Them A Spare Key To Your House Or Apartment

As mentioned, casual dates don’t involve sharing spaces. But if your relationship’s getting serious, the both of you may want to do just that and give each other a spare key. This would mean you truly trust your partner, and you’re welcoming them to stay or come over anytime. On top of that, this could be a sign that you or your partner is suggesting to cohabitate and move in together soon.


Should you and your partner exhibit one or more of these signs, it’s a surefire indication that you’re both ready to elevate your relationship to another level of commitment. And if neither of you has already said it, who knows, the ‘I love yous’ may be just around the corner.

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