Should You Settle For Mr Good Enough When Mr Right Isn’t Available

Should You Settle For Mr Good Enough When Mr Right Isn’t Available

The temptation to settle with someone you’re not 100% sure of being the best man is always very high especially if he’s so good and caring. You may have been with a guy even for couple of months but you’re not still sure if he is the right guy for you.

Although he has been so good to you, he makes you laugh, take care of you and does everything that a normal guy should do for the one he’s so much in love with, but you’re feeling is not just right about him, the sexual chemistry is not really flowing within you and you can’t seem to understand why it is so, when such a nice guy take good care of you.

Should You Settle For Mr Good Enough When Mr Isn’t AvailableWhy so many people have settle for Mr good enough that work out to turn to their Mr right, many have also regretted going into marriage with someone they aren’t 100% sure is going to be the best man they’ve ever been with.

This is your case; you’ll want it to turn out good and the question of whether to settle for Mr good enough when you can’t find Mr Right even when your biological time is just ticking away is still begging for an answer.

There are two ways to issue like this, it has it pros and cons, and in this post, I will be taking a look at the both side of the coin and finally give my opinion.

First, committing your life to someone you’re not very sure of being your soul-mate might hurt you so much if at the long run, he’s never fit into the kind of man you’ve ever wanted. You may have just committed yourself into the relationship and Mr right just shows up right after that, and that you instantly feel the spark within you for him but you’re already belonging to someone else.

Forever is a very long time to be in the hand of someone you don’t really love and it will not be fair on you if he does loves you with all his heart and mind, and he’s ready to go all the way to sacrifice everything for you to make sure you’re feeling comfortable. But here you are, your feeling is in the opposite direction.

The truth is, the more he’s trying to fix things in the relationship to ensure everything is at least okay, the further away you’ll be in that relationship, all his effort will never be appreciated genuinely from you because, your heart is far away from the relationship.

The worst will eventually unfold when he realize that your love for him is shallow rooted and lukewarm. And that will leave both of you feeling empty inside which is even too bad.

On the other hand, if you’ve waited for the ideal guy, the right man and you never meet such man. What will you be saying to yourself when you’ve pass man after man and still in search for the right one?

In the process of searching for the potential husband, you might have screened past the man who could have been a very good husband, that would have been perfectly okay for the kind of man you’ve ever desire but due to one thing or the other, you could not spot him as at when he’s trying to come into your life and you end up losing him.

Now your child bearing years if gradually passing away, you don’t want to be childless, feel alone all your life.

If you continue to pass man after man looking for the best man, you may never find the better one later. Your best bet is to tie anyone you feel is an ideal prospect for you to start a family life with.

Here is my honest opinion about this stuff,

It is advisable to wait for the type of man who makes your heart skip and increase in the number of beat per second when you’re in his presence. It is not necessary for the man to be perfect but since he possesses all the qualities you want in a man and especially create an intense sexual attraction when in contact with you or even at the sight of him.

He doesn’t have to be perfect, it is you that has to make him perfect and there is your Mr right you shouldn’t miss.

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What do you think about all of this and especially my opinion?

Please use the comment form below to your contributions, comments and suggestions, I know you have something to say here, just go ahead and make your contribution.

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  1. Doveflee E. Kollie

    It is always said that for every successful man there is a strong and brilliant woman behind that man, so to possess a perfect man, you as a woman you must start from somewhere with your man by correcting some wrongs and moving on and always remember to exhibit some moral attitude as a woman.


  2. Onyinye Patrick

    Dear Anthony, i so much like this article, this is exaltily what am facing now, am in a relationship, but not too sure about my man,thanks so much, for through this i have come to know what to do.

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