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“Revealed! Time Tested Secrets of Finding Mr Right Faster, Even If You’re Already 35 Years – Guaranteed”

This Is A No Time Waster That’ll Put You In Hand Of Wrong Guys!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you are feeling lonely now because you’re still single, and the thought of your biological clock ticking away, which makes you feel uncomfortable when all your friends are getting married.

More importantly, the feeling of insecurity and displacement in the family when your parents and sibling begin to talk about your singlehood and make jokes or rude comment.

I got some Secret to share with you, if only you would listen

You’re about to say goodbye for good to the life of spinsterhood and welcome yourself to the life of no more loneliness.

The solution to your problem is contain in the time tested secret book of finding and meeting the ideal man you’re going to read about it now.

How did I get to know about this secret?

Well! I’m worried when my friend’s younger sister, who is 32 but yet to point a finger to one particular man as the one who is going to marry her.

But why did I get worried about her?

I got worried because, anytime I see my friend and ask after his family, he always feels bad talking about her sister who is already 32 years but no man is asking her hand in marriage.

To cut that story short, I offer to help her sister because of my deep knowledge about dating and relationship.

I discovered what exactly is keeping many ladies so long before getting married, some of them don’t even get married at all, but God forbid, that will never be your portion. Did I hear you say aBIGGER AMEN!

So, I offer her my discovery of time tested secret of hooking the right man.

…And It Works For Her Like Magic…

Unknowingly to me, she has another friend, who is in the same shoe with her. She gave a copy of my discovery to her too. The result was awesome.

Both of them as at the time of writing this, are seriously engaged, and very very soon, they will be tying the knot with their respective husband.

I strongly believe that it will work for you too, even if you’re older than the two of them.

This book is so unique, is different from every other books you can find out there. What makes it unique is that, I left no stone unturned when it comes to identifying and meeting Mr. Right, who will love you wholeheartedly.[/text_block]

Here is what you’re going to get in this Time Tested Secret of Finding Mr Right.

  • You will learn the key components and characteristic of the right woman. This will help you to be the right woman every right man desires.
  • Exactly what is responsible for finding it difficult to find your Mr Right and what you need to do to find him as soon as you desire.
  • You will learn the secret of how only the right man will be attracted to you and not all those dumb ass that are only interested in using you and dumb you as soon as they see another woman that interest them.
  • You will also learn to re-evaluate the standard you set for the ideal man and make adjustment to accommodate him into your new standard.
  • This book will teach and guide you on how to be self-dependent and what you can bring to the table so that men will see you and identify you even from afar.
  • You’ll discover the mistake you’ve been making that are ruining your chances of meeting Mr. Right and the corrective measures to take to have it all corrected.
  • You will come to realize that your past relationship is not a bad relationship because it teaches you what you don’t want and how to use that to the success of your next relationship, that’s your hubby.
  • You will also learn how to use the law of attraction to attract into your life the kind of man that has the qualities you value in a man.
  • …..and many more revelations on how to find, meet and keep your Mr Right.
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Here is my special Bonus For You

If you order for a copy of my Time Tested Secret of Finding Mr. Right now, you’re going to get additional digital book that I titled –

Pathways to Long Lasting Healthy Romantic Relationship.

This particular book is still selling right now at N2,500, but right here, you’re going to get it for free

So, How Much Is The Cost Of This Digital Book?

You will be getting a digital copy of this book for only N4,950.

I know, the price is low compare to the value you’re going to get inside it.

But there is a reason why the price is low now.

I want you and everyone out there, who are in need of the solution of what this book is providing to have access to it.

So, N4,950 is within reach of so many ladies.

The price is not going to remain like this forever…

After the first 20 copies is sold out, the price will be increased by additional N1,050.

You see, everything for now, is in your best interest.

…But Wait A Second…

If you order for a copy just now and be among the first 10 people, you will only pay N2,500.

This is only for the first 10 people.

You see why you need to take action now and order for your own copy. Other people are reading what you’re reading right now but only the first 10 people will get it for N2,500.

Here is what you’ll get when you order today

  1. A digital copy of Time Tested Secrets of Finding, Meeting, and Keeping Your Mr Right
  2. Pathways to Long Lasting Healthy Romantic Relationship: This guide will teach you, how to sustain your relationship and how you can enjoy a healthier romantic relationship with your man, which will last as long as both of you live.


Here Is My 100% 365 Days Guarantee

If you go ahead to invest in the “Time Tested Secret of Finding Mr Right” today, and if in the next 365 days (That is 1 full year), you are not seriously engaged,  or getting prepared for your wedding, as a direct RESULT of using this Time Tested Secret Guide..

Then simply send me an email and I’ll ask you for your bank details and transfer the full refund of the exact amount you paid for this guide without asking questions!

I won’t just REFUND you the FULL purchase price…

I will also let you KEEP the Guide without asking any questions whatsoever.

I am doing this because I am ABSOLUTELY sure that the “The Time-Tested Secrets” will help you and I want you to have 100% total CONFIDENCE that you’ll get at least a 1000% worth of what you paid for this Guide.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Grab you copy now and be among the first 20 people, and say goodbye to single and lonely life for good.


WARNING – Please, follow the instructions step by step below to avoid delay in the delivery of your copy of the Time Tested Secret of Finding Mr Right Guide.

This  guide is only available in form of a digital guide that you can download and read instantly on your computer, Android Tab or Ipad.


To get a copy now, follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 – Deposit the sum of =N=2,500 only into any branch of Guarantee Trust Bank or Zenith Bank in Nigeria.

See bank account details below:

NOTE – You may also pay via ATM/online transfer if you operate an internet banking account.

Details of bank account to be credited is:

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name: Anthony Adeokun

Account Number: 0124438414


Zenith Bank

Account Name: Anthony Adeokun

Account Number: 2009774188

STEP 2 -After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address; [email protected]

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says: Mr Right.

The details to be sent are:

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Email Address

3. Teller Number (Only if you paid cash at the Bank) That is all you have to do.

Once we receive your payment email and your payment has been confirmed from the bank, you will get an email which would contain the download link to the Secret of Finding Mr Right Guide.


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P.S. – You’re going to get the time tested secret that no one has ever told you on how to get him, and hold him forever if you order for a copy now.

P.S. – Remember this book will teach you the key components and characteristic of the right woman, that every man cannot resist because, he will desire you for his wife.

P.S. – Remember only the first 10 people will get a copy for a N2,500, the rest 10 people will get it for a N4,950 and anyone after that will get it for N3,000. You need to act fast now to get the chance of being among the first 10 people.

You need to act fast now to get the chance of being among the first 10.


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