Relationship Attraction Killer That Can Send Your Man Away

Relationship Attraction Killer That Can Send Your Man Away

At a point in every relationship, when you’ve been with your partner for some time, you may get to lose attraction for him. Though, it may not be a complete loss of attraction but partially within you, you know that, the feeling is not that strong as it used to be when the relationship first started.

Relationship Attraction Killer That Can Send Your Man AwayYou should know at this point that something is wrong. It is normal to lose attraction in your partner if for instance, you’re quarrelling over certain issue that take longer than usual before it is finally resolved. It will be abnormal for you to lose attraction if all things are going well in your relationship.

There are certain factors that can cause loss of attraction in relationship, except you do away with all of these factors in your relationship, it is bound that, you’re going to experience that loss of attraction in the relationship.

So then, what should you do to ensure you don’t experience loss of attraction in your relationship? The following 5 pointers will help you to retain attraction in your relationship, if you can put them into practice and do the necessary things to ensure your relationship attraction is intact.

Too much familiarity

Do you know that, when you get too familiar with something, you tend to take it for granted? In fact, too much familiarity breeds contempt. When your man begin to think that’s too familiar with your, he start to lose attraction. This is because; there is nothing you’re going to do that he will feel it’s new. He’ll always belief that, you can only do what you are used to, since he knows you in and out. All of these will surely make him to lose attraction for you and it can make him to begin look outside to other women if something urgent is not done to spark up his interest in you.

So, in all of these, what you need to do, is not to get too familiar with your man, try as much as you can, to see all that you make new move that will spark his interest. If you’re seeing one another too frequent, you may need to take some time out with your friends. Stay away from him occasionally, which makes him wanting to see you, because he will miss you and that will help his attraction towards you.

Not watching over your weight

Except for very few men, many men love a woman who is slim and fit. You have been taking care of yourself before he met you but after you’ve started dating, you sometime forget to watch your weight, something you take good care of before meeting him, and that might be one the criteria he consider before asking you out.

When you begin to gain more weight, you’ll lose your fitness level; you will not be as smart as you were before the start of your relationship with him. What these mean is that, you will become less attractive to him; you are no longer looking as beautiful as the way he loves to see you, because you’ve lost that fine shape that makes him thrill for you. In other for your guy not to lose that wonderful feeling of attraction in your relationship, you need to keep your weight in check, observe what you eat and ensure you keep yourself in shape and be fit.

Emotionally insecure

Lots of women don’t know that when you begin to bother your men and questioned him about every of his moves, you’re gradually killing your relationship attraction. Doing things like this, is a sign of emotional insecurity. Some women can even go to the extent that, they behave as if they are their men’s mother. So, tell me, how can a man begin to have attraction for his own mother? It is just simple; the relationship attraction will be dead and such can’t be recovered except if such woman seized to become his mother and start to behave like his girlfriend.

Appearing to be too needy

It is a total sign of immaturity anyway, though, many women claim to be mature, but in the way they appear to their men, it always show their neediness. This is a relationship turn off, in fact any woman that turn her man, to a person that every time she needs something, she must always come to him for help, is killing the man attraction in that relationship very fast.

Even though you don’t really have that much with you, you can still prove to be a self-dependent woman, who may not need his attention before carrying out important things in your life. Every time you call on him, before you even say anything, his mind will skip, because he knows that you want to ask for something. Just a little longer, you will realize that, he’s no more in that relationship with you. No man can cope with a needy woman.

Improper grooming

You’ve always been that woman that everyone talks about, especially the way you tidy up yourself. Your manicure, pedicure, hair style, neatness and everything about you will draw any sensible man to you and then, you start a relationship. But when you get into that relationship with any of the lucky man, you begin to take your grooming for granted. He has seen you and knows how beautiful you’re, so no need to go through all the task trying to keep yourself up there anymore. If think this way, you’re killing his attraction if you don’t know, it might be one of the things that get him attracted to you, he sees you as someone who know how to take good care of herself, but now it is a long story, you just killed his attraction towards you. [Also Read; How to bring back loss of attraction in a relationship]

Your man will begin to think otherwise, if you no longer take proper care of yourself as the way he met you, how can you take proper care of his unborn children. Think about it and you will agree with me that, improper grooming is relationship attraction killer that can send any many away.

Following these few pointers, you can be sure to have your man always at your side, when you avoid the points raised above. No one will want to stay in any unattractive relationship, the sooner they leave the relationship, the better for them.

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