Six Likely Reasons People Double Date in Relationships

Sometimes I wonder why people double date in relationships. I mean do people even know the true meaning of what it takes to be devoted to someone in a relationship?

I think the term “relationship” is over used and over rated; this is why we hear all sorts of stories today about the things that go on in relationships today.

Trust has flown out the window and this is the reason why people feel they can act the way they like when they are in relationships.

I know so many people have gotten their hearts broken in relationships and I believe if you have ever fallen victim of this, you may be wondering why people double date, right?

Well, if you are as curious as I used to be, then I know you will enjoy reading the likely reasons people double date in relationships in this article.

Some of those likely reasons are:

They are scared of being jilted:

Six Likely Reasons People Double Date in Relationships (2)

While some one is in one relationship, he or she may be afraid of what is to come. He or she may not know what to expect at anytime so due to this fear, they decide to spread their wings by having someone else on the side.

They do this so that if they are disappointed by one, they can always have someone else to fall back on.

Relationships spring up daily and also break up daily so I believe this fear makes people double date in relationships.

They don’t want to be alone:

I have a friend who dreads being alone. Since I’ve known her, she has never been without a boyfriend. If she’s in one relationship and it folds up, she always has a replacement.

When I asked her why this was so, she told me she hates being alone and that having someone in her life always made her feel complete. The thought of being alone always made her feel less complete.

I believe just like this lady, there are so many people out there who equally feel this way and for this reason, such people end up double dating.

They are not satisfied:

Some people double date in relationships because they don’t get complete satisfaction from one person. Dissatisfaction could come in various forms; it could be in the area of finance, intimacy, compatibility etc.

Whatever the case, dissatisfaction in any relationship can make one have the desire to double date.

They lack self confidence:

Six Likely Reasons People Double Date in Relationships

When some people lack faith in their partners and in them, they tend to want to double date just to be on the safe side.

They try to play it safe by having a second option in case anything goes wrong.

Most of the time, this happens if they are not well treated by their partner of if they feel insecure in that relationship.

 They want more out of a relationship:

I think people double date in relationships when they don’t feel fulfilled in certain areas of their lives.

At this point, when they double date its almost getting to the end of one relationship and probably the reason that person hasn’t left his or her present relationship is because he or she hasn’t found someone reliable to date.

But not feeling fulfilled in a relationship is enough reason to want to double date.

If your partner isn’t adding value or making impact to your life, there’s every tendency, you’ll be tempted to double date.

They see others doing it:

Some people cannot make decisions by themselves but rely on the actions of others to do so.

One reason people double date in relationships is because their friends are doing the very same thing and to be like them, they follow suit.

Like the aforementioned, people double date for many reasons. What other reasons do you think makes people double date in relationships?

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