Some Possible Reasons Young People Indulge in Relationships

All over the world, young people go into relationships for so many reasons. Sometimes with the outcome of most relationships, I wonder why young people indulge in relationships in the first place.

Some of these relationships end up well while others do not; some stand the test of time while others give way even before it starts.

If you are reading this article and on the verge of going into a relationship, I think it’s ideal if you aware of some of the reasons people indulge in relationships.

Knowing what these reasons are would help you determine what you really want from that relationship.

This article will show you what those possible reasons are and you’ll be amazed to find out what the minds of people are.

Fear of being alone:

Some Possible Reasons Young People Indulge in Relationships

One of the reasons young people indulge in relationships is the fear of being alone. It is true that no one should be alone but this is not enough reason to start a relationship.

This fear drives people into certain relationships that they may regret later on in life and this same fear has pushed young people into several wrong relationships.

The fear of being alone is all in the mind so I believe that if one can conquer that fear from within, then that is a good start to making the right relationship decision.

You’ll discover that sometimes being alone is better than being in a meaningless relationship.


Some young people indulge in relationships because they see their friends in one and want to be like them.

The way the world is today, people like to follow the bandwagon in order to be like everyone else and this pushes people to want to be in relationships.

People do this so they won’t feel out of place in social circles.

Pressure could also come from one’s family especially if you are at the right age to get married.

Constant yelling and reminder of your single state can propel one in venturing into a relationship.

So both the society and the family are responsible for such.


Some young people indulge in relationships simply because they want to quench their sexual desires.

Since sleeping around is not ideal even though some do it, some would rather be in a relationship with one person who can fulfill their needs.

Belief that it could lead to marriage:

Some young people indulge in relationships because they believe that it could lead to something serious like marriage.

I think ladies fall victim of this more than guys. They therefore go into relationships with the mindset that someday, the guy they are dating would pop the question.

Some of these relationships do end up like that while some others end up on the rocks.

To have fun:

Happy couple racing on bikes

This is one reason young people indulge in relationships. They do not want something serious but all they want is to just have fun.

They may not want to be intimate with you but they just like the idea of having someone around them.

They do this to feel among and socialize with other friends.

For societal reasons:

Some people might not really have any genuine reason to be in a relationship but such people are concerned about what people around them would say.

It will amaze you to know the extent to what people would do in order to keep the mouths of people shut.

The truth is that people do not mind their business and are always in other peoples’ business.

To settle down:

Some Possible Reasons Young People Indulge in Relationships (2)

While some go into relationships just for fun, there are others who indulge in relationships with the mindset of settling down.

Having this in mind, they are focused when in relationships.

If you are currently in a relationship, which of these reasons do you think made you go into one?

If you think there are more reasons young people indulge in relationships, do share with us.

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