Six Tips on what to do when you are Pressured to Marry

One thing I have noticed most ladies and even some men go through is being pressured to marry.

Getting married is a good thing but being pressured to marry is not really a good thing as it has its own side effects.

What are some of the reasons ladies get pressured to marry?

Their parents feel they are not getting any younger

Their parents want grandchildren and want their child to have kids on time

While these are good enough reasons to get married, it doesn’t justify the urgent pressure for a lady to get married.

Are you a young lady or gentleman who feels pressured to marry?

Do you get constant hounding from your parents?

Do you feel like you’re choked and you can’t just wait to leave their house and be on your own?

If you feel this way, the tips in this article should help you out when next you feel pressured to marry.

Don’t let it get to you:

If you can do this then you won’t have a problem.

If you’re the type who gets bothered by what people say about you then you need to not let the pressure you face affect you.

If it affects you, it will surely affect how you reason and how you handle the situation.

Whether you already have a suitor or not, never let it get to you because if it does, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Intensify your prayers:

Praying Woman

Whenever you feel pressured to marry then know that it is the time for you to intensify your prayers.

This is important because getting married is a very important decision to make and choosing the right partner is equally important.

If you are pressured to marry and end up with the wrong person, your life will be miserable.

This is why care should be taken on the area of marriage and should not be jumped into simply because of pressure.

Think with your head:

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When it comes to the issue of marriage and love, people tend to think with their heart rather than their head.

In as much as you feel pressurised, don’t be too irrational about your decision.

Do not be too hasty by just accepting anyone that proposes to you but think carefully before you do.

Don’t marry to please people:

If you get pressured to marry and do so simply to make others happy, you’ll be the only one to blame if you end up not enjoying that marriage.

Make yourself happy first before trying to please others.

Don’t do as others do:

Pressure can come in various forms you know. You might be pressured to marry because most of your friends are married and you feel you should.

It is not ideal to do as others do just because you feel so.

What if it’s not the right time for you to get married and you jump the gun?

Who will you then blame when you start seeing repercussions?

Seek counsel:

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When you feel pressured to marry, it’s advisable to seek counsel from people who are wiser like spiritual heads.

You might just get the best advise you need at the time.

I have come to realise that in matters relating to marriage, one needs guidance to make the right choices.

The things you may not see or clearly understand, someone else might just see and understand it better.

In marriage, your understanding alone is not enough, this is why it is necessary to seek the help and counsel of counsellors.

Marriage is important in life but do not let pressure make it seem like a do or die affair.

We only live life once so why not take your time in choosing the right partner to live that life with rather than bowing to pressures?

Have these tips been helpful? Let us know.

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