Pregnancy Not a Qualification For Marriage

Pregnancy Not a Qualification For Marriage

What is marriage? According to Wikipedia, marriage is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged. Such a union is often formalized via a wedding ceremony.
People actually married for many reasons which include; procreation, emotional, financial, spiritual, for love, religion and host of other reason. It is a common knowledge these days that many guys prioritized a lady getting pregnant before finally agreed to marry.
This mean that pregnancy are now turn to be a prerequisite for marriage, although not so many people consider this but majority of people considered it very important especially in African countries.

Pregnancy Not a Qualification For MarriageIf you want your lady to get pregnant before marriage, God forbid, what of if there is a miscarriage along the way after the marriage, will you call for divorce? Church this days too don’t even join couple together if the wife is pregnant except if the church is not aware of the pregnancy.

Because of religious matter in this case, many ladies too have gone to the extent of aborting their pregnancy just to get married in the church. I heard of a case where a lady got pregnant before the wedding and she insisted on having the pregnancy aborted.
Lots of people advised her not to do it but everything turn to her deaf hear. She went ahead and aborted the pregnancy and she got wedded in the church but 15 years after that wedding now, that lady is yet to get pregnant. People advice now is that, if church did not wed you, why not go for registry and do your things there.
I want to say here categorically that, although Churches don’t like you being impregnated before coming to the church for your marriage but who say church will not wed you after you delivered of your baby.
What that mean is that, since you prefer to get pregnant before your wedding, then you should prepared to give birth to your child before coming for wedding, and that is the church stand about this. [Read; How long should relationship last before getting married]

Tell you boyfriend if  he want you pregnant before the wedding to ready to wed you and your child because he must wait till after the pregnancy before the church marriage.
I know many ladies may not like this, because no one wanted to be seen as second hand or perhaps what people call “after one” wedding, when you put on wedding dress that reveal you’ve given birth before. 
It is not easy to be pregnant and at the same time parenting, pregnant before marriage is not always welcome because of the associated problem that comes with it.
What do you have to say about this burning issue? Please I will love to hear from you, your contribution matter a lot to others who will want to learn about stuff like this.
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