Positive Parenting Benefit for Parent and Children

Positive Parenting Benefit for Parent and Children

Domestic child abuse is becoming prevalent these days, and it seems parent and children have forgotten the relationship between them as mother and child or father and child or even as family, because it is not only the father or mother that sometimes abuse children. Every member of the family should know how fragile children can be, so it’s a family responsibility. [Parental guide in the 21st Century]

This will lead us to positive parenting; does positive parenting benefit both parent and children? Yes it can, but…if properly carried out. Lots of parents fail to understand positive parenting beneficial effect on their children and them as well.

Positive Parenting BenefitI want to agree with one fact that, there is no manual for parenting, if there is operational instruction for so many things in life, parenting doesn’t and it now lies in the hand of the parent. How are parent going to take care of their children, most of the pattern parent follow is that of the community, background and religion. [Read; 5 Tips for Parenting Teenager with Anxiety]

There are limitations to following someone else behavioral pattern of treating children. Since every family are different in their own way, it is better for the parent to first understand their family set up, background and the environment. I enlisted environment in here because, I discovered that our environment has major influences in the way and manner at which children behave. The understanding of these three setting just mention now, will form the foundation of positive parenting benefit for the children and the parent.

I watch an advert from a multinational company trying to advertise how effective their detergent soup could be when used to watch stained clothes. What drew me to that advertorial was, I saw children returning from school and they engaged in playing around muddy water. It resulted in the dirty water splashed on their school uniform and right there, one of the children mother was around. She screamed what! Is this what you’re learning in your school? The advertorial team responded, allow children to play, if they don’t play and get dirty how will they learn how to watch their cloths?  Immediately that response came in, about halve of the mothers in that place shouted, are you people going to buy us the detergent to wash their cloths or will you give us free, if you ask us to allow them to engaged in this kind of play.

One of the mothers beside me turns to her male child, and she said to him strongly, if I ever see you with this kind of play, that day, you will regret having me as your mother…..to cut this story short. The lesson I learnt from that place is that, we are different with the way we see thing, why not all the parent should have gone against the advert? Why some welcome it and said it is true, some don’t even buy the idea at all. It goes down to say, you can’t operate on someone else manual of child upbringing are said to be practicing positive parenting.

Develop your manual through some trial and errors, not some expensive errors anyway but you know what I mean. If something is not working out the way you wanted it, change the pattern, hold on to what is working and let go of what is not.

In the positive parenting benefit, children do best when they receive calm and consistent feedback and assertive discipline that’s based on reasonable expectations – with significantly more encouragement and positive feedback than criticism. The main mistake parents make is forgetting the importance of catching kids doing the right thing, the children may have been misbehaving all day long, but that moment when they do the right thing, parents should cease it, embrace and praise them.

Positive parenting benefit it’s not just for children. It really influences adult well-being, too. Parents become less stressed, less angry, less depressed, and have less conflict with their partners. It also improves parent capacity to function maximally at work as well.

How do you see positive parenting benefit? Does it make meaning to you? Please share your opinion with us and other readers, someone might learn from your experience too. Don’t forget to share this post using any of the social networking icons below, love to hear from you.

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