Pictorial Guide on How To Tie A Tie For Cooperate Dressing

Pictorial Guide on How To Tie A Tie

I can remember when I was still growing up at the adolescent age, I found it very difficult to tie a tie and I was even ashamed to tell my people around me to teach me how to do it and yet I love dressing cooperate. How do I do it by then, I told my dad to tie it for me and once he does that I wouldn’t completely loose the tie whenever I want to undress, the next day, I put it on again when going out with  a cooperate dress,,,,,,,,,,,, let not go into that details any longer, I know a lot of people fall into this categories as well, that is why I decided to share with you today the pictorial step by step on how to do it yourself, how to tie that tie  that has always been giving you concern at your level. It is all about lifestyle and fashion.

Below are two pictorial guide on how to tie a tie, I Call It Do It Yourself (DIY)

Pictorial Guide on How To Tie A Tie
The second pictorial guide is with no explanation but with the diagram, you can easily understand it, check it below and you will like it.
Pictorial Guide on How To Tie A Tie
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