Is He the One – How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy

Is He the One – How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy?

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day and anxiously looks forward to it. She can’t wait to meet the man of her dreams who will sweep her off her feet. However, as she grows older, her dreams of marrying Mr. Perfectionist fades away as she realizes nobody is perfect.

How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy

So instead of looking for Prince Charming experts advise you to look for the one who is right for you. Someone whom you can count on in good and bad times, someone who’ll always have your back. Because getting married is a serious commitment and it should be taken seriously.

So when you try to find that Mr. Right, make sure to see beyond all those good traits in order to see the bad ones. Why? It depicts you are not shallow. And a latest sleuthing app, Xnspy, can help you see the bad traits of the one whom you just need to leave in the dating pool.

Bad Trait # 1: Addiction

How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, sex, porn or gambling, an addiction can become compulsive and significantly interferes with ordinary responsibilities of a person. It slowly takes possession of his life and leaves no room for anything or anyone else. It’s not something a person struggles with, but a thing that takes a stronghold of him.

You cannot simply walk away from a true addiction because its roots run deep. This is why a person who is deep in addiction is not considered fit for a dating relationship as well as marriage. Even if an addict is taking down the path to recovery, it’s hard to comply with them because healing requires time.

Plus, there is a good chance one of two things will happen down the road to recovery: either you will hinder his healing or he will hinder your growth. So it’s better to step away before someone seriously gets hurt. But how can you recognize an addict in the first place? Enter Xnspy.

The advanced cell phone spying app lets you tap into your boyfriend’s private affairs by collecting the reports of all the activities performed on the mobile device. This includes his private chats on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber and other platforms. Keeping tabs on his conversations will reveal to you whether he is really an addict, or it was just a suspicion.

Bad Trait # 2: Unfaithfulness

How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy

“Cheating is a choice, not a mistake”. It is why cheaters are always looking for participants in their game. They are constantly on the lookout for a weak, needy or sex addict for a quick hit. They tend to have a clear method or pickup lines to capture their prey.

A cheating heart or unfaithful person rarely looks for an equal because an exact match could hurt them. This could be a hunter whose prey is probably a secretary, woman at a bar or waitress. In brief, a cheating heart loves to pick up wounded sparrows rather hunting for eagles.

They tend to be smooth, smart and successful guys who have a certain narcissistic or sexual appeal which makes most girls fall for them. If you happened to be one these girls or suspect your partner isn’t faithful to you, then it would be better to stay single rather remembering broken promises.

A reliable way to find out if your lover is faithful to you is by using a boyfriend spying app. With this application, you will be able to keep a close eye on all the received and sent text messages of your boyfriend. Read the content of his messages and view details like time and date stamps.

In case, you want to keep track of certain contacts or numbers, the software will allow you to do that too by defining specific names, numbers, or email addresses. So whenever your sweetheart sends or receives texts from the suspicious person you will receive a quick alert.

Bad Trait # 3: Abuse

How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy

Abuse comes in different forms, shapes, and voices. Whether you talk about physiological abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse or spiritual abuse, they all have no place under the umbrella of a loving marriage.

Because an abusive relationship is never a one-sided thing. It’s not about using one’s power or position to control the other half. Rather, it’s about two people loving, serving, sacrificing and giving for one another. However, with a boyfriend spying app, you can recognize signs of an abusive person. Intercept his phone calls or view his social media activities to gauge whether he has the tendency to control other people completely. Or he makes others feel guilty for not committing as quickly as he does. And if you spot any signs of violence towards you or others, it would be judicious of you to avoid a relationship with him.

Bad Trait # 4: Broke

How Sleuthing Tech Can Stop You from Marrying the Wrong Guy

If your love interest is always broke, you need to ask yourself; is he unemployed and unambitious? Does he hate work? Or he spends all of his cash on frivolous things? Whatever the case maybe, you probably do not want to marry a guy who cannot hold on to his cash.

Instead, it would be wise to marry a person who is financially stable and can afford your expenses. This doesn’t mean at all that you should only marry a rich guy. It means you should marry a responsible person who at least knows how to spend his hard earned money. One way to spot a broke bloke is by accessing his internet history with a spyware. A boyfriend or girlfriend spy app will give you a sneak peek into his online activities.

You can see whether your boyfriend is frequently visiting online shopping stores to buy gadgets, latest smartphones or sending gifts to his friends for no reason. If that’s the case, then it’s definitely not the person you may want to be with for the rest of your life.

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  1. I personally think that to analyze a good person to marry with, one should spend some time with them. See how they live, their relationships to the family and peers. Simply spying on the person will not be the right measure of his/her personality. And in some cases, it can be that you interpret something wrong from his conversations. That may hurt both.

  2. I find this idea of using a spyware to monitor your future husband quite useful! You don’t have to ask many questions, you don’t need to know who he/she is talking to. The way writer has presented it is a legitimate concern that every person has. So it’s better to marry someone you know before than to gamble on something superficial.

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