NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines

NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines

Due to the huge problem facing the NYSC  senate approve list during online registration for prospective corps member.

The National Youth Service Corps Management has decided to provide direct communication through the four national GSM operators in the country (MTN, Etisalat, Artel & Glo).

The short coming of this approach is just that, calls are not allow. This mean you can’t call any of the 10 lines provided to resolve any issues concerning the online registration you may encounter in the process of registry yourself for the National Orientation Program.

You are only allowed to use TEXT MESSAGES for communication with the 10 lines provided for this purpose.

If you flash or call the numbers, you might not be able to contact them again for a response.

I will strongly advise you to restrict yourself to the text messages only. There are ten lines, if one does not respond, you can send to another number. You can even send to more than one number at a time, but do it politely no matter how much annoyance you develop during the process.

You’re the one looking for a solution and it is important you learn to control your emotional about it.

Below the screenshot for the 10 numbers provided for the complain about the NYSC online registration

NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines

Wishing a quickly resolve about any of the challenges encounter during the registration process.

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  1. Good day Sir, weldone for all you assistance. Pls i checked my name on the Senate list and it appeared with correct information, but the status shows ” Matric no. not in use create a fresh account” whats your advice.

  2. Good afternoon sir, my name is on the nysc senate approved list but the status says i cant register because of the jamb no which they said does not exist and i went to my school and i was told that the nysc portal is closed for correction that is only those in nysc office that can help out now. Pls help me out. And again my date of birth is 1985 will i be able to go nest year if i don’t make it now. Pls i need help Pls.

  3. awosika victoria abimbola

    Good day sir/ma
    please i found my name my name on the senate list and it says “Your record has been uploaded successfully,you can register” But while i was filling the registration form it requested for call-up number which i did not have. Please kindly help.

    1. Olayode Olujayogbe

      Good day sir/ma
      please i found my name my name on the senate list and it says “Your record has been uploaded successfully,you can register” But while i was filling the registration form it requested for call-up number which i did not have. Please kindly help.

      1. Go get your call up number and supply the information, it is that easy. Without call up, you can’t go near NYSC Camp for registration.

  4. nwodu confidence

    please,my name came out on the senate list and it says i can register on line,but while filling online,it keeps replying data not found. What do i do?

  5. Eilenbaluagbon ose fidelis

    My problem is that the name on my senate list is different from jamb data. On the senate list is Eilenbaluagbon which is the correct surname. On jamb data is Ellenbaluagbon which is the error. Kindly help me to rectify it so that l can register. From Ambrose Alli University ,Mat no: med/bms/03/00478.. Thanks

  6. My name was sent from the school which was uploaded successfully but I still can’t access it myself, whenever I check I receive this msg “No record found” pls sir/ma what can I do in rectifying this

  7. Good morning sir, I have problem of wrong date of birth which stopped me to go with batch C 2014 .I was placed on exemption . Now I was directed to the first bank for obtain a WAEC verification pin to solve the problem . I have WAEC and NECO results but I used my NECO result for my B.Sc degree .Sir will the WAEC verification pin work to correct the date of the birth ? The WAEC date of my birth is : 05/03/1988.

  8. pls good day..am a prospertive coper i filled in my nysc online registration ysterday and i found out i was given a wrong class of degree..pls how do i
    rectify this issue..thank you.

  9. Isen Akanimo.
    Good morning Sir.My Name is on the nysc senate approved list but the status says I can not register because of the jamb Reg number does not exist . pls help me out.

  10. Akpan-Nsubong, Inyeneobong Joshua

    Gd day sir, pls I checked my name in the senate list and the name showed in jamb admission letter didn’t correspond with the one in nysc Senate list as such I can’t register. Pls sir help me out. 08068398878, 09022249643. Tnx n God bless.

  11. plz sir i need ur urgent advice,i was mobilized c14 bt used a wrong matric no,nw i went to my school nd remobilize usin my correct matric no though,nw my name is at d senate list bt d said i shuld log in usin my mail which i did bt brought out somtin like dis,your log in couldnt b completed ,ensure your entry exists in ur school senate list.tnx wat shuld i do.

  12. Abdulfatai rihanat temitope

    Dis online of a thing is realy causing problem to majority of corps,bcos most ppl hv been complainin abt same issue wtout verificatn,wat shld we do oo,we beg u ,we only a limited days for registration to close

  13. pls dis is my numba 08068488178,help me i ve gone 2 my sch 2 complain 2 nd i ve done wat dey ask me 2 do bt nothing has happen

  14. Ekechukwu Onyinyechi P

    Good sir,i did not see my name online,in my school and in the error list,but NYSC sent me massage on the 7th of sept.even before the registration started on the 8th.pls i want to know what is the problem and do i do

  15. Good day! Am having problem with registration and lld really appreciate if u could b of help! There was a mistake in my “year of entry” my matric numba is meant to b “2011”—- but what came up on d approved senate list is “2010” with the oda details following it correct..But d name n jamb reg numba is mine.. Contacted student affairs and de askd mi to b patient dt they av informed NYSC Abt it but it is takn too long.. Do I go ahead with registration? My oda fear is what if I do n de reupload and d issue of your record is already in the data base! I need ur candid advise on dz

    1. You need to wait for the correction to be effected.
      …but if it’s taking too much time and the registration period is about ending, you may give it a try to register with the information provided on the Senate list.

  16. y must we have masochist at d helm of our affairs? y must Nigerians in their stupidity and foolishness frustrate people? who is the bingo that initiated this online registration? he has carved a niche for a problem without solution or plan b… may God punish him…

  17. Saliu Oiza Faith

    Good evening sir,my name didn’t appear on d senate list,does dat mean I wont be going to service dis year?pls help me out.The suspense is killing me.

    1. If your name did not appear on the list, you need to contact students affair office in your school as soon as possible. Failure to have your name appear on the list, mean, you’re not going for the service year of this particular batch.

  18. osanyingbemi Taiwo Emmanuel

    pls sir my name is approved on the senate admission pasted in the sch to be mobilised for batch A this year. Trying to verify it on the the Nysc portal page is telling me contact not found.what do I do.

  19. Please is it true NYSC will give us (those that their names were misspelled on senate list) a form for the correction of names at d camp ?

  20. PLC sir this problem is making restless.my school senate published my name for nysc and my date of birth is quit different from jamb uploaded date but I have registered and collected my call up no will it have any effect in camp.

  21. Good evening Sir,I was remobilized by my school,I saw my name and matric on d senate list online and there was d’ matric no in use’ wclause with it.When I tryed registering d details could not be found dats I should make sure d my school information to NYSC is correct

  22. good afternoon sir,am through with my registration,but after printing out my green slip ,i saw dat theres a mistake on my state of origin …how do i rectify it

  23. Good afternoon Sir, there is an error with the recorded I was uploaded from school,the school uploaded my result with Upper credit while it is Lower credit that’s on my result and also changed the year I started my school,instead of 2013 dey wrote 2010,and I went back to the school for complain but they say this will not cause any problem at the camp.Are they right sir?

  24. Famuyiwa Oluwatoyin

    Evening sir, I was admitted in the year 2010 and finshed 2015 but on my green card which I printed, the year i started the program is not on it but the year just the year I finished was notified on it like it was. year ” to 2015 instead of. 2010 – 2015. Pls sir how do I go about it

    1. There is error somewhere.
      It is probably your error or someone else that fill it the form online.

      You know computer stuff, if you don’t check what you put in very well before submission, it will bring out garbage for you.

  25. Pls i need urgent help. Few days ago my name came out on NYSC error list and i went to my school to correct it.. But names have been uploaded and i can’t find mine..this is what i saw “no records.. Contact ur institution

  26. mustafa muhammed hadji

    please sir, my problem is that my last name was misspelled, I complained to the student affair before our data was uploaded. the mistake was still there after my data was uploaded, what do I do please

  27. There is a mistake in my date of birth when i tried to register my NYSC, and i used NECO as i didn’t sit WAEC. How will i correct it online?

  28. Somebody helped fill in the jamb form then and he mistakenly filled in 1982 instead of 1988, and only have NECO as i didn’t sit WAEC. And i’m almost through wth my NYSC registration remaining date age stuff. Can WAEC verification card solve it?

  29. Good day sir.
    my own issue is concerning Date of Birth… The DOB i used in school and the one i used to check my name on Nysc senate approved list online is 10/09/1994.
    But during the process of my registration, the one they put there automatically is 07/09/1994. and i have registered successful…
    hope it won’t affect me?

  30. pls sir,d name i used in school did not tarry with dat of jamb,and my name appeared for senate approved error list.hw wil i resolve d issue?

  31. Chukwu Glory Chinenye

    sir, I really appreciate your good works in assisting us rectify our registration errors. I would want you to help me in the area of my course of study it was written building technology instead of electrical/electronics. secondly I started school in 2011 and d year of graduation entered for me is 2014. I need your help as regards to this. my mat.no is Ebsu/2011/58579

    1. Chinenye, I’m not working with NYSC, I only provide information base on what I know and my experience with NYSC online registration.
      YOu need to just use their contact to get in contact with them and explain things.

      The student affairs in your school too, should be aware of it and ensure, you meet them every now and then.
      They are in the best position to properly guide you on this issue.

  32. My name is wrongly spelt on the senate list, wat can i do to rectify the problem? hv senate mails to the nysc portal n it has not being resolved, how do i correct it????

    1. YOu’ve just to wait for them and at the same time, continue to get your issue across to them.
      If nothing is done, you can still get it all corrected when you get to the NYSC Program proper before you pass out.

  33. gud a.m admin…. pls i’d like to find out how to know if a date of birth correction has been made by nysc…and how long can it take for the error to be changed so one can go about other things…after having duly applied as they demanded…. Thank you…

  34. Good evening Sir / madam … Am a prospective corp member batch B..I graduated from pharmacy ..During my registration I made a mistake in my degree ..now its showing Bsc instead of B.pharm. Through I filled pharmacy as the course of study … Am scared it will affect my PPA .. Supposedly I should serve in the hospital …plz help …can I correct it ? Thanks ..Sylvia Akpoh

  35. Gud morning, pls I saw my name on the senate approved list and went for my registration only for me to see exemption certificate on the dashboard. am not above 30 and I attended full time school. I want to go for service. pls help

  36. good morning sir,pls my question is that,i am married,so i made a marriage certificate and my name changed automatically from my fathers name as my surname to my husbands name,so sir is my certificate going to be given with my husbands name or my real name that was registered on the senate list….?

  37. Gloria Elewa
    Gud morning, pls I saw my name on the senate approved list and went for my registration only for me to see exemption certificate on the dashboard. am not above 30 and I attended full time school. I want to go for service. pls help

  38. Nwudele uchechukwu

    My department was wrongly uploaded: social studies department in education faculty instead of medicine and surgery department.
    Please help

  39. Pls i graduate in 2012 when i was 27year and my name came out for service this year that am 31years. I have done my online registration and have collected my green slip. Pls will my recent age affect me in camp even though i have my green slip and call up number

    1. It can go either way.

      Just pray it goes the way you want it.

      But if you have successfully registered and you’re not being exempted from the service year, then you’re good to go.

  40. Please why is NYSC including my name in JAMB reg no. does not exist list, whereas is the same no. I used to print my admission letter and checked my admission status severally? Please help me next week registration will start!

  41. pls sir I HV a problem n I seriously need ur help, they used my name as my surname and my surname as my name. please sir what can be done abt it?

  42. sodiq lateef olawale

    sir. my name was uploaded on the Senate list and I confirmed it but my registration was not going through .it was saying No details found. ensure your school provide correct details. why is this happen even after I have confirmed my name on the Senate list. pls what can I do

  43. Nwogbo Emmanuel ifeanyi

    Good day sir, please in my green card slip the details I fill in the space for Next of. Kin/ contract in case of emergency, educational qualification and kits specification are not showing in my green card, please What do I do and hope I’d not a problem or a problem in camp

  44. Pls sir, I made a mistake during my jamb registration
    instead of me writing 08-16-1995 as my date of birth I
    wrote 08-15-1995. pls I just want to knw if it will affect
    me during the exam,post utme and admission process

  45. Ikwunga Godswill ichechukwu

    Please sir .i have been trying to fill in the states I intend going to but they are telling me that all the states are died up. But others are doing and it’s successful I just want to know what the problem is sir

  46. Mbata Sandra onyedikachi

    Good sir, i am a foreign student, there was an error during my online registration, instead of full time student, the person registering chose part time. And as a result of this my dash board is saying my exclusion certificate is been processed, and i want to serve. Please what do i do?

  47. Hello sir, I am almost through with my registration, but am having issues with the four states, it’s shoeing no available slots, sit please how do I rectify this?

  48. olanrewaju samson

    Am having problem concerning the selection of 4 states since last week….. Pls kindlg help asap b4 d closure of registration…. Thanks.

  49. Akingohungbeoyinda

    Pls.my year of birth is 1987 but I saw 1992 during registration then my dashboard did not show where to change it

  50. babatunde oluwakemi

    Gudmorining my date of birth on waec is 1985 while my birth carficate is 1989 when I wanted to registration I saw d date of birth on waec on my profile I have to stop d registration I have make my on line payment hope it wi nt affect me if I did nt do the registration again

  51. Good day sir,pls need your advice sir…I graduated with upper credit and when I am about to register on nysc portal it’s showing lower class..I don’t know what to do sir..should I go ahead with the registration or should I wait for nysc to make a correction before I proceed.registration closes 12th nov..I am on exemption…thx

  52. pls sir my course is intl rel bt it is showing me library and info…i ave tried to correct it all to no avail….pls wat do I do

  53. babatunde oluwakemi

    Pls am having problem wit my waec result.during my nysc registration it is d day of birth on my waec dat I saw on my nysc profile pls wat can I do

  54. Mr. Anthony……i have issues with my name. My first name and middle name are totally different. My first name was divided into two and the other half make-up for my middle name. The original middle name is omitted. I am done with my registration and also place a request for the correction of name. My first name is fully rectified but the middle is yet to be. I already relay a complain at school but noting is done. I just want to know if i will be permitted into camp premises with the deficiency.

    1. dickson olabisi

      My name is DICKSON OLABISI JANET a business administration from Tai Solarin University of education, am being mobilized for NYSC bach B. but the complaint i have is that i want the school of change my matric no from 20149410072 to 20109410072 to avoid trouble in my NYSC certificate. thanks.

  55. Rowland onyinyechi ada

    Pls am a foreign graduate, I registered last week Fri but its still showing dat am evaluated. I got a message to reupload my French copy of my certificate on Tue and have done dat but still I have not been evaluated. Pls help me out wit it. Thanks

  56. owoeye temitope samuel

    Good morning sir..my name is owoeye temitope samuel,a student of ogun state institute of technology igbesa.computer science department..sir i have my name is on the senate list and i have registered but am unable to select state,make payment through online and am unable to print my green card also…my dashboard is showing me no available state slot sir……and registration will close this Saturday sir and have done the registration since last week thursday…please sir what can i do

  57. Urama Assumpta Chinenye

    Good Afternoon Sir, please help me, the school sent a wrong Jamb reg no to Nysc, now I can’t register because it keep saying no details found. please how do I rectify this?

  58. Adebisi oluwatomi

    Are we married PCM to pick any four state for deployment again. Cos i was ask to do so on my dashboard even after uploading all required marriage evidence

  59. Please, the year I started school wasn’t written on my green card, but the year I graduated was written…. Please will it affect me in camp?

  60. Please i have difficulty in submitting my online application. everytime i click on submit, it says log out and sign in again. Ive tried so many time but the problem still occur. i need your help please

  61. good day sir,the
    same jamb number i used in checking and printing my jamb admission letter is the same jamb number that does not exist why

  62. The detail concerning my class of degree was wrongly uploaded by my school to NYSC. I wrote a complaint on the complaint box and it was sucessfully sent but correction has not been made. The aggravating thing is that the students affairs officer says he not seen any mail of complaints. Please what must I do?

  63. Ukiomogbe Alaba Benjamin

    good day sir/ma, my Name is Ukiomogbe Alaba Benjamin, I graduated last year (2018) from Ambrose Ali University, my data was uploaded on Nysc Senate list but it’s showing not yet matriculated that I can’t register, please sir what’s the cause and how can I solve it.
    this is my number 08109524242

  64. Good day sir, I have issues with my jamb registration number, I have contacted my school and I was told that if the portal gets reopened to the school for correction, it will be effected but if not, I’ll have to wait for another batch. I wanted to know if I could get help rectifying it without going through my school?

  65. Good evening sir, my name showed on the senate list for batch B and it showed not matriculated and cannot register, i was told to print my result which i did, and my name was added to jamb matriculation list but when my name was released for batch C, it is till showing same thing, sir what can i do.

  66. Pls i checked my name on the Senate list and it appeared with correct information, but the status shows ” has not been matriculated ” but my name is on jamb matriculation list

  67. I was mobilize but when I went for nysc registration I saw has not been matriculated and can’t register, please I need your advice

  68. good day ma/sir i ve done the registration successful but my state of deployment not valid and is left with fewer days for the closure of this stream II

  69. Good evening admin, please the name on my jamb is Ogunkoya Samson Ademola but in school its Samson Ademola Ogunkoya, I graduated this month, please what are my chances of going for nysc.
    Thanks in anticipation..

    1. Ogunkoya is your surname if I’m right.

      If so, there shouldn’t be any problem if you properly filled Ogunkoya where surname is expected to be filled.

  70. Adejorin Kayode

    sir, please i need ur help i was doing my registration online but i was told that (Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment) is there no
    ongoing registration again?

  71. Walters Opelia

    Good morning Sir, I need your help, my matric number was changed in my final year, but during registration I filled the old one instead of the new matric number contained in my certificate. Please Sir, how do I go about it to make the corrections?

  72. Adekunle Rabiu

    Good day sir, I have an issue with my jamb number. My school mistakenly uploaded my course mate’s jamb for me. Will I be allowed to change it at orientation camb, although I have complained at my institution. Pls I need your help!!!

  73. Adeleye taofeekat 6

    My complain is that am 2021 PCM ..I have a week to register,my name is on the Senate list buh my surname is written wrongly.. Am Adeleye but they spelt adegoke, what do I do… Please help me

    1. Go to student affairs in your school to sort this out as soon as possible.

      They will be able to guide you on what to do.


  74. My name is on the Senate list, but am having this issue : you have not yet been mobilize because valid details were not sent from your institution . However, your institution has been notified. If rectified you are likely to be in.

    1. Go to your school students affair and notify them, revisit again as reminder, someone might forget to do the needful.

  75. My name is on the Senate list but am having issue that my jamb registration nb is used by another person contact your sch used by noon.

  76. Onyezie precious

    Type here.. My name is Onyezie precious Chidinma, but my jamb bears Onyezie princess Chidinma and in senate list it shows I can’t register, what should I do ?

  77. Am unable to register online it keeps saying ” Account not created. you may have created account with this email or the GSM No. has been used. login instead or use another valid email address ” have used three different emails still the same , I used all my mums MTN number, my sis own and even my brother own still the same and am a foreign graduate, please what should I do?

  78. Pls someone needs help concerning this jamb stuff…she got different reg no on her result slip n on her admission letter…
    She got admission letter from jamb but she didn’t check her status on d matriculation list, so she went to do regularization using the reg no on her result slip after d regularization she later found out by checking on the reg no on d admission letter that she was ask to print her jamb admission letter so that her name could be on d matric list n she did it in which her name has enter d matric list n she has been congratulated n she did submitted the admission to school n has mobilized using the reg no on her admission letter but now jamb have approved the one she regularized with n she mistakenly press reset for new payment on her dashboard without payment will she have any problem

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