NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines

NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines

Due to the huge problem facing the NYSC  senate approve list during online registration for prospective corps member.

The National Youth Service Corps Management has decided to provide direct communication through the four national GSM operators in the country (MTN, Etisalat, Artel & Glo).

The short coming of this approach is just that, calls are not allow. This mean you can’t call any of the 10 lines provided to resolve any issues concerning the online registration you may encounter in the process of registry yourself for the National Orientation Program.

You are only allowed to use TEXT MESSAGES for communication with the 10 lines provided for this purpose.

If you flash or call the numbers, you might not be able to contact them again for a response.

I will strongly advise you to restrict yourself to the text messages only. There are ten lines, if one does not respond, you can send to another number. You can even send to more than one number at a time, but do it politely no matter how much annoyance you develop during the process.

You’re the one looking for a solution and it is important you learn to control your emotional about it.

Below the screenshot for the 10 numbers provided for the complain about the NYSC online registration

NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines

Wishing a quickly resolve about any of the challenges encounter during the registration process.

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112 thoughts on “NYSC Online Registration Error Complains Hotlines”

  1. Adeleye taofeekat 6

    My complain is that am 2021 PCM ..I have a week to register,my name is on the Senate list buh my surname is written wrongly.. Am Adeleye but they spelt adegoke, what do I do… Please help me

    1. Go to student affairs in your school to sort this out as soon as possible.

      They will be able to guide you on what to do.


  2. My name is on the Senate list, but am having this issue : you have not yet been mobilize because valid details were not sent from your institution . However, your institution has been notified. If rectified you are likely to be in.

    1. Go to your school students affair and notify them, revisit again as reminder, someone might forget to do the needful.

  3. My name is on the Senate list but am having issue that my jamb registration nb is used by another person contact your sch used by noon.

  4. Onyezie precious

    Type here.. My name is Onyezie precious Chidinma, but my jamb bears Onyezie princess Chidinma and in senate list it shows I can’t register, what should I do ?

  5. Am unable to register online it keeps saying ” Account not created. you may have created account with this email or the GSM No. has been used. login instead or use another valid email address ” have used three different emails still the same , I used all my mums MTN number, my sis own and even my brother own still the same and am a foreign graduate, please what should I do?

  6. Pls someone needs help concerning this jamb stuff…she got different reg no on her result slip n on her admission letter…
    She got admission letter from jamb but she didn’t check her status on d matriculation list, so she went to do regularization using the reg no on her result slip after d regularization she later found out by checking on the reg no on d admission letter that she was ask to print her jamb admission letter so that her name could be on d matric list n she did it in which her name has enter d matric list n she has been congratulated n she did submitted the admission to school n has mobilized using the reg no on her admission letter but now jamb have approved the one she regularized with n she mistakenly press reset for new payment on her dashboard without payment will she have any problem

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