NYSC 2015 Batch A Tertiary Institution Senate Approve List Confirmation

NYSC 2015 Batch  Tertiary Institution Senate Approve List Confirmation

2015 NYSC Batch  online registration period is here and you’ll need to confirm if your name has been approved by your tertiary institution’s senate. If your name has been approved, you will be able to go ahead and do your online registration for NYSC Batch A 2015. If your name has not been approved, then you don’t need to go ahead for the online registration.

If you have any complain or error encounter during the registration, please go here to learn how to resolve your issues.


How to register online for NYSC Batch 2015

To check your name in the Senate Approved List before proceeding to Online Registration.

Go to; http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/VerifySenateLists  or CLICK HERE

Select your Institution’s name

Type your Matriculation Number in the next box

Type your Surname in the next box

Then, select your date of birth in the last box, first select the day, month and the year

Finally click search and wait for your name to be displayed as being approved by your tertiary institution’s senate.

See the Image of how the page will look like and where to put your information before clicking on search for your information.

NYSC 2015 Batch A Tertiary Institution Senate Approve List Confirmation

If you find your name, good luck, you can then proceed for the online registration for the orientation exercise. If your name is missing, it means your tertiary institution’s senate has not approved your name for submission.

300 thoughts on “NYSC 2015 Batch A Tertiary Institution Senate Approve List Confirmation”

  1. Why was my school senate list not uploaded
    with date of birth. You can just check without
    chosen correct date of birth in as much as the
    matric no and surname are correct. I checked
    for several students without inputting their
    correct date of birth

  2. Adebanjo oluwabunmi

    Am having a problem with my jamb, it says no admission offers yet, and hav pay 4 another jamb number in my sch bt is nt yet out, pls can I registered lik dat bcos d registration start by Monday. Pls reply

    1. I don’t understand your question.
      We are talking of NYSC here and you’re talking of paying for another Jamb number.

      I’m not getting something clear, maybe you can make it more clearer.

  3. Good morning sir, last week I saw my name on the nysc senate list portal(online) and now it says no record found. please I am confused about the sudden disappearance, what do I do?

  4. Good afternoon sir, last week
    I saw my name on the nysc
    senate list portal( online ) and
    now it says no record found .
    please I am confused about
    the sudden disappearance,
    what do I do ?

  5. kudos to a great job done here bro.
    i’m done wit my registration and my date of birth is 1992 as used althroug in school bt the date of birth on the print out is 1991 as mistakenly reg for jamb.
    pls is there any problem dat and wat can i do?

    1. If it’s not giving you any problem when you’re doing the registration, I don’t you’re going to have any issue with it.

  6. I ve a wrong date of birth on my jamb and i couldn’t complete my online registration. They sent an sms saying my exemption certificate is being processed and today I received a call up number. Pls what do I do?

    1. Are you sure what you called call up letter is not the exception certificate?

      The call up number you receive, is likely to be a mistake, but anything is also possible.

  7. Good afternoon sir

    I’m having a different call up number the first one that was printed out was different from the one I received via text msg

  8. I am yet to receive the SMS people have been receiving with respect to new call up number..though I printed my call up letter on Tuesday with a call up number

  9. Aligo regina uchenna

    Pls my name is on the Senate list for 2016 batch A but beside my matric number us written : matric number in use. and iv tried registration with d new jamb reg no my sch gave me yet it’s rejecting my registration pls Wat shld I do? iv gone to my sch to complain De said I shld try it again wch iv bn doing.

  10. muhammad Ahmad Ibrahim

    hello sir my problem is dt my name and is appear in the senete aproval list but thya said dt the matric Number has been use by somebody plx haw am i going to do

  11. Hello sir. I registered nysc successfully, but didn’t notice that my middle name was slightly misspelt (one letter was missing). Next week is already mobilization for 2016 batch A stream 1, though I’m in stream 2. I’ve applied for name correction three times this week, but it has not been corrected. Is it too late?

    1. You don’t need to worry too much, since you’ve already applied for the correction of name. If you can’t get it corrected before the camp, you will get it corrected at the camp or after the camp before you pass out.

  12. Hello sir,my name has been on d senate list since last year but I have problem with my olevel result which I was not ablel to go to d services. But my surprise is that any time I check the Senate list my name always appear .can I go ahead with my registration wen d time come this year

  13. Hello sir, please I need ur help, there was mis_arrangement in my name when I print my call up letter.
    my is OWOYEMI ABOSEDE BUKOLA but was written as OWOYEMI BUKOLA ABOSEDE. Please sir, hope dis mistake will not affect me.

  14. sir, i saw my name on the senate list after which i proceed to do registration and payed the money required. i later discovered that my surname was wrongly spelt, what can i do so that i will not be sent back from the camp ground

  15. Sir i tried to log into my dashboard inorder to print out my callup letter but its saying invalid email or passcode pls what should i do

  16. pls I want to know if I will hv any problem during mobilization coz of my different name with my school and jamb.. the name I used in jamb is uchechukwuamaka which is my birth name while the name I use in sch is chiamaka but my sch used uchechukwuamaka to mobilize me for nysc..my surname and first name re correct.. I hope dis will not affect me..

  17. good pm Sir. pls my student affairs officer just submitted our letter for correction of date of birth, though Waec and jamb uploaded a different date of birth entirely, which are above 30. but I did jamb regularisation and corrected my data and a new registration number was sent to me.. pls will nysc approve it and how long will they take.. and how will I know .

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