Names Affect Your child’s Behavior, Choose Right

Names Affect Your child’s Behavior, Choose Right

A name is a word used to identify a person or thing. Humans love to label and identify things, animals and people that they own with names, so they can differentiate them from those belonging to others. By so doing, they can associate with them.

Names Affect Your Child's Behavior, Choose Right
Names Affect Your Child’s Behavior, Choose Right

Before a couple welcomes their new baby, they often have to think of various names they would most likely call the baby when born. Parents often think of male names and females names they want to identify their baby with because they have no idea of the sex of the baby.

Although some parents would prefer to know the sex of their baby before birth by the use of an Ultrasound. A high frequency sound waves, which shows images of a baby while it is still in the mother’s womb. It has been confirmed to be effective and accurate in predicting the baby’s sex.

Nevertheless, I think it is better to keep up with the suspense until the baby is born, that way, you will appreciate the surprise.

The names you call your baby means a lot. Researchers have found out that the success of a person has a lot to do with their names. Names affect the behaviors of a person and how successful they become in future. I think people are not fully in control of their own behaviors 100% of the time.

In the Bible, people of those days attached so much meaning to their names. Most of them were named according to the event that led to their birth. Most were named by the names God wanted them to be called because of what God wanted to use them to achieve.

In truth I found that their lives always portray those names they bear. For instance, Hannah named her son Samuel because she said: “I asked the Lord for him” God renamed Abram to Abraham, meaning “Father of multitude”, because God had made him the father of many nations.

Also, God told Mary she will bear a son who will be named Jesus Christ, meaning The savior of the world” because He was sent to save the world from sin. people called Laurels and Lawrence are more likely to become lawyers. people named  Dennis or Denis are more likely to become dentists. This goes to show that the names people bear affects their lives in the future.

Points to consider when Choosing Your Baby’s Names

Therefore, if you as a parent desiring a name for your child, there is need to be very careful about it so that you choose names according to what you want your child to become in future. Consider the following points when choosing your baby’s name.

  1. Is the name easy to spell and pronounce? Most researchers have discovered that those whose names are very easy to pronounce will be favored by many people. For instance, Jane which is can easy to pronounce will be easier to remember than a name like McConaughey.
  2. Is the name common? Researchers from Marquette University have confirmed from their research that people with common names have an advantage of being employed in an organisation. This is because common names are easy to remember.
  3. Is the name an uncommon name? Researchers at Shippensburg University also determined a correlation between people with uncommon names and delinquent behaviors. They are of the opinion that because their names are uncommon, their peers tend to mock them and treat them differently, which makes them develop some negative social image of themselves.
  4. Is the name a white sounding name or a black sounding name. A research has also proven that people with white sounding names like Laurel or Graham, have 50% chances of getting a call back than people with black or African names. People would most often be so inquisitive to find out who they are.
  5. Does the name sound royal? If your name sound noble and royal, the child will associate himself with the name and and act on becoming likewise.
  6. Is it a gender-neutral name? Females with gender neutral names have a high tendency to be successful in careers dominated by the male folk. names like Morgan, Jamie or Taylor. Also, males with females names tend to have disrupted behavioral patterns.
  7. What is the portfolio of people you want to name your child after? You may decide to name your child after one of your relatives or friends. How is the person’s character, is he likable. Does he have a good reputation? If the person you choose to name your child after does not have a good reputation, your child may be tagged after that person and may copy the behavior of such a person.

Although names affect a child’ future, nevertheless, if you discover that the name you gave your child is affecting his/her performance in life, you may need to help him correct such behavior and change his name. Paul’s name was changed from Saul to meaning ‘humble’ because God humbled and made him his disciple while he was proud and persecuting the Christians.

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