Nails and eye shadow make up tricks to make you more glamorous!

These nails and eye shadow makeup tricks will help you to constantly look great, You can walk around your regular day to day makeup routine and stay on top of the game. It is also great to maintain your health.  Yes, while you should be concern about your look and beauty, you need to be much more concerned about your health. These eye shadow makeup tricks make you to look good during the day while at the same time being much more aware and conscious of your need to remain healthy.

eye shadow make up tricks
eye shadow makeup tricks

 Makeup  tricks: Always maintain short nails

Keeping long almond-shaped nails appears glamorous. The problem you’d have with them is that they are great at trapping dirt inside.

This means you could be harboring dangerous germs. The best thing you should do to yourself is to keep your nails trimmed. This will help you avoid needless filth which could get into your system and wreck havoc to your health.

Work around the chipped part of your nails

Although these make up tricks are a bit odd; they are, however, helpful. When you notice that part of your nails are chipped by nail polish, take the acetone and don’t yet make use of any elbow grease.

Soak a cotton ball into a small bit of nail remover and then slightly swipe it from the base of the nail toward the tip. The remover will spread the color and conceal while you are out and about. As soon as you return back home, you can completely remove the entire nail polish.

Whenever you are not sure of the color to use as eye shadow makeup tricks, paint a clear coat

If you haven’t got enough time to apply an actual color to your nails, you can simply go for a clear polish color. Although, you may not yet recognize this eye shadow makeup tricks, the benefits of making use of this form of nail polish cannot be over estimated.

Anytime, you’re in a pinch, you can only wear the top coat of your nail polish to give your nails a bit of shine. A good example of top coat hair polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Flash, which prevents hair breakage and makes your nails stronger at the same time.

Make a small alteration to your everyday routine

For a bit of change from the usual smoky eyes and flicked liner, consider the old eye liner basics. For the basic eye shadow makeup tricks, consider the traditional way you’d apply eye shadow. You’d likely close your eyes and pull the skin taut before applying the eye shadow. You need to give up that method of applying

You’d likely close your eyes and pull the skin taut before applying the eye shadow. You need to give up that method of applying eye shadow and try this method that has been proven to result to a bigger and a more defined eye look.

Materials you would require

A taupe or light-brown eye shadow and a fluffy looking eye shadow brush

What you are required to do: Eye Shadow makeup tricks

You need to really apply shadow with your eyes open or partly opened, to be more specific. To begin with, look down into a mirror and discover where your eyelid crease is. After this make use of a fluffy, dome-tipped brush, and daub a light dusting of eye shadow exactly upon your crease. While doing this, ensure you blend the edges up and out in order to make the color softens gradually as it gets closer to your brow bone.

Why this eye shadow makeup tricks  is highly effective

Keeping your eyes open ensures you see exactly precisely where you’re applying the shadow and ensures that you don’t put too much of it. To get a wider and broader eye look at day time, lesser eye shadow is required. But, for a sultrier nighttime wear of course, feel free to apply more eye liner and mascara.

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