How Do I Make My Backyard Wedding Elegant?

Saying ‘I Do’ at the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the most special people in you and your partner’s lives is probably a choice many women now consider than having a grandiose ceremony.

Backyard Wedding Elegant

Whether it’s an issue of budget or intimacy or both, having a backyard wedding does not make your wedding any less unique.

Most women would rather spend money on acquiring assets and investments than spending their hard-earned money.

If you have decided to go for an intimate backyard wedding, read on to know how you can make your backyard wedding elegant without breaking the bank from a rustic feel to an elegantly tented venue like no other.

Do more with greens

Use the natural greenery to your advantage for a luxe elegant vibe. Create a foliage of different leaves and flowers and use them as decors. Add more elements like twigs, ropes, ribbons and chairs to achieve a tropical lush vibe all over the place.

Create a lounge area

A lounge area with casual wicker accents, flowy curtains and plush pillows sends a welcoming vibe to your guests, and it can easily be achieved by moving your indoor furniture outside or purchasing for future use as well.

Instagrammable Entrance

Guests would be surprised how you have transformed your backyard to a wedding venue with wooden accents like a vintage wine barrel and a bucket of flowers from the garden to achieve that rustic feel.

String Lights

String lights are your best friend! They can easily make the venue look luxurious with very little or no cost at all. Adding a few overhead bistro lights or wrapping them around the beams of a tent can illuminate the venue and not lose its laid-back vibe.

Choose your colour palette

The classy and elegant vibe can be achieved by choosing your colour palette wisely. Focus on earth tones like whites, greens, greys, navy, yellow, and brown when choosing decors, dresses, flowers, and provide your guests with the suggested palettes for their attire.

Aisle Runners

Whether these are candles, flowers, or DIY decors, aisle runners would highlight the bride’s walk down the aisle. Vintage lamps with garden flowers, a carpet full of petals, or trees accentuated with flowy fabric and flowers will surely add elegance to your backyard wedding.

Ceremony Backdrop

Of course, a backyard wedding wouldn’t be complete without a floral backdrop. Choose a subtle but elegant backdrop. A wooden structure with delicate drapes and potted flowers, or a lovely and flowy drape adorned with hanging flowers and string lights would make a great backdrop.


A backyard wedding needs something that reminds the guests of their own home, and a wooden swing is a perfect nostalgic piece. Swath the swing with a greenery drape to add a rustic vibe and where guests could relax and take photos.


These super inexpensive details will surely add to the backyard vibe and still give elegance to your wedding. Use chalkboards to write the menu, or as escort cards to the guests.

Have a drink station

A drink station with all the refreshing summer drinks like lemonade, water with cucumber and mint, iced tea, and pina colada served in clear containers will not only add colour to the venue but will also allow guests to get refreshed.


If you are throwing a bonfire at the end of the night, then it wouldn’t be complete without having s’ mores! Display the marshmallow, cracker, and chocolate chips on a wooden table or a barrel for an added rustic vibe.

Decorate your trees

Wrap them up with ribbons or delicate fabrics. Add lanterns and other lighting fixtures to give off a soft glow to the venue, or hang photos of the couple to accentuate the natural décor.


Make your dining table stand out by running green garlands on the centrepiece, or by putting potted plants and flowers, or a vintage teapot with flowers.

Cocktails and Beers

No backyard wedding is ever complete without bringing out the bar for cocktails and beers. Put them in barrels or crates filled with ice or stack them up un wooden pallets.

Set-up Banquet Tables

An intimate wedding with very close family and friends calls for long banquet tables that encourage closeness and gives a sense of belongingness to the guests.

Serve fresh!

There’s nothing more comforting than eating in your own home, right? Make your guests feel like they’re at home by serving fresh fruits or salads as appetizers to complement the alfresco celebration.

Spruce up your lawn

It’s time that you do landscape design in your lawn or garden. Plant flowers, fertilize the lawn, remove unnecessary plants, or re-pot them to have a neatly kept venue.

Hand-tied bouquets

Whatever grows in your garden can be made into a bouquet, just put everything together and tie it with burlap or twine and add a garland of green.

A great wedding entertainment coordinator

The life of the party that will make sure everything will go as planned. Remove the burden from your bridesmaid or the groomsman and let the coordinator jazz up your wedding program.

Live Music

Whether it’s a band, a string quartet, a jazz band, or a solo artist, nothing beats the experience of having live music that adds elegance and sophistication to the event. Let Evengo arrange this for you!

Have a back-up plan

In case there’s rain, create a Plan B, C, or D. You may consider having the program in a tent with greenery drapes and string lighting on the ceiling to achieve the elegant rustic vibe still, or have a closed canopy filled with natural decors inside.

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