Music Therapy For Babies: Sound With A Soul

 Music Therapy for Babies: Sound With a Soul 

Lilly Deane says one of the greatest miracles that could ever happen to a woman is motherhood. She tries to help other women make right choices, sharing some useful information at Madfun and in blogs like this one. In this article, she will be talking about music therapy.

music therapy for baby

There are many things in this world that you can’t but with money. One of these is health. Just ask a mom what they are willing to give up to see their babies grow into healthy adults. They would eat healthy foods, perform recommended exercise routines, and go visit their doctors on scheduled dates. But the sad fact is, wishing for it alone will not always give you the desired benefits.

Premature babies are born every single day where incubation is needed to sustain their life. In the recent years, music therapy has been put into focus for its ability to improve the health of premature babies.

What is Music Therapy

As its name implies, music therapy is where a patient is subjected to music for healing purposes. How is this possible? Your brain, the organ that controls all your bodily functions, can easily be put into a different state, depending on the music being played. Play a song with a faster beat and you will notice how your thinking becomes sharper and more alert. Its opposite, a slow long on the other hand, will make you calmer, similar when you are meditating.

Music therapy is given by a professional called music therapist. Aside from background in its practical application, music therapists have also undergone studies that include different ways to use music to influence the psychological state of mind of a person. Therapy sessions can be conducted either individually or in a group, both with the baby and the parent.

How is this Beneficial for Babies?

music therapy for baby

As mentioned earlier, this has shown remarkable results in treating premature babies. But this is not the only benefit of music therapy. Just as premature babies were responding well – with their vital signs, feeding and sleeping cycle improved- mothers too benefitted, where their stress levels were put to rest after spending some time singing lullabies to their babies.

But even healthy babies can also benefit from music therapy. Hearing music can help babies develop sensory, physical and cognitive skills. With the time spent together with either parent, babies can also learn to communicate with them when they play songs together, strengthening their bond.

What is the Best Type of Music

music therapy for baby

Music is considered an infinite art. You will often read that classical music is the best choice for developing babies. But if you are a mom who just gave birth to a baby in 2014, you might have some deeper connection with Beyoncé, Katy Perry or Rihanna songs than Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

If you want music therapy to work, you as the parent should also be happy with the ones being played during your sessions. You can work out an arrangement with your therapist and mention that ones that both you and your baby would be able to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Music has the power to make you dance. It can make you sing. It makes connections. It unites people together for a cause. It can change your mind. And, it can dig deeper into your soul. If one can tell who a person is by the way he dresses or speaks, people’s music preferences may also be able to tell you what’s in their hearts. It knows no age, no limit and is available for those who are in need of healing, young or old.

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