Moving with Toddlers During Covid-19: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

The move is already stressful enough, especially for children, and it’s even harder when it’s a long-distance trip across the country. By taking service from you can move without any difficulty.

In fact, moving with kids in tow is one of the most difficult types of moves you’ll ever undertake, especially when that move involves a long-distance trek across the country.

Moving with Toddlers During Covid

Now, try to pull that off in the middle of a global health pandemic and it becomes a whole different conundrum.

Good thing, at the time of publishing, the worst seems to be behind us. Things are slowly returning to “normal” (if we can call it that) following the vaccine roll-out earlier. However, that doesn’t mean we are totally out of the woods yet.

It still pays to observe the standard health safety measures we have now come to expect (and get accustomed to), more so if you or anyone you live with suffers from those underlying conditions that aggravate COVID-19 – high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc. Vaccinated or not.

Remember, children are yet to be vaccinated and in the event they contract the virus, they can still pass it on to you, although the chances of that are slim.

But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Getting tested for COVID-19 can help protect your family during such a tumultuous time, but it can be difficult to secure an appointment when you’re already juggling so many to-do’s. Fortunately, on-location COVID testing in Indiana can bring appointments directly to you. Plus, an in-home service doesn’t have age-based restrictions for tests, so everyone in your family can get tested at the same time.

That said, what are some things you need to keep in mind if you have an upcoming move on the cards?

Whether it’s long-distance or local moving, here are three tips you need to remember when relocating with toddlers in tow.

1. Opt for no-contact moving services

One of the biggest takeaways with regard to managing Covid-19 is to avoid contact as much as practically possible.

That in mind, the less contact you can keep with the outside world, the better if you have family. In the case of moving, this could be achieved in several ways.

For example, instead of having a representative from the moving company come to your home to assess the scope of the move, you can opt for a virtual estimate instead and get your quote through video.

You could also opt to forego moving services altogether and rent a moving truck. But the downside to this is while it’s cheaper, you need to have extra hands as you’ll be doing all the work yourself.

If that help is going to come from outsiders (anyone who doesn’t live in your household) you might as well opt for professional movers who have their own safety measures in place. Unless, of course, the goal is to keep your moving costs down.

2. Pack cleaning wipes

Pandemic or not, children will always be children and are going to touch everything.

Despite all the enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures you and/or your mover may be keen to observe, with toddlers you can never really be sure.

Moving house means you’ll be coming into contact with a lot of the outside environment. And even if you’re not, the house you’re moving into itself needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before you move in – unless you’re the first occupants. And even then…

For this reason, make sure to have plenty of cleaning wipes, preferably ones with disinfectant. These can be used to wipe hands, as well as other surfaces you may be coming into contact with on moving day.

3. Don’t forget the masks!

Yes, children need to wear masks too. In fact, the CDC urges children over the age of two years old to wear masks – whether it’s in school or on flights.

If you’re traveling in your own car, it doesn’t make sense to have the kids wear masks obviously.

If need be, however, there are many masks designed for children not just in terms of fit, but also interesting designs that are both comfortable and make it more fun for the kids.

Disney, Alex + Nova, and Joah Love are good places to start looking.

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