What to Consider When Moving In With Your Partner

Once you make it official, moving in together can be one of the biggest steps. Living together can be one of the ways you can figure out your commitment and get to see the potential of living together. Therefore it can be wise if you approach it in the required way.

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Imagine this situation; after moving in with your partner, months later, you separate. Breaking up with your partner can lead to severe mental disruption; if you have never experienced this, you can ask someone who has gone through it. Making a haste decision to move in is one of the reasons individuals end up in disagreement.

Moving in is a stage I have been through and coached many on how to go about it. Living together with your partner is something that I can recommend, but it should be after 1-3 years of dating. When you are ready to move in with your partner, you can have Interstate moving company help you ship your belongings. In this post, I discuss the steps and transitions to make before taking the plunge.

Get to Know Your Partner’s Relationship Goal

Many people have the wrong perception of moving in; they tend to think it is a forever situation and worst of all, they fail to ask their partners about the direction of the relationship.

Some people are not fond of thinking about the future; this makes the two of you different. Get to know if you will get married; if not, it will be wise to state where you are. Miscommunication can make you feel deceived; therefore, talk about the goals together before moving in.

Try to Stay Together Before Moving-in

Before you decide to move in, it will help if you do some trials and try and stay at your partner’s place occasionally. Try to spend a weekend together or go for midweek overnight dates. Head out for vacations together.

During this period, you will be able to have a clear picture of staying together. You will learn more about your partners’ habits and if things are headed in the right direction, you can move in together.

Discuss Your Fears

Some individuals fear living with their partners; they are scared of losing their freedom. Some fear the aftermath of the breakup. While having fears is a normal feeling, you need to discuss them and come up with an alternative solution and face your fears with courage.

Boundaries and Communication

In a situation where you live with someone you haven’t dated for long, you may be tempted to do things blindly. Some partners will not be okay with it; to avoid this by knowing their boundaries. Don’t be a partner who deals with assumptions. You can find that your partner may be an introvert, so before having your friends at your place, communicate your needs.


Moving in is a significant milestone for couples; it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating, there are some factors that you have to consider. Don’t get carried away by the temporary feeling of moving in, have everything done systematically.

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