The Most Alluring Wedding Trends In 2021

Planning a wedding can be pretty challenging, and as a result, many brides and grooms often overlook a few crucial wedding planning factors, as they tend to seem like no more than minor details. And among these overlooked planning elements include things like ordering the wedding bands early enough, thoroughly discussing the budget, and seating arrangements.

Most Alluring Wedding Trends

With that said, one of the more fun and exciting aspects of planning a wedding is choosing the theme. And there are so many exciting trends out there that picking the right one can feel a bit overwhelming at first.

Some trends are best for intimate backyard weddings, while others are more suitable for larger-scale wedding events. So, when it comes to deciding which wedding trends you want to incorporate into your wedding, you should consider factors such as your preferred wedding venue, your budget, the number of guests, and, of course, creating a wedding event that you will genuinely be everything you hope for.

When choosing a venue, you must consider the space each venue has to offer, customization options, features offered by the facility, and the location to suit you and your guests. Wedding venues in Utah offer a few appealing options, and the best way to settle on a venue is to consider the factors mentioned above.

With that said, once you have selected your venue and are sure of your guest list and your wedding budget, here are some of the most alluring wedding trends to emerge in 2021.

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings have likely become a prominent trend due to the specifics of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions that encourage us to avoid large social gatherings. However, despite the pandemic background, micro weddings are exceptionally appealing options.

Not only will you save substantially on wedding costs, as organizing a small wedding will surely be much cheaper, but you will also enjoy a far more intimate wedding. Planning a micro wedding is also a lot less challenging as you won’t have to consider many guests and struggle with seating arrangements that leave everyone satisfied with their seating.

Grey And Yellow Theme

A soft, light grey and a bold, vibrant yellow are all the rage right now in terms of the year’s most striking wedding color choices. These two shades go exceptionally well together, even though they are two independent colors.

Decorating your wedding venue with these tones will also be relatively straightforward, as you will only be using minor touches of yellow and a more significant amount of soft grey. Your touches of yellow can be located in flower arrangements and other little details that will make a memorable impact on the overall look of the wedding setting.

Bold Brides

Another incredible trend that is taking over in 2021 is bold bridal styles. Instead of sticking to relatively ordinary and expected bridalwear, brides are making statements in elegant white pants suits, vibrant pink dresses, and various other styles that entirely throw out the rule book.

However, if you opt for this trend, you must plan your decor carefully to ensure that your bold bridal wear takes center stage. It is, therefore, best to minimize your decor when going for a bold bridal style.

DIY Decor

The DIY decor is not just for the house or a great way to pass the time for crafty people. This year, DIY wedding decor is a massive trend. And the best part of doing it yourself is that you will save a small fortune when opting for this trend.

Your DIY wedding decor craft projects can include flower arrangements, table centerpieces, invitations, and several others for a wedding. If you aren’t entirely sure where to get started, you should do some homework and uncover tutorials for each DIY project you will create. There are tons of unique DIY ideas out there, and most are relatively straightforward.

Romantic And Intimate Garden Weddings

Romantic garden weddings have been a prominent trend for several years, and it’s improbable this trend will fall away any time soon. The appeal of a garden wedding is due to the overall comfortability of the setting, the budget-friendly factors, and the general intimacy of the event.

Planning a garden wedding is also relatively simple. However, you will need to consider the season, define the space well, and prepare for unpredictable weather. And you can save even more by incorporating the trend of DIY wedding decor if your budget is pretty tight. However, if your budget allows, you can also create a lavish garden wedding, as the theme options are generally endless.

Colorful Wedding Palettes

In the past, traditional weddings were pretty plain, even though they were generally luxurious and elegant. These weddings encourage using a relatively small color palette, using no more than three color tones preferably.

However, 2021 has seen some pretty bold and colorful wedding events, where the color palette for the event incorporated numerous different tones. This trend is suitable for vibrant and fun wedding settings. And not entirely ideal for traditional wedding settings.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are trending in interior design for homes, baby showers, and virtually every other type of special event out there. And weddings are not left out of the magical trend. 2021 has seen numerous weddings showcase elegant yet playful fairy lights in the decor.

You can also merge the use of fairy lights with other trends. So, whether you’re planning a garden wedding or you have found a venue that’s a bit more formal, you can incorporate the use of fairy lights into your decor plan.

There are tons of other trends out there that are worth looking into while you are comparing all your options. When planning a wedding, you should always consider all your options before buying into the first idea. This is the best way to ensure that your wedding event is exactly what you have always dreamed it would be, regardless of whether you want a formal white wedding or a playful and fun wedding event for your big day

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