5 Smart Wedding Planning Tips Bride and Grooms Often Overlook

Wedding planning requires tedious planning. Make sure you don’t forget even the littlest things with these wedding planning tips that usually get overlooked.

He asked, and she said yes. Now, what!?

You dreamt of the big day your entire life, but now that it’s upon you, actually planning the event can feel overwhelming. Get organized with the help of best event management company and wedding planning ideas to ensure you don’t forget anything.

5 Wedding Planning Tips to Keep You On Track

An engagement brings excitement and joy along with a load of responsibility. Enjoy planning your wedding by keeping this important wedding planner advice in mind.

  1. Order Your Bands Early

Nearly every sitcom in the history of television has made an episode about a wedding band nightmare. Do not live this out in real life.

Brides and grooms may overlook this crucial detail while planning the actual event. Start shopping for bands shortly after the engagement. 

Order them about 4-5 months before the wedding. This gives you time in case the bands need resizing or take longer than expected to ship. Find out more about buying your bands!

  1. Get On the Same Page

You love one another dearly. But, sometimes his dream wedding does not exactly match hers. 

Talk over the details prior to making calls and orders. Create a priority list together to see which aspects each person deems most important. This way, you can sacrifice something less important to you for your spouse’s happiness and vice versa.

If you simply cannot agree on things, enlist a neutral party to help. Hire a good wedding planner that can listen to both of your desires and tie them together beautifully.

  1. Talk Budget

Talking money can get tense, especially when dealing with big bucks. But, you do not want to tuck this important detail under the table for too long. These wedding coordinator tips can help.

Find out who will pay before making any plan, and then create a budget. Create a reasonable number based on your monthly incomes, family and friend contributions, and savings.

Once you know your limit, break down how much you can spend on every need and then each want. Start researching prices for everything from venue and entertainment to food and decore months in advance so you can make smart decisions.

  1. You Cannot Worry About Hurt Feelings

Feelings will inevitably get hurt when planning a wedding. Remember, this day belongs to two people and your invitation is a privilege, not a necessity.

When budgeting, you will find a number for your bridal party and invitations and need to stick to it. This wedding planning tip will keep you from starting your marriage off in debt.

First, add all immediate family to the list. Next, closest friends. Then, if you find room for more, talk with your future spouse about who else plays a large role in your lives.

When asking people into the bridal party, you two should come to a solid decision about it prior to saying a word to avoid taking away an honor. Nobody should expect to stand at your wedding, so do not lose sleep over making crucial cuts.

  1. Number Your RSVPs

This is one of the best wedding planning tips for keeping the reception organized. Sometimes, a name gets left off of the table, and this can cause mayhem. Numbering the card will quickly erase the mistake and your guest will be seated at their proper table.


The days leading up to your wedding should will you with excitement, not angst. These wedding planning tips should help!

We want your love to last a lifetime. Read more wedding tips and love advice on our website!  

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