How To Minimize Teen Behavioural Problem

How To Minimize Teen Behavioural Problem

This is in continuation of the last post on handling teen’s behavioural problem which you can read it here; it will help you understand this topic better.

There is no way to totally stop these associated teen’s behavioural problem but they can be reduced to some extent which will not have much negative influence on them as they grow up.

How To Minimize Teen Behavioural Problem So, if your teen is disobeying your instruction, hanging out with teens with questionable character you don’t want them to be associated with, and talking back at you when you’re trying to curtail them; then this post will help you to minimize those behavioural problem associated with teens.

Teen associating with teens you don’t want

First you need to understand that, there are certain things that you may not like your kids to be found with, which are not necessarily bad. Things like certain clothing put on by your kid’s friends, criticising something superficial as fashion is more like you’re directly criticising your kid, which is condemnable. You don’t have to criticise your kids, you’d be better off, sitting them down for a serious talk without criticising them.

On the other hand, if your kid is found with other teens dealing with drugs and never take their schooling very serious. You need not waist time calling your kids to order, have very strong words with them, and tell them what the end of teens who skip school and do drug will be, you can even show them sample if there is any.

Ensure that, your kids are not on the defensive side, trying to defend their action, let them know how much you fear the outcome of their association and you’re deeply concern about their future.

If you can’t do it alone, there is nothing wrong in seeking for the help of professional counsellor, they are your kids and you surely want a better life and a better future for them. It is always better to nib dangerous behaviour in the bud and prevents your teens becoming nuisance to the society.


Your teen always coming home late

You look at your time and it’s 10:30pm, whattt? You’ve won her to be home latest 10pm and here is thirty minutes after. It is not just once or twice she has been disobeying your order; it has become part of her to be coming home late.

Here is what you need to do.

You should understand that teens love to test limit and your duty is to continue setting them, you don’t have to give up on her.

It is also important to check your time limit and see if it is reasonable enough. How do you do this? It is by meeting the parents of your teen’s friends and know what time do they expect their teens home. If it is different from yours, you may need little adjustment, though still depending on your area because some area can be volatile while in some places there is no cause to entertain any form of fear if your teens do not arrive home at a certain time.

However, it is always good to give them 10 minutes extra grace period and if they fail, set the consequences like no going out in the night for next one week and stay by your decision, don’t allow them to cajole you into changing your mind.

If it is your child unhappiness at home is the reason why she loves staying out late at night, then you need to find out what is the reason why she’s not being happy at home.


There is a problem of electronic gadget

So many teens lack communication skill and don’t know how to relate with people especially family member at home. Some kids are completely retreating from family life and it makes it difficult to learn family value. Most of their time is devoted to playing with phones, iPods, iPhones, laptop and other devices.

It is important as parent to curtail how they make use of these devices if you’re not comfortable with it. However, it their use do not have any effect on their learning, their chore at home and how they relate with members of the family, there may not need for much intervention except maybe, no texting or chatting during meal either during the breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As parent, you should also monitor their computer usage, since they are still under you and it is even better not to allow the usage of computer in their room.

Do you have any contribution to the listed problem associated with teen’s behaviour? Please feel free to let us hear from you, you can make your contribution through the comment box below and don’t forget to help us share this post using any of the social media icons below. Thanks

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