Why Do Men’s Wedding Bands Get Scratched and What Can You Do About It?

As a symbol of your alliance with your beloved, there is nothing as elegant as a wedding band. However, when a wedding band is worn daily, it is exposed to various conditions as a result of which, its looks can deteriorate.

While it is natural that your wedding band will get scratched, become bent, develop dings and nicks over time, you need to know that you can restore it quite easily to its former pristine looks.

Wedding Bands Get Scratched

Why Do Wedding Bands Look Worn Out?

The two most important factors that contribute to your wedding band losing its shine are the type of metal used in the ring and the environment it is exposed to. Even though gold is popular, it is a soft metal that can get easily scratched or nicked.

Also, the kind of lifestyle you lead can result in your ring acquiring scratches. Wearing your Epic Wedding Bands while doing manual work like washing dishes, gardening, carpentry, etc., can spoil its looks. In case, you can’t be bothered with taking off your ring now and then to protect it, you should choose a tough metal like titanium or tungsten.

How to Keep Your Wedding Band Looking Like New?

DIY: Regardless of the metal used in the wedding bands, a simple care routine at home can keep it looking like new for longer. Once every week, you can soak it in warm water to which some gentle liquid soap has been added and then rinse thoroughly and pat/rub dry with a soft clean cloth.

If there is dirt ingrained, you can use a soft toothbrush and a gentle action to clean it better, according to Vogue magazine. Never use harsh household cleaners to clean your ring as it can easily get damaged.


Regardless of how careful you are it is natural for your wedding band to acquire fine scratches that affect its luster. If the ring material is soft like gold and silver, it can also get bent and nicked. You can give it to a reliable jeweler for polishing occasionally.

If the scratches aren’t too deep the ring’s original shine can be restored, however, repeated polishing can lead to loss of the precious metal, and any engraving will also become less sharp. By handling your ring carefully, you can reduce the frequency of polishing to once in a few years.


A few wedding bands have a layer of precious metal over a base metal. Also, in the case of white gold, a layer of Rhodium is added to make it look whiter. The plating can get worn with use, and the band can start looking tired with the base metal getting exposed in patches.

An experienced jeweler can replate the band to restore its look. Most of the fine scratches also will get covered, and the ring will look as new again.


While you can keep your wedding band in very good condition by cleaning it at home, you can also give it to a jeweler for polishing or replating occasionally. The best way of retaining its looks is to treat it gently and avoid situations that can damage it.

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