What Do Men Require For The Wedding Besides The Wedding Bands

What Do Men Require For The Wedding Besides The Wedding Bands

The wedding band is considered the integral part of a wedding ceremony. The exchange of vows and wedding bands represents the union and promises made to each other. Most men have few things to take care of after the wedding bands have been selected. While you may think that the wedding band is all you need for your wedding day, this isn’t true. You require the following essentials before your wedding day:What Do Men Require For The Wedding Besides The Wedding Bands

Fitting suit

You may have agreed with the tailor to have the wedding suits ready but you should have them at your place before the wedding. Ensure they are well-pressed and fitting right. It is always a good idea to have an extra pair of shirt, tie, cufflinks and belt.

Also, get the right fitting shoes in time to avoid last minute delays.

Ready hands

A little cosmetic treatment and some TLC foryour hands is essential. You do not want your fiancé to slide the ring down a chapped finger and dry fingers. This would also look bad on camera. Therefore, for the wedding band to sit properly and look great on your wedding, get a manicure treatment for your fingers. This will leave them soft and supple.

Clear skin

You may think that the bride is the only one in need of a touched up and even skin tone, but you need it as well. Spots and blackheads or dirty pores are common and almost normal to many men. You may get a facial spa treatment or buy a facial scrub and get rid of the dry skin at home. It is a simple treatment that can be done on the wedding day, but you may need to do it a little earlier when you suspect that your skin is sensitive.

You may also use a cream that will absorb all the oil from your skin preventing afunny looking oily face.

Great hair

The worst part of weddings could be budgeting, planning and picking the right men’s wedding bands. However, this isn’t all. It is necessary to have the right wedding band, but you must also have the right looking hair. Have a good shave before the wedding. Your hair should be touched up a little, with a natural hold/look and a soft texture. Ruffled hair is just uncool for your wedding.

Avoid tired eyes

Stag parties happen all the time. This means that you may wake up or start dressing with puffy eyes. The puffiness as well as the dark circles around the eyes can be covered up by using revitalizing eye cream or simple nude make up. This will not arouse suspicion at the wedding and your bride will be extremely happy.

Good body wash and deodorant

A good shower on the morning of your wedding is essential particularly after the incredible stag party you had. Invest in a good body wash to revitalize you. Always go for the masculine ones with a good musk.

Smelling great is also essential. Therefore, buy a good quality deodorant and body spray to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

In conclusion, your wedding day marks your day together with your fiancé. This means that you should also look the part and be ready to exchange the glamorous wedding bands you’ve purchased.

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