Men’s Health Clinic now play a critical role in improving quality of life

When it comes to having sexual intercourse, many people feel that it is simply nice to have. However, there is a lot more to having a more fulfilling sex life. Healthy sex life is the best way to maintain your physical and mental health.

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Research reveals that men suffer huge impacts on their quality of life when experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s disease, with lower rates of mortality rate.

The essential role having a more satisfying sex life play

We all know how important it can be for a person’s wellbeing if they have trouble achieving an erection during partnered sexual activity – but did you also consider what impact these conditions have on one’s lifestyle? Studies show ED patients experience more stress than average individuals it can lead them to further depression.

Importance of the proper treatment

If this is not treated correctly, it could ultimately lead them to even suicides. It is also seen that the only treatment that most family doctors recommend is offering Viagra or Cialis or pills, and however, that is not the proper solution. Besides, along with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), there are many other sex-related problems in men after the age of 40 years.

Types of common sexual disorders in men after 40 years

The types of common sexual disorders in men after 40 years are many. Some common ones are as follows:

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Disfunction
  • Lack of Sexual Interest
  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Lubrication difficulties

Research findings on Sex-problems

Research shows that 28 % of men and 39 % of women, especially in over 40 years, suffer from some sexual dysfunction. These could have severe consequences if they are neglected and not treated effectively. And mere some pills here, and there will not help you in the long term. It will help if you are looking for a long-term solution. And it is in this line with this if you suffer from any of the ailments mentioned above that you need to look for a reliable clinic that will help you have the problem treated effectively.

Considerations for choosing the right men’s health clinic

Owing to the growing sex-related disorders, many clinics have mushroomed up in recent times. Most of them claim to provide top-class treatments. But it would help if you were careful while choosing them. The reason is that many of such remedies may be ineffective, but at the same time, they may also have several side effects. It would help if you considered the following valuable tips while choosing the right men’s health clinic.

Choose the ones that offer maximum types of treatments

When it comes to treating sexual problems, various treatments are available. It is seen that from patient to patient, the effectiveness of these treatments may vary. While in case of some may be more effective than others. Thus, you must find out what treatments would work best to treat your specific sex problem.

Multiple Treatments are sometimes more effective than single ones.

In some cases, it may so happen that a combination of treatments may be more effective instead of a single one. You can find out what would best work for you when only you can consult a health clinic where different treatments are available. It, therefore, makes perfect sense if you opt for the one that offers a wide range of options for treatments. As a result, you can resolve your problem more effectively if you find that a combination of treatments is working best for you.

The following are some common treatments that are used to treat sexual problems. You need to be aware of them before deciding on your course of treatment.

Types of treatments offered by leading health clinics

Acoustic Shock Therapy

You need to note that Acoustic Shockwave Therapy is a drug-free and painless treatment for erectile dysfunction. The sound waves from this therapy open up existing blood vessels, creating new ones to produce stronger, longer erections than before!

Hormone Testing

It is seen that generally, the testosterone levels in men usually drop with age. If this drop is rapid and falls below a certain threshold level, it could lead to ED. To find out if this is the main root of the problem, hormone testing is required. It lays the primary foundation of further treatments and thus is vital.

Use of Dietary Supplements

Medical Research shows that for treating ED, dietary supplements are often effective. Medicines sometimes have adverse side effects, which is not the case with nutritional supplements, as they are much safer.

Use of Pharmaceuticals

Though Pharmaceutical Medication might be effective in treating ED, at the same time, it can have many adverse side effects. Thus, it would help if you had a clinic that could choose such medication for you wisely.

Has Professional Psychologists

Though almost 80 % of erectile dysfunction is physical, at the same time, the cause at times could also be due to mental reasons. Thus, it would help if you had a clinic that has professional psychologists who can handle such issues.

Pelvic Floor Physio Therapy

Weak Pelvic floor muscles can be another problem that causes Erectile dysfunction. Thus, strengthening the same is essential for resolving the issue, and it can be done through Pelvic Floor Physio Therapy.


To conclude, we can say that if you have some sex problem, do not treat it lightly. It could ultimately result in many severe problems. However, the good news is that you have treatments available now. You can have them resolved effectively, but you must choose the right clinic to have the problem fixed forever.

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