Make your penis bigger with powerful foods

When we discuss different penis enlargement methods, then you will realize most of them give importance to the flow of blood into the penis. Because the size of penis depends upon the circulation of blood in penis tissues.

Reason being, when you are sexually aroused, there will be a surge in blood flowing to your penis to create an erection. Thus your erection size depends that how much blood your penis can trap. But the question is how to make your penis bigger with food? There are lots of foods available which can be very helpful to increase the size of the penis but first, we discuss the things that are very helpful to increase the circulation of the blood. Here are some things that include

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice contains a rich source of antioxidants. Experts say that the pomegranate juice contains a high level of antioxidants as compared to any other juice. Recent studies show that pomegranate juice helps to reduce cancer and erectile dysfunction.


The research tells that ginseng helps to improve blood circulations help to improve male fertility and treat premature ejaculation.

Horny Goat Weed

It is an ancient method to improve the male sex ability in Asia. This powerful herb helps to boost sex drive and sexual vitality. An early study in Italy indicates that Horny Goat weed is the natural alternative to the blue pills.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is commonly used as the memory and concentration supplements. Besides this, it is helpful to improve the circulation in the different tissues and muscles of the penis. When the circulation of the blood improves the size of the penis also increases and it is very helpful to maintain the erection of the penis.


Blueberries are also commonly known as the super food, blueberries contain the soluble fibers and vitamins B & C and it also contains the compounds that improve circulations and erection.


Honey-rich in boron that helps the body to metabolize and use estrogen, which helps to ensure to smooth blood flow to the penis tissues. Early study suggests that honey may enhance blood flow to testosterone and help to increase the circulation of blood into the penis. And the circulation of the blood into the penis tissues is very helpful to increase the size of the penis.


There are lots of things available in the market to increase the size of the penis like penis extenders and penis pumps etc but sometimes these things show good results but most of the times these are useless and can harm your penis in shape of injury.

When you want to use those types of things then first you may consult who use those things with your friends or neighbors’ or office colleagues but the best and foremost method is to take the healthy and strong foods. Because when the size of your penis increase with the help of foods like different fruits and vegetables then this size increases permanently, it does not lose its size or erection with the passage of time

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