Every man should know these 10 wonderful tips on how to make love

A real man should know how to make love to a woman and make her happy. Most men are confident that there is nothing simpler than making love. What would you say if we will tell you that a lot of women feel disappointment because their partners act predictably and selfish when it comes to intimacy? Usually, men are more conservative than ladies and do not like experiments in bed.

wonderful tips on how to make love

Almost all women appreciate creative approach in making love process, of course, there are always exceptions from the rule. Dear man, be maximum attentive because we disclose ten wonderful tips for men how to impress your women in bed.

By many, sex is considered only as a kind of pleasure and nothing more. However, it also plays many other important functions in relationships between man and woman. Sexual life has a positive effect on both physiological and psychological conditions of a person. It is a vital source of enjoyment, health, youth, and beauty.

Perfect intimate relationships can become an ideal background for the development of stable relationships. That is why this time we have decided to open for you secrets of how to make your second half lose her head in bad with you. Be attentive, not to miss something! We present you ten tips on how to make love. Your beloved woman will appreciate your efforts.

10 tips on how to make love to a woman

Nobody knows better what a woman wants than a woman herself! Of course, you can ask her how you should act and what to do, but we advise you to impress your lady. Follow the next tips to show through sex your beloved one how much does she mean to you.

Emotional foreplay

Special canoodling as foreplay plays a great role during intimacy. It should be both intense and physical, but remember that for any woman it is important that foreplay is more emotional than physical.

You can start your foreplay by sending pleasant love messages to your woman during the day to warm up her interest. This can create a special mood for perfect sex in the evening.

Evening full of romance

To continue the process of creating a special lovemaking mood you can please your woman by cooking a delicious dinner yourself. Open a bottle of wine, make a table. Again she will feel that she means a lot to you.

Dim lighting

The right lightning also is very important for the creation of romantic atmosphere. You can light several candles. She will like it, believe us! Your sweet girl should understand that all this is not just for sex but for lovemaking.

Sexy music

Romantic atmosphere is impossible without special musical accompaniment. Sexy but not loud music is a must-have for the perfect lovemaking night. It can be slow jazz or romantic music with erotic pace. Such atmosphere is perfect for romantic and slow sex.


Your attitude should show her that everything is done especially for her. Cook her favorite dishes and choose the music she likes. Tell her sweet words, but do not overdo. Tell what you feel, and she will appreciate that you are open with her. You can even make a pleasant message using oils. This will relax her even more.

Choosing the right place

For making love to your woman choose the personal place, the best variant is your home. Find the most romantic spot at your place. It might be a carpet near a fireplace, law table or cozy bedroom. Decorate the spot with candles as we have already mentioned above.

Perfect make love style

Of course, you should understand that some positions are not appropriate for such romantic evening. For example, doggy style is not the right choice. We advise you start from the face-to-face position and then the situation will show you what position to choose next to satisfy your lady.

Real pleasure

During intimacy, you should think not only about your own satisfaction but about her pleasure as well. You should realize that a woman needs much more time to get real pleasure than a man. Ladies first! Let her finish before you! So you can feel the victory.

Words of love

Women go crazy when during sex they hear words of love. Such words even can speed up her happy ending.

Cuddle time after making love

Cuddles is very important after fantastic sex. She will understand that it was not a usual sex and you really appreciate her as a person first of all.

We have listed the most common things that girls like and appreciate. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to these tips. Let your fantasy and feelings create an unforgettable night for both of you!

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