How to Make a Guy Obsessed With You Through Texts

If my guess is right, you’re reading this because you’re already into him, which is very fine, if you ask me. One sure way of getting the guy is through texting. But for you to know what to text a guy, you need tips for messaging a guy. These tips will help you on how to get the guy.

guy obsessed with you through texts

Don’t just sit around and wait for texts, you need to know how to lead conversations with guys. In case you need help you can check out how to text a guy online, to gain some knowledge.

However, you don’t want to appear desperate by overdoing it, appear less interesting by being too weird, or make him lose interest by playing the ignoring game. These three things are essential for you to know about how to text a guy.

Why texting is essential in keeping a man’s interest?

It’s 2021 darling, all those old flirting tips, and tips on how to get a guy you learned won’t give you what you want. They can help you get his attention, but how do you keep a guy interested in the conversation?

We have proven tips on how to keep a guy interested in you while texting. Whether you’re still a young beauty trying to get her man, or a beautiful woman looking to spice things up with her lover, our flirting tips for girls, and flirting tips for women come in handy on how to keep a guy interested over text.

Check out our latest surefire tips to help you text a guy below. Trust me, they’re not your regular online dating tips.

15 Best Tips To Make Any Man Obsessed With You Through Texts

Start Conversations Uniquely

 “Hi” “Hello” are now cliché. Starting a convo with them will probably get you the conventional “Hey” “what’s up” response. 

Be unique and different. Start your texts with a sassy message, a positive observation about him, or a subtle naughty compliment.

Men find sassy women more interesting. So, darling, you know what to do😉 

Examples:  “Well-built, cute smile, you could make a fortune being a model” 

I bet you’re not reading this aloud, gotcha right?”

 Use Emojis in your text

Smileys or emojis breathe life into texts, they make it come alive and give it more meaning. The wink emoji always work magic. Using the right emoji for the right text helps add more suggestive meaning to your text and makes it more interesting.

 Check this out “What are you doing later tonight?”

“What are you doing later tonight?😋😉”

You can spot the difference in both texts, that’s the power of emojis.

 Use his Name in Texts 

Sense of importance and empathy increases when a person is being called by his/her name. At appropriate times, use his name in texts.

Instead of “It’s great chatting with you, goodnight” you can say “Chatting with you has been amazing tonight Smith, goodnight”.


All men want is someone they can share a good laugh with. This is why a great sense of humor is a powerful tool to build a strong connection. If he always finds chatting with your fun, he’ll keep coming back.

 The Waiting Game

Purposely spend up to 5-10 minutes before replying to his text sometimes, especially in the middle of a conversation.

This prevents you from appearing too available, it also creates some kind of importance in the guy’s mind that you’re freeing up time to chat with him, despite being busy. It also helps you determine if he misses you.

 Avoid One Liner Reply

Don’t be a bore! Reply to his questions with elaborate answers and ask him questions that require elaborate answers. Rather than answering his “what did you have for lunch” question with “Rice and steak”, give an elaborate response like “I had Rice and steak at my favorite restaurant downtown. You should try their food out one of these days, I’ll refund if you don’t find it great”

Rather than asking him “how was work today?” How about you ask him “Did something new happen at work today?”

Don’t Over text

Remember overdoing it makes you appear desperate. Texting is like a card game, you play and allow your opponent to play. Ensure you get a response to your previous texts before sending another, do not over text as it will make you appear clingy.

 Send Suggestive Texts

Suggestive texts help you play on the safe side. You can choose to deny that what you imply if you notice it doesn’t sit well with him. They help you ask for things indirectly.

Example: “I used to enjoy the truth or dare over the phone, but over the years there have been not so many persons to play with”

“I’ll be going to the cinema to see 365 days tomorrow. I heard it’s even more interesting if you watch with a friend of the opposite sex”

 Avoid Ambiguity

Why being too direct ruins the plot most times, ambiguity kills the fun. Don’t use vocabulary when you know he’s more familiar with conventional words, do not use obscure abbreviations if he’s not familiar with ‘internet lingo’.

Ensure you’re able to communicate understandably. You don’t want to start explaining your sarcastic text if he doesn’t get it, it kills the fun.

 Visual Texts

Here’s a little secret, GUYS  LOVE YOU SENDING THEM RANDOM PICTURES WITHOUT ASKING. Oops! Did I just scream that? Well, it’s the truth.

Send him random cute pictures of you without you making him feel like it’s for him. Attach questions like “what do you think about this outfit” “Do you think the color fits” “Are these great for the beach” etc.

It makes him feel like his opinion about your looks matter to you.

 Make him feel at home

Girl!! if you can make your DM comfortable for him, he’ll keep running to you. Here’s a little secret, it’s not only girls that love to be heard, guys love it too (especially when they’re going through things). 

Allow him the liberty to pour out his mind to you, without him feeling like boring you. Try to match his energy when he’s doing the talking and humor. It shouldn’t be a one-a-man show. Do what it takes to make him happy


Don’t, I repeat, Don’t try this when you’re yet to achieve an advanced level of closeness. However, if you think with the current connection-level you both share, it’s safe for you to flirt with him, go on girl.

It’s time for you to bring on the flirting tips for texting (messaging) you know. There’s no best way on how to flirt, but I can tell you that when it comes to how to flirt over text with a guy, the golden rule is to be yourself and go with the flow.

Avoid being too direct,  and flirt subtly.


  •     E.g Nothing beats being cuddled up in this weather.
  •     Just stepped out of the shower now, putting this lotion on my back is kinda difficult

 Sell your value

It shouldn’t be all jokes and flirting dear. One sure way to get a guy interested in you is by selling your values. Let him know what you’re up to, what you can do, and what makes you unique anytime the opportunity comes up. Spare him the full details, unless he demands it.

 Do not cross the line

We all have that line we don’t want people crossing, especially if we’re just getting along. Do not pester him to respond to questions he’s deliberately trying to avoid. Also, he ensures you understand his dislikes and try not to do them while chatting.

Example :

He might be someone that doesn’t tolerate abuse of any kind. So, before you go “Hey, bighead”, be sure he’s cool with being called that.

 Be honest

This for me is the ultimate tip. Be yourself, be natural, and don’t try to cover anything up with lies. If you’re uncomfortable about something, let him know outrightly.

Don’t try to lie over text, because more times than not you end up investing so many resources and energy in trying to cover up your lies.


Darling, doing all these should help you get that man stuck in your DM. It’s simple, just ensure you’re not a bore, let him find fun chatting with you, and let him be free and relaxed to express himself over the text without restrictions.

Except he’s a robot with no emotions, these great ‘tips for messaging a guy’ should help your quest of ‘how to get a guy running into your DM always.

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