How to Maintain Looking Radiant after Marriage

As a married woman,  do you sometimes imagine how looking radiant after marriage would be like?

It’s funny how marriage sometimes changes a person as I have seen men and women change in all aspects soon after they get married.

For the men, they get pot bellies while for the women; they add weight in all the right places.

I use to wonder what causes the change until I heard stories from people’s experiences and also until I experienced it myself.

The truth is that it is very easy to just forget about your looks once you are married and this is because of the ideology most women have that as long as they are married, they are hooked forever.

Do you know that you can still maintain looking radiant after marriage?

You may wonder how possible this can be but it can be done.

When you get married, so many things about you changes but even at that, you can still work at looking radiant after marriage.

The tips below should help you maintain that look you want even while you are married.

Work on your tummy:

How to Maintain Looking Radiant after Marriage

For the men, I know the one thing that makes them have pot bellies is the good food their wives prepare for them and of course the kind of alcoholic drinks they take.

It’s sometimes disgusting when you see the sizes of some tummies. Some say it’s a sign of good living but I also believe it should not be an excuse to grow so much fat.

As a married man, you can work on your tummy so it doesn’t grow too large. When your tummy is too big, it distorts your shape and makes you look less attractive.

For the women, the major excuse they give why their tummies are big is child bearing.

How to Maintain Looking Radiant after Marriage

Is it wrong for you to have a very flat tummy even after having 3 or 4 children?

When you give birth depending on the method used whether naturally or through operation, you can work on that tummy to ensure it goes in a little bit.

It’s funny when you see some women whom after giving birth still look pregnant.

Do what you can to make your tummy flat in order to look good and also maintain your figure as pregnancy sometimes changes the way a woman looks afterwards.

Mind you a woman can still look sexy and cute even after having children.

Dress well:

How to Maintain Looking Radiant after Marriage (2)

Some people think that because they are married, they can just dress anyhow because they feel people don’t care or they don’t just send.

It amazes me sometimes when I see women wear hairnets to drop their kids at school simply because the school isn’t far from their houses.

To me, it is appalling because I feel every married woman ought to always look good no matter what.

If your husband doesn’t really mind how you dress, what about outsiders?

Look after yourself:

Some women look so unkempt simply because they are married and have kids to look after.

Looking radiant after marriage is work in itself but make it work. Change your hair styles regularly, buy yourself new clothes, have some alone time (this may be difficult but out of the little spare time you have, create one).

Give yourself some treats because you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve done.

You have no choice but to look after yourself.


How to Maintain Looking Radiant after Marriage (3)

The notion of “I am now a married woman” gets stuck in some women’s head that it affects the kind of crowd they mix with.

Such women tend to mix with other women who are like them and think like them thereby making them forget the values of socializing.

When you socialize, you move with current trends and move with the right kind of group.

Be up to date with fashion trends:

Do not be archaic and old fashioned just because you are now married.

Do away with tying of wrappers and be stylish.

Looking radiant after marriage should be something every woman ought to maintain.

Do not forget that you need to always look good for your spouse and strive to appeal to his sense of sight at all times.

What other ways do you think a woman can keep looking radiant after marriage?

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