What Kind Of Man Is Woman Looking For In Marriage

What Kind Of Man Is Woman Looking For In Marriage

Choosing the right kind of man is always not that easy especially for a long term relationship and marriage, but a woman still has to find one man that she’s consider good enough for her, and to live the rest of her life with him.

Generally, women select men that have qualities like; physical attraction, intelligence, wealthy and healthy plus some other less obvious qualities like; kindness, humour, compassion, understanding and the rest of them.

Above all of these attributes, the main criterion for mate selection is if a man can be a good husband and a good father.

What Kind Of Man Is Woman Looking For In Marriage
What Kind Of Man Is Woman Looking For In Marriage

For a man to qualify for this selection by woman, such man must have the potential of being a good provider, with quality genes and then being a good father. For any man who can show that he possesses these 3 qualities, women will not be too far from him trying to establish long term relationship that’ll lead to ultimate marriage. Such a man has greater chances of winning any woman of his desire than any other men that could be in competition with him.

What does it takes to be a good provider, have quality genes and be a good father? A little explanation about each of them will help in understanding why these qualities are important in mate selection for women.

A Good Provider

Being a good provide is all about how a man can provide for his family at all-time whenever the need arises. For a man to be seen as someone who can be a good provider, it has to been seen in his ways of life, the kind of job he’s doing and his display of evidence that he has money (this can be through the kind of car he has, his kind of lucrative job, clothing, his residence, etc).

Ideally, it is not automatic that every man that has wealth will be a good provider, some men are more interested in their business than their families. But a whole lots of men do take care of their families with what they’ve possessed.

Quality Genes

Quality genes often depend on men’s genetic make-up, how productive can the man be as well as the quality of his physical attractiveness. Intelligence and creativity also fall under having good genes plus being high in testosterones which are all quality traits a woman will want her man to pass unto their children

A Good Father

Being a good father mean having the qualities of a good provider plus being able to show that a man can demonstrate having interest in raising children and also having the ability to form emotional attachment with his children are what women consider as being a good father. A good father will also protect the mother and the children at all times.

But since modern women is now trying to not depend on any man for provision and protect of their children as well as themselves, can we still say these 3 qualities mentioned above are still important as what women look for in a man?

The reality of modern women in the midst of what women really want in a mate is that, there has been a change in what they are actually looking for in a partner in this modern day. In a recent survey was carried out in United States, Singapore and China. The preference for a man with kindness is of higher important that the physical attractiveness and the ability to earn higher pay. [Read; 1o Qualities in Men that Women find attractive]

In fact, modern women prefer men with heart of kindness to men with physical attractiveness or richer men. Above all, being a good father is of higher value than having a good genes or being a provider.

This is not to say, having a good genes and being a provider is not important to modern day women. It is just that these 2 are just additional features but are not the main feature they’ll prefer in a man.

The characteristic of being a good father that modern day women are now looking for include; a man ability to take care of children and love them, be able to stay at home, be considerate as well as being a caring man.

What this is telling us now is that, nice guys are never going to finish last because they tend to display their sensitive side.

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