Why every kid should have a school yearbook

A yearbook is a compilation of all images of events and occasions that made your school years special and worth remembering. One awesome part of having a yearbook is that it captures different memorable moments that you can look back to and see how you’ve transitioned from one stage to another through life from a teenager into adulthood.

kid school yearbook

As you flip through the pages you’ll see each and every event and how you spent your special moments and with who. These are memories that might not be easily captured while scrolling through social media, making a yearbook a necessity.

 But, most parents no longer regard yearbooks to be of importance though there are a few who still get excited about a yearbook and giving their kids one. Yearbooks are a great way of seeing how your childhood friends have changed over the years.

It’s exciting to take a look at how your kids marked the end of a school year or summer holiday, especially years later. This often brings back floods of memorable moments from times spent with family and your friends from school. Here’s why every kid should have a school yearbook.

 An awesome journey down memory lane

A yearbook comprises different school events and occasions that often bring back wonderful memories with fellow students and teachers. As your kid flips through the pages taking a look at the different events from, school traditions and special occasions like prom night, school championships, friends and educators, it brings your child right back to that point in time in their life. 

A wonderful tradition

A school yearbook usually has a special day known as a yearbook signing day which is a school tradition. On this day kids collect signatures and stories that will be read years to come when they have grown into adults. Most spend signing day with classmates enjoying every minute and making fun memories to last them for years to come.

Creates a bonding time for parents and kids

For every kid, high school life plays a huge role as they grow into adults. Most kids who are in their teenage years are often busy actively engaging in various activities and games. These are the most memorable times in a kid’s life.

A yearbook can be used to store some of these memories and allows you to sit down and review some of their best moments in high school. By looking at and appreciating the memories they made throughout the years with and listening to your kid’s personal stories and experience, you create a stronger bond between the two of you. 

A yearbook also contains quotes which can include funny quotes, academic stuff like electives, neat projects and school accomplishments, high school homecomings, elementary school parades on public holidays, band performances and portraits of your kids and their friends.

You can also include graduating class coverage, sports’ season and celebrations as well as several pages for clubs, teams or other group photos. Check out these yearbook ideas and choose from a collection perfect for every stage of education and every activity.

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