Men Secrets Erogenous Zone You Need To Make Him Always Desire You

Men Secrets Erogenous Zone You Need To Make Him Always Desire You

I’m sure if I ask you what your man secret erogenous zone is, you’ll probably going to get it wrong. Though you might try but what you would say is his eyes, maybe his skin or even that lower part that near the family accessories called the perineum you may have heard or read about somewhere.

Well, your guess is good but not great. In every man, the most secret erogenous zone is his MIND. When I said his mind, I’m not talking about the one with stubborn head in his pants; I’m actually talking about the mind in his skull.

If you’re surprise, no qualm about it because I was too the first time I got to know about it.

Men Secrets Erogenous Zone You Need To Make Him Always Desire YouEven though men want sex at all the time and they can easily get into it, it all start from their mind, if a man’s mind is turn-off, no matter how seductive display you can demonstrate before him, he won’t want to have it with you.

It is a well-known fact and widely belief that any woman can be seduced when a man taps into her emotion and imagination. But very few people is aware that the most erogenous zone of a man is his mind and till today, it still comes as a surprise to many people that men’s minds are highly erogenous.

In this article, I want to show you just only 3 ways on how you can tap into his mind and heightened his sensual and pleasurable experience when you focus your attention on his brain to make his desire you absolutely.

#1. You need to know how to talk dirty to him

Dirty talk is very effective way to infiltrate and get a man’s mind aroused. A simple phrase like “I want you right now so badly” or you can even describe in explicit of what you want to do to him in detail. You can get over 200 plus dirty talk ideas in a programme called Language of Desire (LOD). You can either send it in a text or say it to his hearing, when he hears you express your desire for him; it will immediately activate that part of his brain that’ll heightened his state of arousal.

#2. Learn to appreciate him because it goes straight to his mind.

If you want a man to increase his emotional connection to you, then you must focus on the things you appreciate about him and let him knows it by telling him. Let him know how he makes you feel safe and secure.

Sometimes, people forget to appreciate their partner and this makes him get far away from you emotionally. You just observe your man, whenever you give him unpretentious appreciation, you’ll see that you’re feeding his self-esteem and ego and men like things like this coming from their women. Seriously, if a man feel appreciated especially coming from the one he loves, he also feels sexy.

#3. Validate your man sexual competency

Validating his ability to make you feel wonderful satisfies him probably more than you might spot. Give him encouragement by communicating your bliss during the act and try to follow up with something like “this is what I loved best in this act” highlight after.

To activate one of the biggest triggers in a man sexual life, tell him how he make you feel and how sexy he’s. Men always want to please women sexually and that’s how they are hard-wired.

What you’ve seen here is just a tip compare to the information you’re going to get in the Language of Desire Programme. LOD is packed full with lots of insight on men’s drive, how to trigger intoxicating neurochemicals and the step by step instructional guide on making him feel like he’s on the highest heaven with you.

I will strongly recommend at this point, that you should go and read the eye-opening article that reveal the chocking truth about how men’s sexual mind work and take advantage of it to make your man, boyfriend or any guy desire you absolutely.


I’m sure you’ll thank me later after going through the article.

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