Tricks to Help You Improve Your Concentration

Tricks to Help You Improve Your Concentration

The battle to improve focus on all our daily doing is a continuous battle the rattle every one of us, winning over losing your concentration in all you’ve put your mind on can’t be easy if you have not taken your time to analyse how you’re badly affected by lack of concentration. The resolution you will make out of this is what is going to help you improve your concentration.

Improve Your ConcentrationImproving your concentration will help you save lots of time, you will even have time to do other things that someone with a lack of concentration will find difficult doing. Sometimes you may find it difficult to get focused and concentrate on the task at hand, then you will want to look elsewhere for something that can help you get back focusing on the task. It happens to all us all and the best thing you can do to help you improve your concentration is what I want to review in this post, it will help to be more focus and reduce daily distraction. I will be focusing on three area that can help you improve your concentration, which are; your environment, your mindset and the what you eat or drink.

To improve your concentration with your environment

The environment you live in will determine how much concentration you can hold at a go, it has a major influence on how you’re able to focus on your major task. A comfortable environment will help you do more than unfavourable environment.

1. There is a need for you to shut out distraction in your environment; some employ the habit of playing music especially if it’s an instrumental kind of music, some go as far as using noise machine to stop other noise coming from every other place, with such noise in the office, it helps mellow down other distracting sound or noise and give a steady monotonous background noise which you will be used to and it will help you focus better and ignore any other distraction.

2. Hang Picture of Landscape or Wildlife in your office; watching wildlife or viewing a natural scene can help you improve concentration. Ensure that the natural image is the one you enjoy, place it where you can see it from your desk, it will help you improve focus and thus a better concentration.

3. Make yourself comfortable in your position, your chair and your table should be in a position where you will feel comfortable, and be at the right height, all these can be the reasons and excuses for losing concentration.

To improve your concentration with you mindset

1. Focus at one task at a time.

2. Prioritize your time: having too much of task at hand to do can cause you distraction, and you will end up losing concentration. Learn to keep to time schedule which will increase your productivity

3. Migrate between high and low attention task: switching from more tedious task to less tedious task will help your brain power, when your brain power is weak, you can easily lose concentration. You may have been assigned a heavy task in the office, if you do it for some hours, give yourself 10 – 15 minutes break doing some lighter job and then latter return to it, it will help you improve concentration.

4. If worries make you lose concentration, set aside time for worries, don’t let it creep into your mind while you’re doing tasks that require you concentration, keep focus and be positive mentally.

5. Do the toughest work when you’re fired up, when you’re most alert, this will help you to really maximize your concentration.

6. Promise yourself reward after you complete a task and don’t forget to reward yourself if you do it at the appropriate time.

7. Do take a break to relax your brain, it maybe all you need to get back on your concentration level.

To improve your concentration with what you eat or drink

1. Ensure you take a healthy breakfast, the very important meal in a day, there is no way you can concentrate when you’re hungry. Don’t forget to take some brain booster fruits and energizer, almonds, whole-grain crackers, fresh fruit, and vegetables are good choices.

2. Drink water, don’t stay dehydrated while at work, it can reduce your concentration level because your brain don’t have enough fluid to operate, thus, it will reduce your efficiency.

Do you of know any other method that has help you improve your concentration? Please don’t hesitate to share it with us here and if you have any contribution as well to add to what I write here, please do contribution, your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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