How Keeping to Time Schedule Enhance Your Productivity

How Keeping to Time Schedule Enhance Your Productivity

There is this popular saying that time is not your friend which I personally do not totally agree with because if time in not your friend, then time will be your enemy, there is no standing in between friendship and enemity. You can actually make that time that everyone seems to agree that is your enemy your friend, and how can that be done? The way it can be done is exactly what this article is all about, how keeping to time schedule enhance your productivity.

keeping to time schedule enhance your productivityIt has been part of so many people this day to add extra time to the require time schedule and thus wasting away precious time that could have been used for other purposeful things that add value to their life.

There is something the Nigerian called “African Time” which I’m not sure if it exists in other part of the African continent or in other continents of the world. The African time which mean adding extra time to the generally agreed time, or schedule time or time of starting an event or arrival at a place. This has really eaten deep into the subconscious mind of so many people that is affecting us today but I’m very sure I’m not included because I don’t operate on such time.

Once there is a time schedule for a particular thing, there is no any excuses why you should not keep to that time, the earlier you accept this, the better it will be for you. Your mind is very powerful and anything you allow to creep into your mind will find a place to dwell, until you believe it that you can always make it according to the time schedule, that is when you will begin to see changes in your life as how you adapt to time. Timing is everything, if you get right, then things will begin to fall in place, if you get it your timing wrong, you will have to struggle for long time to make things that should have been done ordinarily within an hour for seven hours, and you can imagine wasting away 6 hours of your time.

Productive time is every time even if you’re sleeping, that hours someone somewhere is making use of it to make things take shape in his or her life, that is why every hour is a productive hour, it now depend on how much creativity you apply into your time. What you will earn doing something in your productive time will definitely different from what others will earn during their productive time but the main idea here is you’re making use of your productive time which will be more rewarding if you keep to time schedule of orders of doing things you’ve outlined.

Whenever you have a schedule to do anything, try keep to that time and don’t allow the mentality of “African time” creep into your mind which will waste away the time require to do some other things. The knowledge of time management is very important in every aspect of your life. When next I will be writing on this category of inspirational, I will be sharing with you more information on numerous issues on time management, till then, remain inspired.

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    1. Amaka, before I can tell you anything or suggest to you what you start doing, let me ask you this simple question.

      What value do you think a man will see in you that will make him vow to enter into relationship which will possibly lead to marriage?

      When I talk about value, I’m not talking about virtue or character, I am talking about being responsible and having something at hand that you can always put something on the table even if your would be boyfriend does not have enough to support you both at a particular time.
      It may be you learn some kind of handwork or educated without laziness mindset.

      I will like to hear from you and from there, I will tell you what and where you need to go and make yourself available to be seen by serious guys who look forward to meet someone like you.

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