How To Use Tinder Without Your S/O Finding Out

Anytime you mention online dating apps, most people will think of Tinder. The app has been around for some time now and is also very popular. Relationships are complicated, and people are always looking for new options, including those in intimate relationships. That is why cheeky ones in this category will go on Tinder anonymously. 

How To Use Tinder Without

People will have a whole range of personal reasons for this; you want to cheat, you want to see if your S/O is on the app, you want to joke around on Tinder, you are part of a closed entity like a religion that doesn’t allow for free dating, or you simply want to catfish.  

But how can you use Tinder discreetly and cheat? There are several ways to go about it effectively depending on your purpose but, you are responsible for any repercussions.

Creating a fake profile

This is the ultimate way to use Tinder anonymously. Creating a fake profile will keep your identity hidden, and obviously, no one can discover you. You will also not be restricted regarding the profiles you can view. But also, no one likes or trusts fake profiles and therefore, finding a match should not be your primary focus. Maybe use it for observation, discovery, or spying. 

With this trick, you get to stay sufficiently anonymous, and you also don’t give up your identity. Depending on your sole purpose, you can get creative to captivate the attention you seek. 

Use Tinder Plus subscription

With this method, you get to keep your face visible while still being anonymous. Those you swipe right (the ones you like) are the only ones that can see your profile. Once you hide your profile, you will need to purchase the subscription and navigate to “My Tinder Plus.” From there, turn on the “Control Who Sees You” option. 

The compromise is that if you are looking for more potential matches, you will be required to swipe a lot, but it also gives you security. Setting your location in a different city will help you stay anonymous. This method will also work if you have Tinder Gold.

Changing the discovery settings 

You cannot browse Tinder anonymously unless you have a profile. However, once you have created a profile, you can hide it to be anonymous. From the settings, uncheck the “Show me on Tinder” option to hide the profile. You will also not see other profiles. However, your profile can be shown to those you have swiped right to before turning off this setting.

Using a third-party app

If you doubt your partner or are looking for someone you like, you would need to download the Cheaterbuster app, a Tinder profile finder. This trick has its drawbacks since it costs money and it is not always entirely accurate. It requires you to sign in and fill in precise details about the other person; age, gender, correct name, and address. You will find whoever you are looking for.

Use The troll method

This technique guarantees fun with 100% anonymity. You basically will be catfishing like a pro. This is not to mean fooling someone over a long time. It means keeping your anonymity but in a fun way, using an unmistakably fake profile, for example, of a fictional character, hero, or heroine, setting up the bio, and getting to swiping. This can, however, get you banned since Tinder also likes actual profiles. 

Make the app invisible and block notifications

To rename and change your Tinder’s icon, you can use a launcher app. This way, your phone will look like an open book. You may still get notifications, and therefore, you need to head over to the settings and block them. 

If you connect your Tinder to your Facebook account, linking it to a fake Facebook account will make up all your Tinder information. If you are not afraid of vulnerability, lockdown your existing Facebook account by changing Tinder’s “App visibility” to “Only Me.” Remember to manage the Privacy settings accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to use Tinder without your partner’s knowledge can be quite the risk to take. However, depending on your reason for it, the above tips will assist you to swipe right discretely. Remember, you are responsible for your actions.

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