Do you suspect a cheating partner? This is how you can deal with it

Do you feel hurtful or agonized when your partner ignores you at night and pays more attention to Facebook or WhatsApp? Does your partner hide photos from your or makes online purchases without telling you?

suspect a cheating partner

Monogamy is not for everyone. Even in an entirely happy relationship, your partner could be promiscuous towards other people. If you doubt infidelity in your relationship, it is not only necessary to find that out whether you are in a relationship with a compulsive cheater. Because in the latter case, you need to move on and be with someone better!

 What constitutes cheating in a relationship? 

It is vital to understand what constitutes infidelity. People often interpret cheating in different ways; however, not all those behaviors can be considered cheating.

Usually, a one-night stand is not taken as cheating your partner. It’s when your partner keeps dating other people behind your back.

If your partner is enticed by the idea of having multiple partners, that means they are still looking to perfecting their dating game online. This is where the trouble starts in your relationship. You need to stop your cheating partner before it’s too late. 

How to prove your partner is cheating on you? Try looking into their social media activity

Your partner’s online habits can change drastically if they are thinking about having an affair. Dating apps are at the forefront of promoting infidelity among partners. That’s where you need to dig in to see the signs.

According to Psychology Today, people use social media for cheating on their partners because they are often unhappy with their relationships. It does not mean social media is spoiling all partners or marriages, but you can observe some early signs to know that your partner is cheating through social media. 

  • Your partner is engaging in conversations with other friends and ignoring your tags or comments. 
  • The name of a particular person often pops up when you read your partner’s flirty comments. 
  • When you spot an event with your partner’s photos they never told you about, it represents shady behavior. 
  • They hate posting your wedding photos or even delete them. 
  • They are actively flirting with their ex on their smartphone. 
  • You notice a sharp increase in their smartphone usage or IM chats. 
  • They have been operating multiple social accounts secretly. 

Can you save your relationship? 

Would you remain in a relationship with a habitual liar or a trickster? 

The minute you find evidence of your partner’s disloyalty on social media, the most important question is whether you should try to salvage your relationship or let it die? 

Consider asking your partner to go out with you on a beach or a hotel to discuss this matter privately. If they simply refuse to go or lie about attending an office event, then they have no intention of spending their life with you.  

Sometimes, it is better to let someone go and part ways to avoid resentment and frustration. To remain stuck with a devious partner is solely your decision.

 The relationship cannot thrive; now what? 

If you have concluded that your relationship is not worth saving, then take a bold step to end the relationship. To overcome the past hurt and drama, use your free will to make a wise decision and find a new partner. Or you can simply move ahead and do something productive with your life that makes you whole.

Now, what can you do if your partner’s online habits are souring your relationship? Where technology is to blame for opening doors for cheating, it can also help you to save yourself from a breakup or divorce.

Let’s take a look at ways technology can help you to spy on your cheating partner.  

How technology can save your relationship?

Just like tools like Trello and Slack have changed people’s lives by enhancing their business productivity, technology also lends you a hand to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

A mobile phone spying app can provide you everything in the time of need. One good thing is the spying apps help you to track your partner’s social media and cell phone activities in a hidden mode. When you are burning with the suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you, spying apps can provide you most advanced impeccable features for spouse monitoring.

You can keep tabs on your partner’s different social media and cell phone activities while hiding the tool from their sight. Confused with the thoughts of your partner’s disloyalty, you don’t need to be physically spying on your partner 24/7. It is time to put your money on a phone tracking app.

Partner spying apps can help couples by tracking their partners’ whereabouts no matter where they go without telling you. In addition to these features, partner spying apps can work both on Android or iOS devices. With efficient social media and smartphone monitoring, there is no way your partner can cheat on you without getting caught. 

With a discreet cell phone monitoring app like Xnspy, you can check on your partner’s Tinder and other social media applications. Once downloaded and installed, you can log in to your online dashboard to monitor your partner’s receipts for calls, emails, contacts, instant messages, etc.

What does this all mean? Should you go on and secretly spy on your partner? No, secretively spying on your partner should be your last resort. In fact, having a spyware program on their program without their consent could land you into legal trouble. Even with all of its benefits of location tracking, contact tracing, instant alerts and so much more, it’s always advisable to take a more positive approach to fix your relationship.

For instance, rather than spying on them, you can openly talk to your partner about the insecurity you have in your relationship. Then you both can agree to install spyware programs on each other’s phones. Consensual monitoring is popular amongst couples with low-trust levels. By introducing some transparency in your relationship, it’s possible to regain the lost trust.

What do you think is the right way to go about it? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Well if your partner has cheated on you whether its a one night stand or habitual cheating then a person need to reconsider their relationship. Couples should actually communicate with their partners whether they are the one who was unfaithful or the person cheated on. Some may search online for evidence every once and awhile. However, if you become consume by it and find yourself needing to know what your partner is doing every minute of the day, questioning where they are. That’s not a life for you or them. If you are that point seek therapy and work on moving on.

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