Why You Should Surrender To Get Deeper Intimacy And Happiness

Why You Should Surrender To Get Deeper Intimacy And Happiness

You can be wondering why will someone surrender and be expecting to get much happiness with deeper intimacy in a relationship. The word surrender in the context of the title above there is not about the negative definition of it and I know that is the first place everyone who first comes across the title will think of.

It is not about failure or weakness on the part of anyone, it is not even about defeat as it is in the case of war or being cowards.

Why You Should Surrender To Get Deeper Intimacy And Happiness But what it is here is about being able to give yourself wholly to something, to someone in such a flow that unthinkingly attuned. This is basically listening to your own inner voice about the direction of which your life flow or is directing you into and making decision that goes along that flow.

This also means you make your choice of what you desire to flow with and what you feel you don’t have to go with. A very good example to buttress this concept is that; you’re looking for someone to love and be in relationship with, but the person you found does not meet your description of the kind of person you want. And this particular person with you has good flow and real connection in between you both even if the person does not fit who you have in your picture.

The word surrender here will mean, allowing yourself to purge out all that picture of a perfect person you’re looking for, let go of all the previous ideas you had about who the person would be. And embraced the one you find that has the perfect flow and connectedness.

When you finally decide to go with such person, that is when the word surrender really come into play.

To surrender, it has to come from your heart which mean, your decision to go with the person must all come from your heart with a better perception. The reality is that, you cannot surrender with your ego or your head, it can’t just even come from the mind, it just has to be from the heart. This is all about recognizing where there is a flow with high connectivity and not trying to force thing to work in your favour.

So, it is not about searching for love anymore but it is about removing those barriers that keep you away from love. In reality, love is always present, but we put lots of barrier all around us and that prevent us from loving someone who deserve our love.

You just need to surrender those barriers and get intimate with someone who is there with a greater flow of intimacy. Such barriers can be any of these;

  1. When you begin to confuse lust with love
  2. Getting attracted to someone that is not available, who has already been taken.
  3. Trying to FIX someone into your very own image.

They are not going to work and will continue to prevent you from finding love. You just have to surrender and let them go so that you can be ready for love, and when they are gone, you’ll be free and get a better chance to love and be loved.

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