How To Take Care Of Oral Hygiene For Improved Dating

For some people, they endure an incredible struggle whether to continue dating someone they are fond of or discontinue the relationship due to the person’s poor oral hygiene habits. 

If you place yourself in their position, the choice might be a little easier for you to make. But it can prove challenging when in social situations and people walk away either from the appearance of decaying teeth or bad breath from lack of care.

Unfortunately, this scenario can equate to a large majority of the population. There are a significant number of people who suffer from a form of periodontal or gum disease that often leads to permanent dental issues. 

For most people it creates image problems and lack of self-confidence with subsequent dating and intimacy challenges. This is especially true for heterosexual men struggling with the question “do women care about white teeth” as this demographic is least proactive with their hygienic health and most conscious of their imperfect teeth.

It might sound superficial; but, in fact, partners do care about the appearance of teeth, and white teeth in particular give potential mates a presumption of good oral health and hygiene habits. 

Not only that, but from this perspective, people take it upon themselves to make further deductions in determining if the person might be someone they want to pursue in a dating capacity. There is the conclusion whether they smoke and if they indulge in a healthy diet. 

White teeth speak to the fact of how well you take care of your fitness, your personal hygiene, and gives an idea of your general overall health. Perhaps, these notions are mistaken, unfair, and incorrect, but there is an immediate impression when meeting someone before you utter a word, and it’s strictly based on a smile. Find out how oral hygiene can play a part with dating at .

How To Take Care Of Oral Hygiene

Should Oral Hygiene Have An Effect On Dating?

According to many online dating sites, the number one feature most singles are adamant about for their ideal partner was having good teeth. The very first thing you see in any situation whether a business presentation, a first introduction, entering a party, is the smile. 

Whether people want to fess up to it or not, there is an immediate judgment in each of these scenarios.  And the only impression you can make based on a smile relates to the person’s teeth. Perfect, bad, white, it doesn’t matter, there will likely be whispers regarding the condition.

For the person donning the white teeth, you are approachable, considered to be successful, confident, and self-assured. The person with the perfect, white smile who is on a first date is likely to see a second as opposed to a person suffering with crooked, yellow teeth and halitosis. See here to learn how bad oral care affects relationships.

Indications suggest that those with poor oral hygiene may not necessarily be avoided due to their appearance, but they personally feel so self-conscious they avoid smiling making them appear as though they don’t want to be approached. They can appear intimidating, angry, and almost untrustworthy. It can virtually render them un-dateable.

No one wants to be in this situation. Everyone wants to learn the secret to getting whiter teeth to improve their chances on the dating scene. If your oral issues are caught early enough, it is possible to return your teeth to a certain level of brilliance and maintain it for a long time. Sadly, people wait too long. Try to get a head start.

Creating A Beautiful Smile To Benefit A Successful Dating Life

If you’re someone burdened with yellow-stained teeth, possible decay, or gum disease, there is the possibility for you to reverse damages if you begin investing in good oral hygiene and proper, regular dental care.

There are specific habits that need to be maintained and techniques that should be implemented with dentist-approved tips to bring your teeth back to good condition so you feel confident in finding the right partner who also offers good oral hygiene habits.

Follow these steps to find the potential for your smile.

  • Consistent Dental Exams: If you’ve never been to a dentist, the first course of action is to schedule a consultation. The provider can determine if any of the issues being experienced have any underlying cause that needs to be taken care of initially. 

You will be given an exam and thorough cleaning so your teeth are in optimum condition. Dental visits should take place in regular intervals, every six months. The dentist might want to have a few visits before employing a whitening program.

  • Stay Away From Stain Causing Substances: Everyone is aware that teas, coffees, and red wines are responsible for staining teeth, but there are so many more substances that contribute making teeth look less than perfect.
  1. Blueberries
  2. Soda
  3. White wine
  4. Blackberries
  5. Green tea
  6. Barbecue sauce
  7. Balsamic vinegar
  8. Sugars
  9. Curry
  10. Marinara sauce
  11. Paprika
  12. Black tea
  13. Barbecue sauce
  14. Pomegranates
  15. Turmeric

These drinks and foods will all result in extrinsic staining, which means there is the potential they can be removed or at the very least improved. Intrinsic stains or those that are permanent are generally the result of medications like antibiotics and are much more challenging.

For those who can’t let go of consuming these various items, you should at least gargle with water following consumption by 30 minutes which will help wash away the residue. It’s better to rinse as opposed to brushing, which claims suggest can often make the situation worse because it scrubs the stain into the enamel.

  • Eat Specific Foods: There note to be specific food items boasting the ability to actually help to whiten teeth by fighting stains and contributing to mouth health by chewing them.
  1. Apples: These help rinse stains, stimulate production of saliva, and improve the health of your gums.
  2. Milk/Cheese/Yogurt: Calcium rich, these make the enamel on teeth stronger and enhance the appearance.
  3. Celery/Broccoli/Nuts/Carrots: Because these are abrasive and coarse, they help to scrub any staining from teeth.
  4. Onions (Raw): Plaque can’t form due to the sulfur that’s found in raw onions.
  5. Strawberries: Surface stains are naturally removed with the malic acid in strawberries.
  • Daily Flossing/Brushing: Flossing and brushing should be done each day without scrubbing the enamel. You should brush two times each day for a couple of minutes for each session. With floss, you need to go beyond the gum in between the tooth and gum. Consistency is important with this care.

You should invest in an electric toothbrush because the vibrating head helps to remove the staining in a more effective way than the regular brush by nearly as much as a full shade in only as long as a week’s worth of use. These are also noted to help with health of the gums in little time.

  • Caring For Gums: Gums are a major element for maintaining tooth health. For someone suffering with gingivitis or bleeding, red, puffy or receding gums, it creates an unattractive smile despite the appearance of the teeth themselves. 

If you have whitened teeth, they look much nicer if your gums are in good shape and well cared for. When brushing ensure the bristles are soft. Hard brushes are too abrasive especially for gums that have become sensitive causing them to recede.

Healthy gums will show off white teeth in a much better light, but more importantly they encourage better health because with poor gums, individual teeth can fall out making the whiteness unimportant.

  • Toothpaste That Whitens : There are skeptics as to the efficacy of whitening toothpastes, but these products use various abrasives and polishing agents to buff out any darkened areas in addition to bleaching chemicals to help with the effect. 

Claims suggest that these agents can be effective but that it does take considerable time for the results to be noticed, perhaps months. It’s not something that you will see any immediate benefit. 

But these are popularly used more and more by a majority of people because they’re easy and inexpensive with the option of upgrading to higher quality choices. And you will get results – eventually. 

  • Tooth Mask: Activated charcoal is a product some people brush with, but dentists prefer instead that patients use it as a “mask” rather than a paste because it is incredibly abrasive. The ingredient is exceptionally absorbent making it capable of bonding to stains on tooth surfaces lifting them away effectively. 

Making the paste notes to be effective and safe with a half tablespoon of the substance combined with minimal water and applied in sitting time up to three minutes and then rinsed away.

Once you get your teeth in top shape and at an ideal shade, one enjoyable activity to help encourage saliva production is kissing. Production of saliva is important in keeping particles off of teeth, between teeth, and around gums. It also helps to keep stains under control once the teeth have been whitened.

Teeth whitening is not the only way of taking care of teeth for the purposes of dating. Another popular option are clear aligners which are clear pieces of plastic that help straighten teeth and fix other orthodontic issues. This list is a compilation of the fastest working at home teeth aligners which can be very useful for those under time pressure. 

How To Take Care Of Oral Hygiene

Keeping Your Teeth White On Date Night

People recovering from poor hygiene and yellowed teeth have a new level of confidence and enhanced self-esteem. But there is still a shadow of self-consciousness from their previous life when going out in social situations was seen as a challenge, particularly when consuming foods and drinks. Some people might need a few pointers.

  • Red Wine: It’s known to stain your new pearly whites and lips, but there are steps to take to prevent the look. You should brush thoroughly before indulging in the beverage. The cleaner they are, the less likely to stain. 

Take sips of “fizzy” water each time you sip the wine to keep your mouth moist to avoid the color sticking to your teeth. For women, use gloss to keep the lips moist because dry lips will soak in the color. Reapply frequently.

  • Avoid Salads: A salad is a healthy dietary choice when trying to impress as far as your fitness habits, but these account for the worst foods to eat on a date, including lettuce and spinach. Spinach is famous for gluing itself in between teeth as does lettuce once oil or dressing is added to the mix. 

With some salads, there are also seeds like chia scattered into the dish. If you decide to consume one of these, it’s a great idea to excuse yourself afterwards to check your teeth in the mirror or do so using the knife to see your reflection throughout the course.

And if the dinner rolls have poppy seeds, choose to avoid having bread with your meal.

  • Soups: You would think soup would be a safe bet except for the fact that it’s difficult to “slurp” politely, not to mention the potential for parsley, chives and other herbs hiding in the ingredients. 

Soup is kind of like a plate of spaghetti, it’s not really a date kind of dish. You can’t really eat these in a “sophisticated” sort of fashion, let alone protect your beautiful smile from any kind of marring.

  • Seasoning Or No: Flecks of pepper are particularly unattractive, more so than a seed, with their black sheen unavoidably apparent,  gleaming out from a grin, drawing a partner’s glimpse, which seems to then be the only thing they can look at. It would probably be a good idea to just say no.
  • Breath To Avoid: There are foods that everyone knows to avoid when you go on a date because of the odor that you’re left with after consumption even more than the appearance that you’re left with. 

Among the strongest is garlic, which seems to come out of every pore and your breath. If you plan to sit near your date, you should not indulge in garlic but rather steer clear completely. It goes without saying, onions are a big no for obvious reasons.

How To Take Care Of Oral Hygiene

It may seem to conflict with everything that’s been indicated to this point, but you don’t want to arrive for a date with breath that smells of fresh toothpaste, especially of a minty flavor, or having just gargled mouthwash.

This can prove to be a slight distraction like you’re trying to mask unpleasantries of something recently consumed or that you suffer chronic bad breath. Don’t try to overdo the white teeth and breath for a date. Let attractive features stand out naturally. They’ll automatically speak for themselves. 

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