9 Warning Signs: How to know an Unhealthy Marriage

A marriage can be said to either be healthy or unhealthy. What makes a marriage healthy? There are so many factors responsible for this but we will be focusing on the unhealthy aspects of a marriage. There are many things that can make a marriage unhealthy and we will be looking at those signs that show that you are in an unhealthy marriage.

How to know an Unhealthy Marriage:

You’re always sad:

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In a marriage, if you get to a point whereby your spouse always does things to offend you which makes you sad then watch out. It might not be a deliberate act from your spouse but might be that your spouse is getting tired of you or is simply frustrated. But I don’t think it is right for one to always feel sad when married. It shouldn’t be a constant in any marriage. If you’re not happy being with your spouse then that marriage is not healthy. When you’re in an unhealthy marriage, you feel this way:

  • You think back to how the relationship started and wonder if you made the right choice
  • You wonder if this is how other marriages are
  • You wonder if that is the person you fell in love with

He beats you up:

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If your spouse starts beating you up as a way of expressing his anger towards you then I believe your marriage isn’t healthy. This is because being beaten can demoralise you and make you lose your self esteem and confidence.

Lack of communication:

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Communication is a key factor in any relationship. If you cannot communicate freely with your spouse then that is not a good sign. Your spouse should be your closest confidante so if there’s a break in communication you need to find out what is wrong so it doesn’t affect your marriage.

Things are not how they used to be:

A sensitive spouse should know or be able to easily tell when something is off about his or her spouse. If your spouse starts behaving differently from how they use to behave then watch out. There should be something wrong that he or she isn’t telling you about. I agree that love can sometimes dwindle either caused by stress or pressure but when you notice that your spouse’s love for you has reduced then there’s a problem.

He comes home late:

A man can come home late either as a result of work at the office, hanging out with friends or something else is keeping him outside. Whatever the case may be, you need to find out what it is.

Too much nagging:

When your spouse starts complaining about every little thing you did or did not do, then be suspicious. In an unhealthy marriage, one spouse unnecessarily just finds fault in what their partner does. Nagging too much is not a good sign of a healthy marriage.

Things are kept from you:

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When your spouse starts hiding his or her phone from you then know something is wrong. In a healthy relationship, there are no secrets but if you find your spouse keeping things from you then know there’s fire on the mountain. If him or her cannot confide in you then how can you be happy?

You’re not given what you want:

If your spouse gives excuses whenever you need something then I think an explanation is needed. As long as what you’re asking for is for the good of the family, he should not hesitate to give you.

You’re shouted on:

How to know an Unhealthy Marriage

If someone doesn’t like you so much again, he’ll shout at you at the slightest opportunity. This doesn’t signify that the marriage is healthy.

No marriage is perfect so these signs of an unhealthy marriage should be noted. If you can discover them on time, you can then try to look for a solution to it. But if you ignore them, you’ll have yourself to blame when it starts happening.

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