How Long Should I Wait For Sex? – A Woman’s Perspective

You have met someone new and you may wonder when it is the right time to take things between the sheets. “Will he still like me after this?” You may wonder.

In these liberal times, there is no exact timeframe when it comes to having sex for the first time with your new lover. It is however difficult to really see that the person you are dating is truly serious with you or is just in it to have a little bit of fun.

How long should I wait for sex

According to a survey, 10% will have sex on the first date, 39% is waiting at least a month before having sex, 34% rather has sex within a month and 17% are having sex exactly when they are dating for a month.

A lot of women struggle with timing and sex as you might want to have sex with a man, but you feel that if you give your flower away too soon, he will continue walking to the next person. This could be true, but what is meant to stay will stay. In order to give you a better perspective, let’s dive into the pros and cons of having sex too soon or much later in time.

1. Having sex on the first date

We all know these dates when we are carried away in the moment of heat and you meet someone new that is truly driving you crazy in all shapes and forms. If you are fine with sharing your body on the first date and you are fine with an unknown outcome there is no shame in doing so.

Many women get shamed for wanting to have sex, but there is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality and having pleasure. However, if you are looking for a serious relationship this could cloud your judgment and as men are designed differently, they might feel that there is not much “hunting” to do anymore. On the other hand, they might like your sense of adventure and that is just what they need. There is someone out there for everyone.

2. Having sex after a few weeks

You might be the type that is waiting for your light to go on green. For some people, it takes time to open up to a new person, and what can make sex better than having it with a person you have true feelings for.

The men who are only interested in sex will leave in the process and this is how you can distinguish the men that are truly interested in you and the ones that are only looking for sex.
Waiting a few weeks is recommended for the women out there that are looking for a long-term relationship. However, waiting too long to have sex, can also lead to disappointment. Imagine investing a lot of time into someone and the sexual chemistry is just… totally “off.”

3. Waiting for marriage

The true romantics out there who are looking for marriage might want to wait until having sex with a man. In this time and day, it will be difficult to find a man who is willing to wait. The one who does wait for you, well, is truly into you and has fallen in love with your personality.

If you can live not knowing the sexuality of your partner before settling, this is totally fine. You decide what is best for you. Keep in mind that there are different types of chemistry and the sexual chemistry might be different from the mental chemistry. With great communication, you can grow into anything. So get ready, have a beautiful wedding, and enjoy the wedding night full on. Make sure to not be too drunk.


There is no exact perfect timing for having sex. You know your body best and when to share it with the right person. If you feel like you want to have sex, but you want a serious relationship, you can consider VR Love to satisfy your needs.

Dating out there can be a jungle, but you have to first understand what it is you want yourself before getting out there. If you want to be in a relationship or if you just want to have fun, do not judge yourself for your own needs. There is no general right timing, only the right timing for you. Many couples have met through a one-night stand and led a happy marriage and others who waited a long time before having sex haven’t worked it all out. We can only live in the moment and enjoy what is coming our way.

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