How Cell Phone Can Spoil Your Date

It is possible you possess all the attributes a partner is looking for in a would-be dating partner, and you get him or her attracted to you with your excellent beaming smile and elegant style in the way you work, look, and speak, but if you don’t know how to detach yourself from your cell phone during dating and most especially first date, you may end up not winning his or her interest at the end of the day.
Too much attachment to your cell phone can cause you to lose the one you have taken your time to search and find, this is because, it will put your would-be dating partner off, except you’re a master of the game. It is not even advisable simply because it will cause lots of distraction and loss of focus on your date.
How cell phone can spoil you date

It is a total turn-off for anyone discussing the matter of the heart and suddenly your partner picks up phone, read text messages, text, or even make calls right there before you. Although there are some exceptions but it has to be strategically handled, if not it will jeopardize what you’re trying to build.

In a recent survey in an online dating forum, most members said they were extremely frustrated as their partner constantly competed with cell phones on their date. The one that leads the list of offenses is glancing through a cell phone during a date. It has led to so many daters getting up, making excuses and leaving their date altogether, and never coming back.

Social dating community called Zoosk present this report in a survey carries out in its community on the relationship between cell phones and dating
  • 1/3 of singles say they left a date early because the other person was too absorbed with their cell phone.
  • 25% of female Zooskers have dumped their guy in a text message, as compared to 15% of the men.
  • 51% of singles think taking a call on a date is offensive.
  • 73% of singles do like hearing their date’s voice on their voicemail
  • 86% of singles say, constantly glancing at a cell phone is the most offensive mobile-related behavior, worse than sending a text.
  • Only 25% of singles didn’t mind when their date was distracted by their cell phone.

What is expected of you in your dating is to allow your phone to rest in your bag or pocket as the case may be, don’t be distracted with your mobile phone on your date except if need be like trying to exchange phone numbers.

Have you encounter any such problem in your first date or in your dating generally, I will be glad if you share your experience with us and someone can benefits a lot from it. Go now and Share it!

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