How To Help Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Get Over Hemorrhoids

How To Help Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Get Over Hemorrhoids

Lots of people are ashamed of talking about this diseases condition which affects nearly half of the world population for at least once in their lifetime. Although it may not be a life threatening condition but it can make life unbearable for anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids (pile).

How To Help Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Get Over HemorrhoidsYou can be of help if you know what the sufferer can do to at least ease the discomforting condition. If your boyfriend or your girlfriend is suffering from hemorrhoids, or even perhaps it is one of a member of your family, you can still be help by letting the sufferer aware of what you’re going to read here now.

So, how can you help your boyfriend or girlfriend get over hemorrhoids?

This advice is based on years of experience and it has been working for lots of people in the world and I know it will also work for you or your friends too.

People who suffer from hemorrhoids find it so much discomforting visiting the toilet because of the uneasiness of their bowel movement. Please advise them to eat lot of food rich in fiber like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Adding fiber to your diet will help soften the stool and that will ease your bowel movement. Please do add fiber reach diet slowly in order to avoid problem with gas.

When you visit toilet to defecate, ensure you don’t stay longer in there and don’t strain, staying in the toilet for longer time and straining really encourage hemorrhoids (pile).

Your best posture in the toilet is in squat position and not in sitting position. Sitting position will increase the pressure on the vein and it will even encourage you to strain and holding your breath. All of these will surely encourage hemorrhoids, but if you can avoid them, you’ll feel relieve from the pain associated with hemorrhoids.

Whoever is suffering from hemorrhoids need to take more water, six to ten glass of water will be enough for each day, you can also take other liquid but not alcohol please. Water will help soften the stool.

Avoid constipation, one of the best way to avoid constipation to engage in exercises if you do sit or stand for too long which may be as a result of the kind of your occupation. Exercise will also help you to keep fit, being overweight also encouraged hemorrhoids because it will put lots of pressure in your vein in the lower part of the body.

Ensure you don’t use toilet paper to wipe your bottom when you’re done defecating, it will irritate your condition and cause you more bleeding with painful experience. Your best bet is to use warm water for cleaning.

What about other natural ingredients you can eat to help you deal with hemorrhoids irrespective of the numbers of year it’s been affecting you?

There is guarantee solution using ingredient like cayenne pepper, ginger, unions, turmeric powder and the rest of them to banish hemorrhoids forever and ever in anyone’s life and live a life free of hemorrhoids (pile). If you need such information you need to visit Digital Cure and subscribe freely to get that information in your email all for FREE. Click here to learn more.

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