Attract Happy & Lasting Relationships with the Right Crystals

Is your heart lacking love and joy? Healing crystals are fantastic devices to help heal your shattered heart, you can use them to clear your heart chakras and use them to attract large amounts of love to fill your soul.  

Sometimes manifesting the life of your dreams needs you to be intentional by focusing your energy and mind to make sure your goals in life a perfectly aligned with the universe. The right healing crystals can work as a pivotal ingredient in this pursuit.

happy and lasting relationship

Some stones can align you in such a way that you are well-positioned to receive the love you desperately desire. Crystals from Crystal Viden attracts the right kind of love and draws people who are supposed to be in your life even closer. They bring balance and cause the relationships you have already to “sparkle” even more. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can attract joyful and ever-lasting relationships using crystals. If you want to know more read on.

Here’s to creating the life you deserve!

Obtain the Right Love Crystal for You

If you happen to be looking for spellbinding crystals that help to get rid of negative energy, grow self-love, nurture the growth of abundance the crystals selected below come with glowing healing elements.

Living out your dream love life is not about falling in love with a mystery man only. Cultivating a strong bond with yourself and opening yourself up to receive all that the universe has to offer is also important. 

After reading the paragraph above you may feel very strongly about your mission to find lasting love and true friendships, below are just a few recommendations of crystals you can try to find what you deeply desire.

Rose Quartz 

Compared to others, this is the most outstanding love stone due to its soft glimmer, and beautiful pink colour. Rose Quartz, is one of the most appreciated heart chakra crystals, it’s full of feminine energy and compassion. This precious stone is always ready to make your cup full, by building your tolerance and trust levels and also building authentic unconditional love within yourself. 


Filled with eternal serenity, amethyst is on the list of stones that can help you find your soul mate. Its gentle purple colors make this gem a powerful crystal for cultivating self-worth using more than just spiritual power. This stone can attract healing and peace and is particularly useful to use when you are going through the pain of a recent heartbreak. 


Learning to love yourself can be very challenging but is also really important. It’s one of the most important steps you can take to achieve wholeness in your life. When you have a belief that your magic is worthy of love and are brave enough to assert your worth, putting your own needs first will solidify your first step to attracting prosperity, abundance, and the relationship you deserve. Causing you to grow from strength to strength and power to power. Once you do this level of introspection, you’ll discover that finding the right critical to attracting love and lasting relationships will be easy and the life you dream about will begin to show up. 

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